5 major dropshipping failures and how to avoid them

5 major dropshipping failures and how to avoid them min

The reasons listed below apply to any dropshipping business. And no matter how old it is. Most dropshippers make these mistakes despite the experience

Technical problems associated with usability of the website

The website is “falling”, pages are loaded very long (loading time is more than 3 seconds while the recommended 2), it is not comfortable to view the website from a smartphone or tablet. This is an incomplete list of the main problems that must be solved before launching the dropshipping website. Sites without the necessary technical support produce errors, which directly affect not only the ranking of the website in search but also lead to a drop in conversion (the loss of orders).

Complicated website navigation and unattractive design

Is the website worthy of trust? The answer to this question is often contained in its visual component – design. Too primitive or outdated themes are not the best way to “lure” the buyer. They show the seller’s attitude towards his or her store, and therefore project on the attitude towards the product. Problematic navigation (missing or inconveniently located search bar), inconvenient selection of website sections, inconspicuous “Buy” button – the main weaknesses.

Inaccurate information about the products

It is important to take advertisements and promotions seriously – everything stated in them must correspond to reality. Gaps in the description of the product or unclear photos lead to the fact that the customer receives a product that is unlike the declared one, a different style, quality, size, and so on. A dissatisfied customer will leave a negative review, at the very least in the comments on the product, and possibly on a large third-party resource.

Make sure that all product categories on the site have detailed and accurate specifications and are illustrated with detailed photos. This will require requesting a full description of the product from the supplier. If you use AliExpress and your dropshipping website is developed on the WordPress platform, our dropshipping solution can help you. Our Ali2Woo plugin can automate pricing, import products, offer your clients a wide variety of products with different colors, materials, multiple sizes, filter products with ePacket. You even can customize products by editing product details as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, videos, and anything.

Even if everything is fine with the usability of the site, the descriptions correspond to reality, as well as the display of product availability on the site – everything can be spoiled by the long processing of the order. Therefore, proper order processing is as important as all the technical components of the dropshipping store organization.

Lack of prompt feedback from the client

As we have already pointed out above, the quality of the order processing is of key importance for the overall effectiveness of the dropshipping business. But at the same time, it is possible to make their work much easier with the help of chatbot services or online-consultant.

In addition, the most popular questions (delivery, payment, refunds, etc.) should be arranged in separate FAQs. This will help customers to find answers and do not waste their time on typical questions.

Complicated order form

The simpler the order form, the higher chances are that the customer will not get bored with it and will not leave your dropshipping website. Ideally, the client should be able to see his or her entire order on one page: quantity, prices, key parameters (e.g. sizes for clothes or color of goods) and the total amount to be paid.

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