Best Dropshipping Products for Autumn 2022

Best dropshipping products for autumn 2022 min
All products, that you can sell in your dropshipping store, can be divided into two big groups. One is called evergreen products because they maintain a stable level of popularity no matter how the time of the year change. Another group consists of the product characterized by periodic changes in demand. For example, Christmas dropshipping is in demand within the last months of the year, spooky masks before Halloween, and warm clothes are in fashion when the winter advances. 

Knowing these tendencies, you can use them to your advantage and offer your customers exactly what they need. Moreover, you need to take into attention to seasonal sales and discounts, such as Black Friday, as you may expect more visitors to your website during this period. 
No matter, what your dropshipping niche is, you can find seasonal goods to add to your inventory to capitalize on the current trends. Do this several times per year, to adjust your offers according to your customers’ demand, and you will increase your profits. Here are some ideas, that will help you to run your dropshipping store this autumn. 

Clothes Dropshipping in the Fall

If the main niche of your shop is some variation of clothing dropshippingyou will have a wide choice of autumn products. At the beginning of the fall, people want to prepare for the oncoming cold season, so they will buy everything warm and cozy. 

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Here is an example: look at how the searches for the word “pullover” start rising in September each year and reach their peak in December. Add a diverse assortment of pullovers of various styles to your store in September, and you will reap the benefits of the trend. 

Here are some more examples of items you need to pay attention to if you dropship fashion items and various types of garments: 

  • outdoor clothing (coats, jackets)
  • sweaters, hoodies, pullovers
  • socks and leggings 
  • accessories, such as gloves and scarves. 

Selling accessories had another advantage for dropshipping fashion stores: many items of this type are one-size-fits-all, so there is a lower chance to deal with unsatisfied customers who have ordered the wrong size. Scarves have very diverse designs, so you can create offers that are interesting for customers with various preferences, with low risks of returns related to additional expenses. 

Toys And Other Products for Children

September is a month, when students return to school, so many parents start buying more toys, stationery, and other items for their kids. If your store belongs to the area of toys dropshipping or kids are at least partially your target audience, you can enhance your inventory with educational toys or other similar items. 

Screenshot 3

As you see in the above illustrations from Google Trends, the trend moves upward periodically, rising from September to December. This means, that dropshipping toys in the fall season provides a higher chance of bringing profits. There are multiple occasions for parents to buy something for their children, from the first day of school to Christmas. 

The same is true for stationery dropshippingIn September, many students or their parents want to buy pens, notebooks, and other accessories in bigger amounts, so attract this category of customers with valuable discounts. Moreover, this category gives you multiple opportunities to upsell. 

  • Here are some more ideas for related categories 
  • educational and hand-crafted toys for various ages
  • supplies for various crafts and hobbies
  • tabletop games. 

Sports Dropshipping During Fall Season

Another direction, that brings high profits in autumn, is dropshipping sporting goods. There are many people who pick up some sports in summer and want to continue these activities in summer but have to switch to different activities due to lower temperatures and worsening weather. Offer sportswear dropshipping for the colder season, as well as equipment and accessories for indoor activities. 

Screenshot 2

As you see, the demand for buying sportswear remains high during the whole year, so you can view this category as the evergreen one. Still, there are clearly defined spikes towards the end of the autumn, so it is especially important to have the inventory of your store in good condition at the beginning of this period. Here are some ideas of items you can add: 

  • warm socks, sports gloves, headbands, and other accessories, which become important in the colder season
  • accessories for home training, such as yoga blocks, yoga mats, and resistance bands
  • sports outfits for men, women, and children
  • portable equipment for home training, such as stepper machines. 

Holiday Products For the Fall Season 

Let’s not forget about another important category of fall trends for dropshipping stores working in multiple niches. There are many products, related to autumn and winter holidays, that are celebrated in the US and all over the world. 

Screenshot 1

Here are some illustrations of holidays you need to consider. They vary in popularity, as Thanksgiving is celebrated mostly in the US, and Christmas in many other countries, but anyway since September and October people are already searching for holiday decorations, costumes, or accessories. Naturally, people also buy gifts for friends and family. 

The good thing is, that you can introduce items related to the nearest holidays no matter, what dropshipping niche your store is working in. For example, if you sell clothes and garments, try out dropshipping Halloween costumes. If one has a specialized Halloween dropshipping store, it will have high sales in September and October, but for the rest of the year, the sales will remain low. Consequently, the best course of action is to choose a more generalized niche, but add Halloween items to your inventory for a couple of months. 

This principle works the same way with other niches. If you sell home decoration items, add holiday-themed ones. If you sell phone cases, bags, or packaging, it is especially easy to do. If you find it difficult to invent a connection between your niche and the nearest holidays, try some brainstorming or use other methods for idea generation. 

The same approach works for other holidays. We recommend you study some market research to find out, what gifts people usually buy for certain occasions, and enhance your inventory with these goods. Here are some categories for holiday sales at your dropshipping store:

  • home decoration for outdoor and indoor use
  • silverware, tablecloths, platters and everything one needs to serve a table for a large group of guests
  • disposables, such as paper cups or paper plates are also of great use when hosting holiday parties. 

Note, that it is easy to establish connections and associations between different types of holiday products. This opens great opportunities for offering package deals, upselling, and offering discounts for quantity. During holidays, people are psychologically ready to spend more – use it to your advantage. 

For your holiday dropshipping strategy to succeed, you need to be able to adjust the assortment of products in your store according to the changes in the market. If you manage your store manually, it often gets time-consuming and demands lots of effort, as you have to find and add products manually. We advise you to use a plugin instead. It automates many tasks that can arise while operating a dropshipping eCommerce business, so with its help, you will prepare your store for the fall season in no time. 

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