Set Up Your Dropshipping Website In Less Than 30 Minutes

For many aspiring store owners, one of their biggest fears is setting up their dropshipping store and launching it. It’s with pleasure to announce to you that launching your store is one of the simplest steps to take in being successful as a dropshipper. Did you know that you can open your dropshiping store within 30 minutes? No gimmicks! It’s as true as every word you’ve read here. This guide will help you to set up and launch your store as quickly as possible.

How about your logo designs and campaigns? Well, those can’t hinder your store launch. They can always wait until your store is live. This detailed guide will show you how to start and launch within some minutes using Ali2Woo, as well how to import your products to your store with just a few clicks. You may need to refine some things along the line, but you just need to get started first.

Step 1: Select A Name

Your store name is necessary, but you shouldn’t spend ages trying to choose a perfect name. A good store name should be simple and perhaps in line with your particular niche. Also, it’s good to add “shop” or “store” to your choice of a name so you can easily find an available domain with that name to purchase.

Do well to ensure that the name you decide to go with has not been trademarked and is not being used currently. These can be ascertained by checking for the domain availability, and getting a .com extension is a nice idea. You may want to search your potential store name on Google to see if an existing brand pops up with that name.

check domain name in google

Step 2: Install WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a renowned WordPress ecommerce plugin. You need to install this first before installing Ali2Woo as an add-on.  Using your WordPress Admin to install WooCommerce is the easiest way to go about this. Login to your WordPress site, go to plugins and select “Add New.” Search for WooCommerce using the search bar and install it, then activate.

Check out the official WooCommerce installation guide for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Install Ali2Woo

With WooCommerce properly installed on your WordPress, you can add Ali2Woo plugin and get started. Check out the attachment below to see how you can install Ali2Woo without a hassle and the options you need to select. Basically, two major parameters are in Ali2Woo > Settings > Common settings; set up the Item Purchase Code and Envato Personal Token.

Select your choice of WooCommerce theme. There is a countless number of themes online. While some are paid, others are free, and you can install them to customize your store.


Step 4: Add Products

A standard ecommerce business requires that a store owner buys and keep quite a large number of products. In fact, they store these products in their warehouse, and when they get an order, they package and ship to the customer. This form of business exists, yes. But it’s mainly for large companies who have made their names and have risen beyond competition.

However, a startup brand cannot grow significantly if it follows this path. Imagine incurring additional costs of a warehouse (or any other storage space), running the risk of not selling off the purchases, and many more.

Dropshipping creates an avenue to do away with these issues. In fact, dropshipping business keeps you safe from the worries of purchasing inventory, storing products, packaging, and shipping, among others. It’s easy to add as many products as possible to your store with a few clicks and leave the rest to your suppliers who cater to the other needs.

Create Categories

Product categories, also known as Collections are necessary for grouping your products on your store. If you’re selling jewelry for women on your store, your collections should range from earrings to rings, necklaces, down to watches and bracelets. Each of these collections should have different products and designs.

Go to your products section, select collections and add new collections by entering the name and collection conditions.

woocommerce add categories

Add products

When choosing products to import on your site, it’s wise to select products with high order volume, high positive ratings, and considerable shipping costs. Products with over 30 orders and positive reviews are good. You just need to ascertain that previous buyers are happy with the products by looking at their feedback.

In dropshipping, one thing is finding which products to sell, and another is importing these products to your store. Ali2Woo simplifies the ambiguity and takes off the hassle of importing products to your store. There are two ways you can import products from AliExpress into your store:

  • In-app plugin search
  • Google chrome extension

Check out the videos below to see how to go about each process. They are all simple and fast.

Step 5: Add Pages

Your store remains incomplete if it has no content. These contents are as important as what you want to sell (pun intended). You should put in much effort and focus on ensuring the contents you craft for various sections You can kick-start with About Us, Privacy and Returns Policy, Contact Us, Terms, and Conditions, Shipping & Delivery Information.

To create these contents on your store, follow the normal procedures of creating new pages on WordPress. Go to your admin dashboard, and add new pages.

About Us

Your online store needs this page to appear unique and describe who you are and what you do. Just like your normal WordPress site, you write, edit and upload your About Us page content from the Pages row on your dashboard.

Shipping & Delivery Information

You can check your competitors and copy their shipping terms and upload on your store via WordPress.

Privacy and Returns Policy

Your competitors have a clear Privacy &Returns Policy; you can get ideas from theirs to craft yours and upload like the usual WordPress upload. Likewise, once you have other pages set, you upload it to their respective sections on your choice of the Woocommerce theme via WordPress.

When it comes to setting up your store with Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin, WordPress and Woocommerce are inevitable. These work to simplify the entire process, making it easier to upload contents and customize your store with WordPress.

Step 6: How To Create Your Store Faster

Sometimes, dropshippers find it hard to take out time in selecting a theme, domain, among other things needed to kick start. If you find it hard to achieve this or create a store yourself, there is a way out.

Place an order with Ali2Woo for an already made store; this store flaunts amazing features that let you start selling immediately. Here is how the store will look like, and do well to read up all the conditions and prices.

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