How to select dropshipping products and what to look at when choosing suppliers

How to select dropshipping products and what to look at when choosing

You need to choose a product when starting a dropshipping business and we recommend you turn to the trends – ask the Internet. Every year or season has its trends. There are several ways to find out what people are willing to buy right now or will want soon:

  • Look for trending products for a particular season. Articles and researches will help you. See what products are recommended by major services like Amazon and Groupon. But you should understand that the selection of trendy items from big names like Amazon should be used more as inspiration than as a role model. If you choose products that millions of online entrepreneurs already sell, it’s not sure you’ll be able to keep up with the competition. Trends should be pushed away, but not blindly followed.
  • Take seasonality into account. Christmas sweaters with cheerful prints look strange most of the year, but before the holidays they will be actively bought.
  • Pay attention to evergreen product categories. For example, education, pet supplies, food. This is where the study of mass-market works: if things are popular there, they can safely be sold through dropshipping.
  • A few more examples of niches that are always in demand. If you work in the health and beauty segment, look at what is popular in China, Korea: Asians focus on trendy cosmetics. Young mothers also follow the novelties, because they want their children to have the best.
  • Think about what people need right now, in the current situation. For example, if we’re talking about sports, then in the pandemic it’s gadgets for home exercises – trainers, yoga mats, dumbbells. A summer option is camping. It is good that there is not a very wide audience (as, for example, with goods for fitness in general). That is, ads can be targeted to narrow, relevant categories of customers.
  • Track products on Google Trends. The service will show how demand for certain products is growing by the number of queries on Google.
  • Look at what competitors sell, which products they choose, how they advertise them, and at what price they sell. Get inspiration and search for similar products for your store, or sell the same items but at a lower price.
  • Explore e-commerce sites like Etsy and Pinterest (yes, people shop there too). Here you can study comments and reviews of products, see what’s in demand, what customers are happy about, and what they’re not.

How to choose a dropshipping supplier?

It is necessary to be very careful when choosing a dropshipping supplier because it is the seller, not the supplier, who is fully responsible to the buyer for the quality of the goods and their delivery. Therefore, pay attention to the following points:

  • Payments. Find out if any recurring fees (such as monthly payments) are required. Usually, companies make a profit on your sales, so there is no need for ongoing extra costs. If a supplier is demanding extra payments over and above the cost of the order, that’s a bad sign – avoid such suppliers if possible.
  • Information in the parcels. It’s a good idea to make sure that the supplier strictly adheres to the rule of sending parcels to the client on your behalf, and does not put his contact information on the parcels and inside, otherwise customers may think about buying directly from the supplier.
  • Service and speed of response from the manager. If you cannot quickly contact the representative by phone or email, it is a reason to think whether it is worth cooperating with such a company. It is possible that in the future it will not be distinguished by efficiency.
  • Product updates. Always keep your supplier’s assortment up to date. Having up-to-date information will minimize situations when a customer has placed an order on your site and the product in the supplier’s warehouse is out of stock.
  • Conscientious suppliers always update the information about the availability of the goods and promptly inform the seller about the changes. It’s best if you will use dropshipping solution that synchronizes prices and stock balances, for example, Ali2Woo or eBay2Woo.

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