How to use Woodmart as dropshipping theme in 2021?


You don’t just do the marketing process and wait for orders to flood your dashboard. Your store, its designs and your dropshipping theme matter a lot.

But the surprising thing is this – with several hundreds of themes available, people often go for a few of them. Perhaps you’ve already read our article on Tokoo dropshipping theme. That’s one of the best dropshipping themes you can ever find.

But today we’re going to talk about popular theme – Woodmart.

Although the author of this theme provides an excellent tutorial on installing the theme, we would like to supplement this guide for dropshipping.

So let’s get started:

Step 1: Installation and Activation of dropshipping theme (Woodmart) in your store

Find file. Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload, select the file, and then click “Install Now.”

Once the theme is uploaded, go to Appearance > Themes to activate it.


Step 2: Install the Required Plugins for Woodmart Theme

Before you work with your new theme, you need to install the required plugins that come with the theme package.

You can do this automatically by navigating thus: Appearance > Install Plugins.

Once you’ve installed all the plugins, activate them.


Step 3: Install Theme’s Demo Content

We recommend you install the demo data from the theme author because it’s simpler to customize the theme this way than doing it from scratch.

To upload the full demo, navigate to Base Import, select upload Basic or full import. This is what you must do for demo uploading. You will find the right block with “Activate Base Version.” Press the button to upload the Base version.


Tip: You can see this message – “Please, deactivate one of the builders and leave only ONE plugin, either WPBakery page builder or Elementor.”

In this tutorial, we’ll use WPBakery plugin. This is why we deactivated Elementor on the plugins page.

Import the Base demo data. The process is not very fast, kindly wait until it finishes and do not close this page in the browser.

After importing the base data, select your choicest version of the theme. You can achieve that in the demo versions block. We select the Marketplace version and click “Set Up Version.”


Now, you should see the selected version when you check your website frontend.

Step 4: Customize Default Header Logo, Banner Images, and Website Favicon

The logo and banners were installed in the theme automatically when we loaded the data in the previous step. Please note these are not real images, but placeholders. They give users a clear understanding of the elements on the page and their layouts. But you’ll have to replace them with real images that fit your niche.

Tip: You can order the logo and banner images from our team. Our specialist will create images and marketing texts for your store.


To edit the Favicon theme, navigate to Appearance > Customize> Site Identity.
In this menu, you can upload an image for a Favicon.
This method of editing works for all themes in WordPress



Your logo is your brand’s identity, and it’s pertinent you display it. You can display it in the header using Header Builder’s “Logo” element. Simply add it to any column and row you need and upload your logo image there. You can upload two images: one that will be displayed in the header and another for the sticky header state. You can also customize the image widths options for both images.

You will have to add a different logo element for mobile header layout as well.


Tip: Make sure to use .svg logos instead of .png. By default, WordPress doesn’t allow users to upload .svg image files to the media library. However, if you have installed all the recommended plugins for Woodmart, you’ll see this option. Otherwise, install Safe SVG plugin.

You might be wondering why we don’t advocate the use of .png image format.

Here are 5 reasons you should use SVGs over PNGs:

  • Resolution
  • Practicality
  • Speed
  • Animation
  • Accessibility and SEO

Banner images

Tip: You can use a product photo as a banner image. Also, you might want to add catchy texts on top of the image.

In this version, there are 4 banners at the beginning of the homepage. You can change these banners if you want. Simply open the editing page and change the corresponding blocks in WPBakery. Just find and edit Promo banner blocks in WPBakery editor.

You will find other banner blocks on the edit page, edit them using the same method. You can remove some banners from the page. Do well not to overload your visitors with numerous banners.


Step 5: Install Dropshipping Plugin and Setup Other Pages

Here, you need to install Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin to upload products to your store from AliExpress. If you dropship from eBay, you can install eBay2Woo dropshipping plugin to download products from eBay.

You also need to create standard pages for your store such as: About Us, Privacy and Returns Policy, Shipping & Delivery Information, Contact us. If you create these pages, you spark up positive SEO effects on your site. Likewise, they make your site visitors and buyers trust you more.

You also need to include product categories to Woocommerce and import products from AliExpress or eBay that you intend to sell in your dropshipping store.

Tip: We discussed choosing a dropshipping name, creating pages, categories and downloading products elaborately in this article – How to set up a dropshipping website in less than 30 minutes. Read it.”

Also, note that Woodmart theme includes templates for some pages.


Step 6: Configure Product Page and Swatches for Variants

After installing the Woocommerce plugin in Woodmart theme, you will find several templates for product pages.


We are most interested in the template for variable products because on eBay and AliExpress, mainly products have several variants.

Tip: Woodmart has a built-in function to display swatches on products. However, since the swatches images are not added manually, but loaded by the dropshipping plugin along with these products, the built-in swatches module will not work. We recommend you disable it.”


For showing variations swatches, you can install our addon. It will show swatches automatically for all imported products.

This is how the product page will look like with and without the swatches addon:


You are ready! What’s next?

Woodmart theme has a lot of settings and can be highly customized. If you’re launching a store for the first time, we recommend you start from the ready-made versions (templates) provided by woodmart and get your first sales.

If you have any specific question about setting up this theme for dropshipping, post it in the comments section, our team of experts will be happy to answer you.

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