Let Us Know Your Dropshipping Success Story, And Stand A Chance To Win Amazing Prizes

Recently, we have received so many success stories from our customers!

We don’t want to reward only those who sent their success with Ali2Woo earlier.


So we’re giving you too the opportunity to share your story, and stand a chance of being one of our lucky winners.

Want to join to this competition and win the prizes?

Then, check out the conditions:

How Does This Work?

Everyone who has launched their store on Ali2Woo can get into reward program.

We want to publish the three best stories of our clients who launched their dropshipping store with us, and have others read and know what it feels like achieving dropshipping success.

  1. The best authors whose stories will be published will have completely free access to our advanced plan (you can click here to see what our pricing plans look like).
  2. We’ll activate the Advanced plan for 6 months for each of the three best authors.

What Must Your Story Contain?


We know you’re excited to share your story to win and inspire others.

Our wide audience can’t wait to read what your journey has been like, starting from launching your store with Ali2Woo, and dropshipping with AliExpress to this point.

But then, your story must have detailed and honest answers to the questions below.

However, you need to put in your best writing skills to send in a comprehensive and well-structured story.

  • Before you ventured into Ali2Woo dropshipping with AliExpress, were you into ecommerce by any means?
  • What made you go for dropshipping, of all the online business models? Tell us how it all started!
  • Where did you learn about Ali2Woo dropshipping solutions? Which of our plans did you use? How well did your choice help you operate and grow your business?
  • How many dropshipping stores do you run now? What’s their performances like?
  • How did you go about niche selection?
  • Tell us how you choose products and set prices
  • How fast did you make your first sale? What did you to have your first customer buy?
  • What promotion methods do you use?
  • How long do you spend on your store daily?
  • How do you settle with difficult clients? Do you have some funny stories to share?
  • Is your business fully registered? If yes, how did you go about that?
  • How do you see the future of your business?
  • What can you say to aspiring dropshippers and existing dropshippers?

Boom! You’re good to go once you write your story to answer these fundamental questions and send them to our email. Our expert team will review these stories and publish the best three, as well reward their authors with A FREE 6 MONTHS ACCESS TO OUR ADVANCED PACKAGE PLAN.

Please note that we optimize the privacy of our clients, and will never expose your store domain.

We do this to keep you away from extra competition that might arise from readers trying to delve into your niche and possibly sell the same products on your store.

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