The Best Theme for a Dropshipping Store in 2019

What theme fits the best for AliExpress Dropshipping business in 2019?

Our team can give you the answer: it is Claue — clean WooCommerce theme.

If you read this post in 2021, we also recommend to a fresh guide about another dropshipping theme Woodmart.

Though Ali2Woo works equally well with any WooCommerce theme, we recommend Claue for being one of the best ones for a quick and successful launch of an AliExpress Dropshipping store.

By the way, Ali2Woo Demo Store is made with Claue theme. As we see in our statistic, the theme is popular and effective.

It is really simple to set Claue: just add you unique store logo, some banners proper for your niche and load the products — with Ali2Woo Plugin — and you get your ready to go online shop. 

Let’s take a closer look at its qualities and advantages.

Impression of a Boutique


First of all, this is a theme for a WooCommerce dropshipping store that does not look like a store made back-of-the-envelope, but looks like a fashionable shop. Cartier, Chanel, Dior — their websites are extremely clear and high-quality images lead a visitor to the section he or she likes. Claue is organized the same way, and gives the visitors an impression of elegance and genteel chic.

In comparison, mass market giants websites, for example, H&M or Uniqlo, use more colors, elements, blocks, that differs them from luxury producers.

Eyes-Catching Elements


When we click on a link, the store opens with a page-wide slider. It contains the most actual offers of the shop: season sale, new arrivals, best sellers and so on, accompanied by high-quality images of the products. They catch the guests’ attention and allure them to the sales and special offers.

If your potential customers are looking for certain product, the visitor can just scroll down and find the categories. They are Women, Footwear, Watches and Acсessories on our Ali2Woo demo store, but you can choose any categories most demanded on your shop and detailed images for them. The theme design will guide your visitors with ease and charm to their destination.

What about presenting your products on the homepage? There is well designed products section: their photo, short description and price in a quiet colour. Rows of the products complete the shop-front. You can highlight some goods with special labels: orange for Sale and turquoise for New.

“Latest from Blog” section display not only images and titles, but also the beginnings of the posts, to catch a visitor with a theme of his or her interest. You can find a lot of articles how to run your store blog and a good live blog is known to be a success factor for a dropshipping store.

Elegant Product Pages


It gives overall product presentation and displays all the advantages. The page looks minimalistic but you can really provide a lot of information on it, like it is on this page on Ali2Woo demo site.

All this a shopper sees immediately:

  • Images, that a visitor can as click in slider, so scroll
  • Price and sale percent
  • All available colours and sizes
  • Add to Cart and Like buttons
  • Size Guide and Delivery & Returns links

And a bit below

  • Detailed description
  • Reviews in one click

As you see, all the information is put plainly and fairly, it does not overload the view. If you suppose that your prospects need more details, you can add it, and this more detailed product page will also look clear and user-friendly.

Remember, that reviews raise your profit and Ali2Woo has the Import reviews option to add AliExpress buyers’ feedback directly to the product pages of your store. You can use it for higher conversion rate.

Functional Features


Users all over world value WooCommerce for its flexibility and stability. Ali2Woo custom stores give their buyer deep integration with AliExpress and a variety of eCommerce tools for dropshipping business: niche research, setting Google Analytics and SEO meta data, easily adding products and up to 12% AliExpress cashback. And WooCommerce dropshipping theme Claue extends the stores’ functionality widely — without any headache.

Mega Color Swatch Flexibility

It means you can provide a range of color options so that users can change colors on any product you sell. All this is available through the Variation Swatches addon. Check the option on this product demo.

Instagram Integration

On our demo site you can see photo section @Follow Us on Instagram. A site with Claue theme is integrated with this social network. As you post on Instagram, pictures are automatically updated on your store. Nowadays, so many people look for new fashion clothes, gadgets and furniture there, that an AliExpress dropshipping store can not miss the opportunity to connect with Instagram. The section is a great way to get more followers, views and likes.


Bundle Products

Combine two or more products together and offer bigger discounts for bundled purchases,  such as audio players and headphones, organizers and special stickers for them, 3D pens and plastic filaments. Create product sets that’s price is less than the items purchased separately. Check the pricing tactic here. Give customers what they really want — to buy more and get discount — and shoppers will come back again.

Adaptive Design

No matter what device your website is viewed on — PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone — it will scale to meet the parameters in a moment. With Claue theme it is Retina ready and looks gorgeous on Apple gadgets. You or your developer have no need to work on it. Claue is entirely responsive. Also, your visitors don’t need to refresh a page when the change some parameters or apply filters. The products update fluidly while a consumer is clicking on the buttons, the feature is based on Ajax.

Powerful Theme Options Panel

The panel built into the backend of WordPress gives access to many additional features and extended functionality:

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin,
  • Visual Composer
  • WooCommerce Variation Swatches
  • LookBook
  • Mailchimp plugin
  • Instagram Shop Plugin

So you can get all of these features and make all the adjustments you like — without touching a line of code.

Summing up


Finally, All the benefits of Ali2Woo custom store and Claue WooCommerce dropshipping theme at glance:


Claue Theme

  1. eCommerce tools
  2. Deep integration with AliExpress
  3. Automatization of routine dropshipping operations
  4. Flexible settings
  5. Free lifelong support
  6. Personal manager
  7. One fixed payment
  1. Impressive High-quality Store
  2. Eyes-catching Elements
  3. Elegant Product Pages
  4. Mega Color Swatch Flexibility
  5. Instagram Integration
  6. Bundle Products
  7. Powerful Theme Options Panel

As Claue is a premium WooCommerce theme it costs $60, but for Ali2Woo customers who buy a custom store the sum is included to the price. So you get turnkey AliExpress dropshipping store inside and excellent theme outside for one fixed payment.

By the way, Ali2Woo gives live long support for the product. The development process is well organized and takes 10–18 days, depending on package. Finally, you are an owner of a dropshipping business, ready to bring you profit.

Feel free to contact our managers for a free consultation.

All their experience in creating over 3000 online shops in many product niches will serve you.

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