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Best ideas for sports dropshipping

One of the most important steps you need to make while setting up your dropshipping store is finding the right niche. Do not rush with this decision, study data about various markets or search for advice from experts. Start with defining the broad category of products to explore, so you can pick more particular sub-categories within it. One of such broadly popular niches is sport dropshipping. Everything sports-related is always in demand, no matter what season is now. Moreover, many goods from this category are currently on the rise because more and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. If you offer a wide variety of sports goods or concentrate on a particular sub-niche, your sports dropshipping store will become a stable source of profit, especially if you take the advice mentioned below into account. 

What sporting goods can you sell?

The term “sporting goods” includes a lot of categories, from sportswear to equipment for certain sports disciplines. Use GoogleTrends to find out, which are the top selling sporting goods online, that are currently the most searched for. For example, if you check, how often people search for sportswear, you will find out, that the category is in stable demand, although will be some seasonal ups and downs. Another good example is exercise machines, that can be installed at home. This category gained popularity during the pandemic, as people started to exercise at home more during the lockdowns. This trend remains in 2022, which expands the opportunities you can pursue with your dropshipping business. Besides that, sporting goods dropshippers can concentrate on the goods related to a particular sport, from golf to soccer, build a golf dropshipping store or offer home fitness wear and equipment. 

What should you know about dropshipping sporting goods?

If you are a beginner in niche sport dropshipping, we recommend starting with cheaper goods. They are easier to market, as they create more opportunities for impulsive purchases. Moreover, you will need a lower initial investment, and even if you have some issues with one order or another, you will not lose lots of money. Try to think about your target audience: what is important to them, what they prefer, and why they may choose to buy online instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Try to offer quality goods for middle or low prices, as this makes your store more attractive to customers. Explore various options, like sports direct drop dropshipping, to find out, what is more suitable for your audience and location. 

Find reliable suppliers and sporting goods dropshipping wholesalers to avoid delivery delays and customer complaints in the future. Thoroughly studying reviews should become your rule number one, whether you are looking for particular items or suppliers. Read, what other people have to say, and give preference to suppliers with high numbers of successfully fulfilled orders. There is no sense in risking your reputation over a small difference in price. 

Sportswear dropshipping

Sports clothes are the first niche you have to explore. There is an immense diversity of sportswear dropshipping from casual outfits to specialized uniforms. Here are some ideas sport clothing dropshippers can use to build your dropshipping store inventory: 

Here are some items, that will be a good start for your fitness dropshipping store: 

  • sports underwear for men and women; 
  • clothes for home fitness, like tops and yoga pants; 
  • comfortable clothes for going to the gym; 
  • specialized clothes for various disciplines, like running, biking, or weightlifting; 
  • dropshipping branded sportswear or brand equivalents;
  • classic uniforms for baseball, hockey, or tennis;
  • sports outfits for children and adults.

Dropshipping athletic wear requires special attention when picking items and suppliers. To lower the probability of customer complaints and returns, you should provide detailed information about the size and give clear advice about choice. Many people still avoid buying clothes online because they fear they will not fit, and you need additional effort to gain their trust and convince them to buy. You may prefer to start with one-size-fits-all items or some goods, that do not require trying on before buying. 

You can also turn your attention to an adjacent category by dropshipping sports equipment and accessories. Wearable devices, like smartwatches or HR monitors, are used by those who do cardio training and want to get detailed stats on their activities. There are also items that make training safer and more convenient, like running pouches and belts for carrying your things around, visibility vests, and fluorescent and light-reflecting ribbons for safely running or biking in the dark. Another option is to sell used sport equipment online. 

Fitness dropshipping

Fitness Equipment Dropshipping

Dropshipping fitness products includes several subcategories: here one can find equipment for home exercising, yoga, muscle recovery, as well as sports nutrition. If you choose this niche, you will have a wider audience, than the shops that focus on particular sports. Pay attention to current fitness trends to lure your customers with things that are currently in fashion. At the same time, do not forget about “ever-green” items, that remain consistently popular in fitness dropshipping stores.

  • Exercise mats. They belong to basic goods, that are required for anyone who wants to exercise at home. They differ in thickness, size, and materials they are made from. There are specific mats for a general workout, yoga, or HIIT training. Add them to your store inventory for guaranteed sales. 
  • Exercise dice. This is a fun tool to bring diversity to the exercise process and add variety to the workout. They come in various sizes and sometimes in kits, that include several dice to determine the type of exercise and repetitions quality. These small and nice items are also good to use as a gift, for example, to motivate your customers to buy more. 
  • Dropshipping gym equipment, such as pull-up bars and pulley systems. These items will be of interest to anyone, who wants to build a home gym. They can be used for various exercises both by beginners and professionals. Usually, such systems are attached to ceilings or doorframes. Pay special attention when choosing a supplier for these types of fitness goods, as the low quality here can lead to injuries. 
  • Bike pedal exercisers and steppers. This is another example of goods that gained popularity during the pandemic. They are often bought for people who have sitting work and want to compensate for the lack of movement. Unlike bigger exercise machines, they do not take much place, which is why they are suitable even for a small flat. 
  • Small-size exercise tools, like various types of expanders. They do not take much place and are easy to carry around, so they are often bought by those who want to keep exercising on the go. Find out fitness dropshipping suppliers, that offer those in a variety.  
  • Stretching and massage. Effective exercise requires good rest and recovery. So, everyone, who does sports regularly, will be interested in buying some items for that purpose. These include calf stretchers, foam rolls, massage balls, vibration plates, and other equipment that helps to relax the muscles after an intense exercise session. 

Golf dropshipping

Golf Products Dropshipping

Dropshipping golf products is another example of a promising sport-related niche. You may be surprised by the variety of equipment that can be sold to gold players. Even if you do not want to build a general golf store and prefer to concentrate on one or two item types when dropshipping golf products, you will meet enough demand and make profits from golf enthusiasts. One can think, that there are not as many golf players, considering this sport is not cheap, but it is not true. Here are some product categories, that you can use to compete with other golf equipment dropshippers:

  • golf clubs; 
  • swing trainers: 
  • golf shoes: 
  • bags for clubs: 
  • golf balls: 
  • golf tees. 

It is hard to overestimate, how important it is to find good golf dropshipping suppliers. People who play golf want quality goods for their money, so gold dropshipping companies should answer to their needs and demands. 

Dropshipping for popular sports

Team sports can also be a good source of profit for a dropshipping store. Tennis, baseball, and hockey remain consistently popular all over the world. Offering items for these sports is a surefire option, as they are always in demand. There are many items that people who do sports have to replace regularly, for example, baseball balls that often get lost. This makes it easier to build a loyal customer base, who will return to your store many times, knowing, that you offer quality goods.

Usually, dropshippers in this niche prefer to focus on a certain sport, especially right after you launch the business. Choose one of the major disciplines, like tennis or hockey, or study, what sports are the most popular in your area. The latter option allows you to target local audiences but will require more effort for finding out suitable items and suppliers for your store’s inventory. Here are some ideas for team sports dropshipping:

Tennis Dropshipping

Tennis. Besides obvious options, like tennis rackets and balls, tennis dropshipping can include a variety of useful accessories, from wristbands to bags for carrying around racquets. If you choose tennis dropship, offer uniforms, shoes, caps, as well as tennis strings, and even nets.

Baseball Dropshipping

Baseball. This is one of the most popular sports in the US. Basic baseball equipment includes balls and bats, but one will also need other gear and training equipment. If you dropship baseball equipment, offer baseball goods for children, whose parents want them to safely play in the backyard.

Hockey Dropshipping

Hockey. Although many see Canada as the center of popularity for this sport, it is widespread in many other countries as well. Hockey gear usually is not cheap, and this is why people will try online stores where they can buy hockey sticks and pucks, protective gear, and uniforms. This creates a profitable opportunity for hockey dropshipping.

No matter what sport you choose to focus on, you should also add accompanying goods to your inventory. Consider water bottles, protein bars, other healthy snacks, or sports bags. Use them as a good opportunity for upselling or offer them as gifts to returning visitors or those who buy more. These ideas will help you to develop your sports dropshipping store and get sustainable profits throughout the year. Make a business plan, start with a narrower niche to focus on a small set of items, like drop shipping golf products or home fitness equipment, choose reliable suppliers, and market your store to customers who are interested in sports. Besides people who are just beginning to explore a healthy lifestyle, there are lots of those who practice sports regularly. If you win their trust, you will get loyal customers, that will return periodically to your store.

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