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WooCommerce vs Shopify: How Did We Choose?

As a website development company, Ali2Woo chose WooCommerce platform. Our founders have experience of work both with Shopify and WordPress, and our choice is obvious. We observed both platforms to give you an opportunity to compare them and see advantages and disadvantages.


Raising the Conversion Rate for AliExpress Dropshi...

We collected 9 tips for improving a dropshipping store that helps to heighten the conversion rate. Focusing on this metric allows to spend money and efforts on your store promotion more effectively. Conversion has close connections to buyers’ experience, trust and comfort. So we are going to talk about customers satisfaction and sales rise as well.


Managing Dropshipping Business in the Time of Chin...

Certainly Chinese New Year will affect an dropshipping business. In this period of time orders from China may be processed longer and be delayed, including AliExpress products and ePacket service. Some wholesalers will shut down only for a week, some will take 15–16 days off, others will be closed for a whole month. So, you should make some changes in your routine to face Chinese New Year.


Ask for Reviews to Increase Your Sales

Stores usually provide a suggestive product description and a list of advantages while reviews describe an object goods and bads in simple phrases. Together they help users to get a full view of a product and make their choice.
Ali2Woo as AliExpress affiliate plugin has the Import reviews option to add AliExpress buyers’ feedback and your own consumers’ reviews directly to the product pages of your store.


Dropshipping Pricing Strategies and Tactics

Dropshippers from AliExpress are interested in a better way to establish prices at an online store. How to choose the right ones and earn money? Should they end “99”? So our aim today is to generate pricing numbers keeping in mind your profit.


6 Tips For Dropshipping With AliExpress

One of the best ways to upgrade your store efficiency is to learn from practitioners. We found about 20 worthwhile tips from practitioners and selected 6 most important. Find new growth area for your store: choose one more reliable supplier, custom your content and do more viral marketing, study your audience and change your pricing strategy — whatever you like to start your improvement in 2019.

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