How To Start Dropshipping in Pakistan

How to start dropshipping in pakistan min

Dropshipping is a type of business, which can be done entirely online. You do not need to rent any physical space or worry about storing your goods while you are searching for customers. In dropshipping business, you choose one or several suppliers which will provide products, and then advertise your website to attract customers. On the other hand, despite the business being conducted entirely in digital form, it does matter, what country are you situated in. For example, dropshipping in Pakistan has some differences in comparison with dropshipping from the US or Europe.

For your eCommerce store to be profitable, you need to account for these differences, which affect various aspects of the business. There can be some legal specifics, for example, customs rules or special demands for certain product categories. You should also consider cultural and social differences to understand, what your audience wants and what products in your niche attract the most customers. Below you will find advice that will help you to start dropshipping if you are currently living in Pakistan or plan to sell to the audience in this country while living somewhere else.

Why is Dropshipping in Pakistan Profitable? 

Currently, Pakistan belongs to the list of the biggest countries in the world. Its population in 2022 is estimated to be more than 242 million people. In combination with the high population density and current growth of big cities, this means, that you won’t have much difficulty with finding the right dropshipping ideas, as there are many niches that are appealing to the audience. Moreover, this business model allows you to be flexible. This means, that you do not have to restrict yourself to one country. Start with the area you know best, but then you can grow your store to attract international customers as well.

The number of internet users in Pakistan is steadily growing, according to the latest statistical data. In 2019 it reached 17% of the whole population, and currently, it can be estimated to exceed 20% with the current trend for growth. Consequently, more and more people choose online shopping instead of visiting physical stores. This is another reason, why using the dropshipping model to establish a business in Pakistan is a good decision. There are still many unoccupied niches, so you can enter the market with minimal expenses and make your offer lucrative for customers.

Important Facts About Dropshipping In Pakistan

Here are several important facts, that differ Pakistan from many other countries from a dropshipper’s point of view. 

You need to build your website with mobile users in mind. This approach is sometimes called “mobile first”. Many people use smartphones as their main device for accessing the internet and using various services. As for many of them using a PC is not an option, you should make your site convenient for mobile users. When you choose, what plugin to use, for example, for aliexpress dropshipping in Pakistan, pay attention to the look of the mobile version of the website. This is true, whether you create your store website by yourself with help of some template or order a ready-made store. Check mobile accessibility before launching it by using special tools or various types of devices.

The legal side of dropshipping is another question you need to pay attention to, as the laws regulating eCommerce differ in various countries. In 2019, Pakistan established a new eCommerce policy on the country level, which describes various aspects of conducting a business online, from customer protection to taxation in various cases. It will be useful to familiarize yourself withing the document to get a general idea of what rules and restrictions currently exist. The policy demonstrates the fact, that the government of Pakistan is willing to support digital businesses and interactions with a global market. You may also need a consultation with a lawyer who is familiar with local rules and demands in the area of business registration in taxation.

To start a dropshipping business in Pakistan, you also need to consider, what payment options you offer to your customers. It is a good idea to offer several ones, so your store will be available for more clients. One of the most popular and easy-to-use purchase gateways for Pakistan dropshippers is 2Checkout. Another one that is used for many online businesses, from small to large ones, is EasyPay. Do not forget to check for compatibility with other components of your dropshipping website in Pakistan before choosing one of them.

How To Pick Your Niche and Find Suppliers

If you plan to conduct an eCommerce business in Pakistan, finding appropriate suppliers and defining your niche play a crucial role. A niche is a group or category of products, which can be targeted to a certain audience. You may sell wearable gadgets, fishing rods, or home decorations – in all of these cases and many others you can expect lots of potential buyers, if you do market research in advance and advertise accordingly.

It is important to narrow down your niche, especially in the initial stages of your business. Do not worry – dropshipping model is scalable, so you can grow your store when it is time to. But in the starting stage, you need to concentrate on a relatively narrow niche. Amazon dropshipping Pakistan is available for multiple products and categories, so it is easy to make the mistake of dispersing your resources trying to cater to many audiences simultaneously. To avoid this, use one of the approaches described below or their combination:

  • Choose a niche based on your passion. If you are into cars, start a store selling car accessories, spare parts, or other related products. Usually, people have deep knowledge of the area they are passionate about, and this turns out immensely useful when they start a business, Knowledge, and experience will have to determine, what goods are in demand on the local market and where to advertise to attract customers. 
  • Try to solve your own problem. This advice is generally applicable to any form of business, and it works perfectly with dropshipping. If you feel a lack of healthy lifestyle products in your local market, establish a store that fills just that niche. Personal interest not only helps you to find potentially profitable product categories but also supports your motivation in the long term. 

Do some market research. Before starting to work with Aliexpress dropshipping Pakistan, take a look at Google Trends. This service allows checking, what products are searched more often and how their popularity changes with time. Do not forget to limit the results to your local market by choosing Pakistan in the drop-down list of countries, because this is the market you want to focus on at the initial stage.

Write down several ideas for developing business with eBay dropshipping Pakistan, and check their profitability thereafter. Do not forget to account for additional costs, such as taxes and shipping fees, depending on where you plan to deliver your goods – within Pakistan or abroad. There are various online calculators which allow you to estimate, what profit margin you may expect from a certain product category.

Finding dropshipping suppliers Pakistan is an important piece of the puzzle as well. There are multiple options to choose from. You may prefer some globally operating sellers, such as Amazon or eBay, or seek partnership opportunities with smaller retailers, operating specifically in Pakistan and the surrounding region. The second option seems more complicated, but a partnership with a supplier which commands a deep understanding of local markets and audiences will be beneficial for your business. A good example is HHC Dropshipping, which positions itself as the biggest dropshipping platform in Pakistan. 

As you see, the good thing with dropshipping is, that you always have a choice. Despite many aspects of your eCommerce operations (such as delivery and storage), you are in control of your business and can decide, what services, platforms, and suppliers to use, thus defining a unique look of your store. Work with Shopify Dropshipping in Pakistan, choose HHC or other local options – it is up to you. Here are several other resources that will be useful for establishing relationships with suppliers:

  • Symbios belongs to the most developed eCommerce resources in Pakistan. They sell various clothes, from casual to modern fashion ones, and ship in all regions of Pakistan as well as abroad. 
  • Lootlo is an example of a thriving eCommerce project in another niche. This retailer sells multiple categories of consumer products, including various gadgets. Various price groups are represented, which allows to make attractive offers to multiple audiences. 
  • Daraz is one of the most popular websites for online shopping in Pakistan, offering a variety of consumer goods. It tries to copy Amazon’s approach on a local level and mostly with success.

These websites can be good places to start your search for goods and suppliers and begin building your online business. With time, broaden your search, enhance your inventory and grow your loyal audience, to make your store profitable in the long run.

Now you see, that it is absolutely possible to make a profit with a dropshipping model in Pakistan. By establishing your eCommerce store, you invest in a country with a growing economy and an increasing amount of population with stable access to the internet and the willingness to use online stores. Use the advice mentioned above, pick the right niche which will be appealing to the local audience, and soon you will see real profits from your store.

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