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eBay2Woo Plugin offers you everything you need to start and run your successful dropshipping business TODAY.

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Get the State-of-Art
Dropshipping Plugin
for eBay

  • Jumpstart your online store with ease!
  • eBay2Woo plugin seamlessly synchronizes
  • with suppliers and fully automates your business.

Why choose eBay2Woo?

Its just $42

You only pay once. No subscription is required.

Free Migration
Free & fast migration

Switch from old dropshipping tools in no time

lifetime updates
Plugin Updates

Includes updates for 6 months from the purchase date

Woo-themes compatibility

A smooth website run with your design of choice

Automatic Synchronization
Automatic Updates

daily-sync all products
with eBay

Other Features

Plugin have the complete list of features letting you to build your stunning dropshipping store

Import eBay Products

Transfer information from the supplier to your store

Product Variety

Let your customers choose from different colors, sizes, models, and other modifications of every product


Edit the titles, descriptions, pictures & videos, and more for any product!

Auto-sync for inventory & prices

Plugin keeps the information up-to-date, synchronizing your suppliers automatically.

Pricing Automations

Adjust your settings once: the plugin will set up correct prices for your products in bulk

Free shipping filter

Gives you the list of products that include free shipping from the eBay supplier to any destination.

Chrome extension

Place your eBay orders via your Chrome browser using the eBay2Woo chrome extension.

Filter eBay content

Only import products you really need. Combine a list of keywords and phrases related to the eBay content you don’t want in your store — the Filter feature will replace or remove it.

eBay Affiliate & Dropshipping

Use eBay Affiliate Key or make sales as a dropshipper

Multiregional import

Import any products from any sellers on different eBay sites, including eBay US, eBay UK, eBay HG, etc.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Places all eBay orders made through your store: fast and foolproof

Seller search

Use the ID of a specific eBay seller — the plugin will assemble the products from that seller only in the search results

Main Features
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Place bulk orders

As many orders as you need, placed at once.
Automatic, fast, and easy process.

Just a few clicks and the orders are set for dropshipping.

Import products from eBay

Transfer information about any product
you need from the eBay supplier to your store.

Bulk import is supported

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Some questions you might have

What is dropshipping, exactly?

It’s an eCommerce business model where you list products from a seller in your online store and set up prices with trade margins. You don’t have to buy and store those products in advance, though — or even notify the supplier about dropshipping their stock.
When someone purchases your online store, a special plugin sends the buyer’s shipment information to the supplier. The supplier ships the purchase to the buyer. You are left with the profit: the trade margin.

What’s eBay?

It’s one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Based in the US, it has global outreach, and more than 180 million users as of 2021. eBay is actively used by huge and smaller brands, corporations, private resellers, artisans, collectors, thrifters, etc.
As a dropshipping platform, eBay is especially in demand among WooCommerce entrepreneurs, a.k.a. dropshippers who build their online stores with WordPress CMS. To make it work, they install professionally developed plugins.

Okay, I want to dropship with eBay. How much for eBay2Woo plugin?

$42. You only pay once and there is no subscription fees.

What else am I getting for the price?

With your eBay2Woo plugin purchase, you get 6 months of the premium support.

How much will I make with dropshipping?

We can not make profit predictions for you. The advantage of dropshipping lays in low initial investments — you don’t have to rent an offline store, or buy inventory. Dropshipping is like any other legal business: your profit equals the work you put in it. eBay2Woo plugin helps to make this work easier and more technically advanced.


Get the eBay plugin now
and start your dropshipping
business today!

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What Do You Need For eBay Dropshipping?

Based in the US, eBay remains one of the most recognizable global online marketplaces. With more than 180 million active users, it is popular among big brands and private resellers, thrifters, collectors, artisans, and more. EBay dropshipping is extremely popular in WooCommerce — and our team finally presents a plugin to match the demand.

Much like with AliExpress, you don’t need to make inventory or stock investments to dropship on eBay. You will need, however, to do proper research to find suppliers, since the platform has its nuances. After that, you can kickstart your dropshipping store, using eBay2Woo software to run it.

Tips for eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping on eBay is relatively fast in terms of product fulfillment since most of the products will be shipped from the US. This is what makes it so alluring to entrepreneurs — they won’t have to explain to their customers why delivery takes weeks. There are also several ways to dropship with the platform:

With eBay2Woo Plugin for eBay dropshipping you get:

These and many other features of the eBay2Woo plugin make dropshipping business work to your advantage. So start today.

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