31 Best Dropshipping Niches for 2022 [+marketing tips]

31 best dropshiping niches how to find niche in 2022 min

Successful Dropshipping requires you know the profitable niches to delve into and products to sell. In this post, you’ll learn how to find the best dropshipping niches in 2022.

A lot has changed since 2021, and if you stick to only what you know last year, you might not attain your full potential. That’s why you have to analyze your store and recheck the niche you chose.

In this post we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the best dropshipping niches. Test products from the list to earn more this year!

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And for those who read this post in Spring – we have a separate list of the best spring products too.

So, let’s get started:

What Type of Products Sell More for Dropshippers?

Dropshipping, as a business model, is mainly footed on impulse buying. You market your products and people buy them if they like it and perhaps, find value in it. So, there are no defined products that sell more literally. If appropriately displayed, you can sell almost anything.

However, you might want to note these few points that are ideal for choosing products that sell more:

  • Products that look cute, useful and are below $10, often sell well. They could be keychains, smartphone covers, jewelry, and pet products, among others.
  • Very useful products that are slightly high in price can sell if you show your audience how inevitable such products are. Quality and detailed product videos can elaborate on the usefulness of such offers.
  • Products that are uncommon (not available on Amazon) or somewhat rare to find online are a good bet too. Even if your prospects make a quick search on Amazon, they’ll hardly find such products. By the way we don’t recommend the Amazon dropshipping. Use that platform to find the product ideas only!

While you seek products that sell more, it would be great to decide if you want to go for a niche or follow trends.

Trends or Niches? What to Pick for dropshipping?

It’s easier for beginners to test several products at a go when they opt for a niche. However, when a dropshipper goes too hard in testing for just a niche, and it fails to sell, then the efforts become futile.

The best thing? Try to strike a balance between niches and trends (trending products). Whether you want to opt for niche or trending products, you need to make some product research to find what to sell exactly. What are your product research strategies? 

Product Research Strategies

  • Focus on customer pain points – A pain point could be a thing that makes your customers or prospects frustrated or feel pain. All you need to do is find a huge market that experiences a particular market and proffer a solution to them – your product(s). While on the lookout for products to sell, consider if your options solve a common pain point.
  • Personal Passion – Knowledge is often driven by passion. So, when you’re looking for products that are linked to your passion, it becomes easier to find what works. You can set up a store and push your campaigns strategically because you know the market. It’s easy to dig through and push harder when it seems hard because you work with passion.
  • Tap from your professional experience – When you’re out looking for products to sell, you might want to tap from professional experience. You can consider products that you use or experience in your career, profession or day job. With professional experience about a product, you can easily find the gap in the market that product doesn’t fill. This can birth a new product idea.
  • Capitalize on Trends – If you follow trends and can spot one coming, then you have an excellent product research strategy. Get products related to a trend when it’s starting to form and make the brand a force to reckon with when the trend forms fully. However, you still need products that belong to the string market. Otherwise, you might be kicked out of business when the trend fades.
  • Leverage on Other People’s Passion – You don’t have to be passionate about what you sell. Any dropshipper can still make huge sales selling products that are connected to other people’s interests and passions. You can start by checking for people’s hobbies on Google, Forums and Facebook groups that are built around certain interests and passions. As you dig into their passion, you’ll understand them better and know what to offer them.

Best Dropshipping Niches and Products

Before we go into discussing these product ideas, we’ve prepared a clear infographic for you. Just in case you want to save these niches to your Facebook/Pinterest wall to remember. Click on the preview to see the full version of the infographic image.

Best niches infographic preview

1. Dog Accessories

Many people love pets, and most of them can’t stay long without their dogs. How about you delve into this niche?

Dog Accessories is a winning niche as products under this niche are often on demand. Yes, the pet niche isn’t new, but it remains relevant, and you too can benefit from it.

Google trend analysis shows that people are interested in pet accessories even in 2022:

Dog accessories niche google trends 1024x538 2022

Every pet needs proper care and the demand for their accessories remain on the high side. These include clothes, training aids, toys and other grooming accessories.

For example, take a look at the product ideas below:

High quality dog accessories silicone pet brush
Bite Toys For Dog
Plastic Brush Puppy

Marketing tip: Offer your customers bundles and packages instead of just one product at a time. You could offer a led collar and dog toys. This can help pet owners find their pet even when they play with their toys at night. On your social media handle, you can give your audience a chance to tell stories about their dogs. There you can sell to them too.

2. Power Tools

Power tools are one of the best items to sell online right now!

They are easy to find and supply to customers. They also have upwelled value. For instance, newcomers will be interested in woodworking plans. Woodworkers are passionate about their craft.

Tools also have a lot of wear and tear and need to be replaced regularly. If you can attract a loyal following, you will have many repeat customers who can’t stop buying from you.

Now check out some of the products you may want to import:

Electric Screwdriver Cordless
Household Reciprocating Saw for Power Tool
Electric Screwdriver Lithium Battery Rechargeable

Marketing tip: You can shoot quality videos that show how to use these power tools. Having a YouTube channel can be a great option if you’re looking to be in this niche for a pretty while.

3. Tech Supplies

How about selling tech supplies?

3D Printing equipment, drones, mobile devices, and all their accessories and parts are great tech products that have high demand.

Industry research show that every person living in a developed country will have to come in contact with 3D products. Currently the global 3D printing market is valued at $13.84 billion, and its compound annual growth rate is expected to stay at 20,8% from 2022 to 2030. In 2021, about 2.2 million units of 3D printing devices were shipped to users around the world. In 2024, the market will reach $34.8 billion. 


Likewise, drones which find use in many areas of life are high on demand. In 2020, sales of US consumer drones surpassed $1.25 billion. The demand for drones is growing in various sectors, from agriculture to law enforcement, as well es entertainment, and in 2024 the global shipment is expected to reach 2.4 million.


The global population seems to be using mobile devices more than traditional computers.

In fact, from Google queries, it shows that people make use of mobile devices more than desktops.

Setting up a dropshipping store and filling it with products related to these niches will most probably give you an edge.

Here are some products under the “tech supplies” drop shipping niche:

Marine Gps Fish Detector
High Precision Desktop 3d Printer
Multifunction Ballpen

Marketing tip: Know your audience! You might need to make more research and target a very specific audience who are interested in your offering.

4. Energy-saving Devices

The increase in energy production and demand causes many developed countries to seek clean energy sources.

According to Bloomberg, total investment into low-carbon energy sources rose by more than a quarter and surpassed $750 billion. 

Speculations have it that the quest for energy will increase by 50% in 2030.


Reducing the global energy crisis is not reserved for governments and scientists alone.

The masses can be a part of this process, and many people are willing to get started.

Take a look at some of the energy-saving items you can import and sell without hassle.

Electric Energy Power Saver
Power Saving Box

Marketing tip: Since almost everyone is concerned about saving energy, you can come in from a different angle – let your audience know they can save more money on energy bills while using some type of products you sell.

5. Wireless Devices

Wireless gadgets are some products people buy easily.

The world is evolving technologically, and many people would prefer to go wireless without compromising the benefits they get with their gadgets.

Wireless Audio Market Global Forecast states that the wireless audio market will hit $31.80 billion by the year, 2023 with a yearly growth of $16.13 starting from 2016 through to 2023.

In the same vein, Business Insider speculates that the headphone market will experience a 45% increase throughout the next 5 years.

What’s the catch? Wireless gadgets are the new thing, and their demands keep increasing.

When you’re looking to find a dropshipping niche, you may want to start with Wireless Devices and sell different products under this niche.

Now, look at some products you could sell.

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Anti Spy Bug Detector
Bluetooth Earphone

Marketing tip: While creating campaigns, it would be best if you targeted mobile device users as they are most likely to buy your wireless devices.

6. Items Related To Posture

While you see many people walk around every day, some of them seek solutions to their posture problems.

If you can offer them correction items that cater to their posture issues, they wouldn’t waste time to grab it.

In fact, every second person has posture related issues. Having a good posture doesn’t just boost confidence but encourages better health.

Posture items niche google trends 1024x540 2022 1

Try out this niche and sell products related to it. You see, that it remains popular, although the popularity went a bit lower in the last year. 

With proper marketing and traffic sources, you should sell just like you desire.

Here are some product ideas related to posture correction:

Adjustable Back Posture Corrector
Women Back Support Belt
Magnetic Therapy Adult Back Corset

Marketing tip: Since almost everyone cares about their look, you are sure to sell to a wide range of audience. To make marketing easier, you can bundle your offers. Get two or more products that serve various posture and body shape correction purposes and sell together.

7. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments were some of the best products to dropship in 2017-2021, and are still a top choice for 2022.

Few product categories have a more passionate fan base.

Drums sets and guitars are particular good drop shipping business ideas.

Guitar items niche google trends 1024x540 2022 1024x491 2022 1

Many musicians will buy multiple instruments. You can also market to students. Each year, new people take up instruments.

Portable For Beginner Flute
Durable 32 Piano Keys Melodica
Ceramic Ocarina Flute

Marketing tip: If you sell musical instrument that are not quite common, you might need to make a video to flaunt its sound production and features.

8. Gun Safes

Gun safety is a hot topic right now, and they are not going to change any time soon.

This is a trend you will see continue for several years.

Every day, you hear about another accidental shooting and misuse of guns.

Many gun owners want a safer place to keep their guns; they want a box they can count on to secure their guns.

Gun safes niche google trends 1024x542 2022

Want to find a best dropshipping niche? Gun Safes are good products to sell.

Now, look at the products below:

Portable Fingerprint Gun Safes Box
Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box
Password Safe Box Solid Steel Security

Marketing tip: Hone your copywriting focus on serving solutions to help your customers protect what’s theirs and not stirring up fear in them. You can upsell security systems and devices to them too.

9. Lifestyle Niche

There are some items we can hardly do without every day.

What is lifestyle niche?
The niche encompasses high-interest topics like health and fitness, beauty, fashion, food, dating, arts and entertainment, travel, and more. … (a lot of their products will fall in categories you will write about daily as a niche lifestyle blogger)
(source: https://www.adpushup.com/).

In fact, dropshippers who go for lifestyle products are bound to make good sales if they put in effort into marketing.

Lifestyle elements don’t just spice up boring day but can define one’s personality.

Whether your buyers want to buy items in line with their hobbies, passion or interest, your lifestyle niche got them covered.

Lifestyle products niche google trends 1024x540 2022

You may want to specialize in space-themed products.

Moon and star decorations are one of the biggest interior design trends you can think about, and customers are always ready to buy.

Find some products in this niche and fill up your store. Here are some ideas:

Gold Dots Wall Sticker
Décor For Home Interior
Décor Hair Salon

Marketing tip: Getting a YouTube channel to showcase some of these products in action is a plus. You can also go for suppliers who will give you lifestyle products with more sleek designs.

10. Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing niche remains evergreen.

Whether you’re looking to delve into selling intimate items, accessories or just bottom-related items, women’s clothing niche is sure to give you a good experience.

Women dress niche google trends 1024x538 2022

This niche incorporates various products that range from scarf clips to headbands, and gloves among others. No woman would cheerfully step out without making use of one or more accessories.

If you want to find a niche, you may want to consider starting with women’s accessories and clothing:

Women Retro Corduroy Dress
Top Ladies Short Sleeve
Basic Sweaters Women

Marketing tip: To avoid much returns, you can sell one or two specific sizes. Perhaps, X and XL, depending on the type of women’s clothing you sell. Having all the sizes available will make just anyone want to order and perhaps, return them when they don’t get what they need.

11. Bracelets and Bangles

One common thing with products in this niche is that virtually all the products are cheap.

Even though you might not earn so much from each sale, you can get huge amounts selling many of these products.

Bracelet niche google trends 1024x534 2022

Dropshipers who go deep in research would know that this was one of the top dropshipping niches in 2020-2021, and the trend is going to continue. In fact, it was in the second position under jewelry category for 3 years on a row (2016 – 2018).


These bangles are often related to Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and some other Asia countries. They are quite attractive and can give any dropshipper a good profit with strategic marketing. People, especially women, still want to look good in 2022. You could offer what they want and generate more revenue.

Bangle for women
Bangle for women
Pandora charms bracelets
Pandora charms bracelets for Women
Leather Anchor Bracelets
Bracelets and bangles 1
bracelets & faux leather boho
Bracelets and bangles 2
Braided Wrap Leather Bracelets
Bracelets and bangles 3
Tibetan Bracelet

Marketing tip: Take your photography page up a notch. Order a sample and take a professional photo of these bracelets and bangles from the perfect angles. This will improve the catchiness and they don’t have much to display.

12. Neon Clothes and Accessories

Neon clothing and related accessories are already a big thing in 2019-2022.

New York Fashion Week has got everyone talking about and getting addicted to neon and other catchy colors.

These colors are not just good when seen in workout wears and casual wears, having such colors in classy outfits crowns it all.

Neon clothes niche google trends 1024x534 2022

You can see, that after a short decline the trend for neon clothes is on the rise again. What’s the catch? Find these colors in more sophisticated wears and import to your store.

Look at the products below:

Neon Green Turtleneck Long Sleeve
Wire Cable Led Neon
Spring Solid Candy Neon Leggings

Marketing tip: In case you want to sell neon clothes and accessories, you should know that some people would like to color-block. Simply sell a few more accessories that can blend neon colors.

13. Velvet Accessories

Velvet elements look good on anyone, and they are not ideal for interior designs.

These accessories can be worn for routine daily occasions, and even as casual evening outfits.

Velvet accessories niche google trends 1024x543 2022

Though these colors have been around for some time now in the interior design section and clothing angle, it remains evergreen.

Look at some of the products you can go for:

Elegant Velvet Solid Elastic Hair Bands
Cute Girl Hair Rope Velvet
Hand Made Velvet Pearl

Marketing tip: A professional and high quality image of velvet accessories can help you sell more.

14. Oversized Clothing

The good old times are here again!

New York Fashion Week appeared to have reintroduced oversized dresses and shirts, and everyone seems to want to have one.

Many renowned and not-so-popular designers now have oversized clothing in their collections for cozy outdoor enthusiasts.

Big pockets, padded shoulders, and baggy silhouettes characterize oversized clothes, and these can be traced back to the ’80s. As you can see in Google Trends, it remains popular through 2020 and 2021, and isn’t going to fall.

Oversized clothing niche google trends 1024x541 2022

If you’re yet to find a niche, you can import some of these clothes on your store to get started.

Oversized clothing 1 1
T-shirt Women Oversized
Oversized clothing 2
Hoodie Men Anime Naruto
Oversized clothing 3
loose fit black denim

Marketing tip: Try carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram. With these, you can display a good number of your oversized clothing to your audience and increase the ads CTR.

15. Minimalist Luggage

Travel niche is an ever-relevant one as people never cease to travel.

Although the covid-19 pandemic has impacted this niche, people have adapted to it. People are tired of staying at home during quarantine and want to travel, that’s a fact. The trend for local tourism gained popularity in 2020-2021 and is expected to remain in 2022, even after the restrictions are lifted.

Build a brand around this niche and sell minimalist travel items. Lately, people want to travel with little or no luggage.

If you can cater to their needs for traveling light, then you can make a good fortune. With time, you may want to partner with travel brands and promote their affiliate offers.

Travel bags niche google trends2 1024x538 2022

A quick look at Google Trends for travel bags shows that people are beginning to travel again as the pandemic drops. After the covid-related decline, the trend is on the rise again, and many people plan to buy minimalist bags for their travel.

In the meantime, find some products in the minimalist travel luggage niche and sell. Here are some product ideas.

Minimalist luggage 1
Leather Travel Bags
Minimalist luggage 2
 Travel Backpack
Minimalist luggage 3
Sports Suitcase Weekend Bag

Marketing tip: Minimalists’ groups and communities can be a great tool for your business growth. Simply joining these groups, contribute and grow your brand.

16. Tiny Home Furnishings (Decor)

Everyone lives in a home, whether as a tenant or as a homeowner.

Whatever be the case, the need to furnish homes often arise; from updating existing furnishes to renovation.

Want to find a drop shipping niche that can increase your revenue? Tiny home furnishing items are quite on demand, and it’s not late to cash out on these items.

Home decor niche google trends 1024x540 2022

During pandemic, the trend even gained popularity, as many people decided to spend their time at home to redecorate. Everyone wants to make their home nice and comfortable, so this niche remains popular under any circumstances.

Check out for the numerous products in the décor niche, import them and market expertly.

Here are some product ideas you may want to try out under this category:

Tiny home furnishings decor 1
Metal Iron Wire
Tiny home furnishings decor 2 1
ornament balloon sculpture
Tiny home furnishings decor 3
Decorations Creative

Marketing tip: Use the scarcity, urgency and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) factors to urge your prospects to buy. Also, create an appealing visual experience by sharing catchy pictures of some of your home décor products in use.

17. Beauty and Health

Standing out as one of the best niches in dropshiping, the beauty and health niche has numerous products you can start selling. From skin-firming rollers to waist-cinching belts and all that falls in between, you can find one or more products to sell in your store.

Health and beauty niche google trends 1024x542 2022

A look at Google Trends for the keyword “health and beauty” shows a seeming steady interest in this niche over the past 5 years. While there are minor highs and lows, it can be seen that people still have significant interest in this niche.

Beauty and health 1
Natural Jade Guasha Massage Roller
Beauty and health 2
Double Sided Facial Cleaning Brush
Beauty and health 3
LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator

Marketing tip: Since most customers are concerned about their health and beauty, you can bundle products and sell as a package. Think about selling a few dental hygiene products as a single offer.

18. Organic Products

Unlike some other niches with products that have declining Google trends, organic products have their demands growing exponentially.

Organic products niche google trends 1024x538 2022

People now love natural things, and many people don’t think twice before getting on organic products.

Ranging from bamboo toothbrush to essential oils, and many others, many mini products are winning in this niche, and have higher demands.

Organic products 1
Handmade Syrian Soap
Organic products 2
reusable bags for groceries
Organic products 3
Organic Fertilizer

Marketing tip: You can run a business blog where you steadily inform your audience about natural products and the benefits of going for organic products in most scenarios.

19. Pool Accessories

Pools are another fantastic niche business idea.

The climate keeps getting hotter and hotter, so pools aren’t just for summer anymore.

You can also sell pool covers and pool maintenance equipment, which are expensive in their own right.

Plus, many people want pools but don’t have the option of putting in in-ground pools.

Pool accessories niche google trends 1024x538 2022
Pool accessories 1
Soft Earplugs Silicone
Pool accessories 2
Kids Floating Float
Pool accessories 3
Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Marketing tip: People are likely to buy pool accessories during summer when the weather is often hot and in off-season when deep cleaning and replacements happen. You can push your offers during these times.

20. Hair Care

One of the dropshipping niches that have remained relevant over a long period is the hair care niche.

No one would cheerfully want to have their hair unkempt, and the need for hair care products sets in.

If you’re going to expand your category or start up a new dropshipping store, hair care accessories is a niche you might consider.

According to Statista, the size of the global hair care market moved from 87.9 billion dollars in 2018 to 94.92 billion dollars in 2021. In 2022 further increase in demand is expected, and according to forecasts, the hair care market can reach 7655.5 million dollars by 2026. This shows the trend is growing and you’ll not be wrong delving into this niche.

From Google trends, hair care products have maintained a steady trend in the past 12 months except at some point during the pandemic, as we can see on an example of hair oil.

Hair care niche google trends 1024x545 2022

Below you can find several AliExpress product examples from this niche:

Hair care 1
Wonder Hair Oil
Hair care 2
Master on Keratin Plates
Hair care 3
Multi-beam Laser Machine

Marketing tip: Offer flash sales and get a model to shoot short but quality videos with your hair care products. Having a good number of testimonials is a plus.

21. Fashion Accessories (Hats)

Revenue in the Hats & Caps segment amounts to $7.29 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.0%

This gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their dropshipping business.

Do well to note that dropshippers who operate in the hat niche need to keep an eye on seasons.

Demands for toques spike during winter, and spring or summer hats sell best during other seasons.

Once you experience success selling hats, you can go for complementary products and other fashion accessories.


Look at these product ideas.

Fashion accessories hats 1 1
Womens winter hats
Fashion accessories hats 2
Summer Headband
Fashion accessories hats 3
Wash face women headbands

Marketing tip: Follow pop culture as many customers want to rock what they see on TV. Also, brighten things up and don’t just sell dull colors.

22. Kitchen, Dining, and Bar

This is one of the best dropshipping niches this year. Selling kitchen equipment, dining, and bar accessories online could give you a reasonable profit. Apparently, this niche is quite practical (e.g., cutters) and fun (e.g., gag mugs) and encompasses what most individuals and families need.

Kitchen products niche google trends 1024x540 2022

Certain products in this niche are not just popular, but a must-have for many people. So, the sales are sure to come in with good marketing. Take, for instance, a multi-function tool for opening jars and cans is unique and solves a household and bar problem amazingly. You can check out products in this niche to find one or more to sell.

A look at Google Trends in the past 5 years shows that kitchen products have maintained steady interest. This shows that there will always be a ready market for them.

Kitchen dining and bar 1
twig shaped small coffee spoon
Kitchen dining and bar 2
Silicone Ice Cream Tubs Eco-Friendly
Kitchen dining and bar 3
Nordic Relief Ceramic Bowls

Marketing tip: One way to build your audience and make search engines recognize your store is by publishing recipes as well as other structure data.

23. Custom Window Treatment

You can’t talk about best dropshipping niches without pointing at Custom Window Treatment niche. The good news is this; it’s still profitable in 2022. Shades, shutters, curtains, blinds, drapery are all good products you can dropship and bag huge amounts monthly.


You can target interior designers, and possibly partner with them to make even more sales. True dropshippers know that the money doesn’t often lie in every trendy product. With a proper analysis and marketing strategy, anyone can make a good amount dropshipping products for custom window treatments.

Apparently, this falls in the home décor category which was valued at $616.6billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 3.7% annually until the next 7 years.

Custom window treatment 1 1
Universal Car Sunscreen Cover
Custom window treatment 2
Curtains Tulle
Custom window treatment 3
Dutch Velvet Blackout

Marketing tip:Most window treatment buyers prioritize aesthetics. Ensure your product images are topnotch and extremely catchy. To crown it all, you can offer a quick DIY video on how to install some of the window accessories.

24. Drones and Accessories

Without a doubt, the need for drones and its accessories is on the increase, and it would be great if you sold it online.


Thinking about the best niches for dropshipping? You could delve into drones and accessories. They come in varieties ranging from cameras to remote-controlled drones and mobile drones. However, this is quite a vast niche, and you might not do so well when you focus on everything. Here’s what to do; choose a sub-niche, and hone your focus on finding your best audience. There are various sub-niches in the drone category, and virtually all can give you good bucks.

Drone market analytics show, that the industry is currently on the rise. In 2020, the compound value of sold consumer drones surpassed 1.25 billion dollars. Thanks to the various application of drones the market is expected to reach 2,4 million dollars in 2023, showing 66.8% annual growth.

Drones and accessories 1
Retaining Loops With Detachable Pins
Drones and accessories 2
Protective Case for RC Drone
Drones and accessories 3
Spare Blades Fans

Marketing tip: Get ready to answer technical questions from your audience and buyers. You can stay ahead by articulating possible questions about your offerings and drop their answers as well.

25. Watches

Just like it sounds so simple, one might not be wrong to wonder if this was really one of the top dropshipping niches in 2021 and remains popular in 2022. Well, the truth is this – they might not be extremely spectacular but are actually an ideal niche for making a good profit.


Watches, as a niche or category, isn’t that quite broad as many other categories, but has always ranked in the top 10 best niches. In fact, it’s a dropshipping product/niche to keep in mind and possibly try out. If you don’t really mind, you can incorporate it into a store that has men’s clothing or even women’s fashion and accessories.

Watches 2022

In 2020, the size of wearable technology marked was estimated at 40 billion dollars, and it is expected to expand with CAGR of 13,8%.

Watches 1
kids watch
Watches 2
Retro bronze watch
Watches 3
Smart Watch

Marketing tip: Don’t try to sell every watch you can find online. Carve a sub-niche for yourself and dominate it.

26. Home Theater Equipment

Home Theater Equipment is a niche you’d like to give a shot in 2022. You have a build a positive brand presence around home theaters and focus on products like the mounts, projector screens, popcorn machines, shelving, or even the seating. The aim is to tap into home theater and sell its complementary products.


You can even entice your prospects by displaying various home theatre setups and designs with your products. These setups should fit different room sizes. The best part? You could earn more by promoting specific components as an affiliate or by referring your clients to home theater installation brands.

According to Suncorp Bank, Australians have spent up to $20b on technology and communication devices in the last 12 months. An average adult in the U.S. spends about $2,300 on tech and communication annually.

Home theater equipment 1

Home theater equipment 2
Mini Amplifier
Home theater equipment 3
Acoustic Sound Absorbing Fabric

Marketing tip: Offering an all-encompassing home theater equipment bundle could be one way to take your game up a notch. And meet the needs of customers looking to get a complete set.

27. Health Care

This niche isn’t literally what it sounds like. No, you’re not going to sell pharmaceutical products or surgical tools. Here, you get to dropship items like anti-snoring devices, ear-wax removers, posture correction belts, shoulder belt, waist trainer, neck massager, and other miscellanea.


According to Plunkett Research, Home Health Care niche generated about $286.8 billion in 2019. In 2020, the global home healthcare market reached about 264 billion dollars, continued to expand in 2021 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 14,2% in the following seven years.

For new and existing dropshippers looking to delve into a new niche or expand their dropshipping business, this could be a game-changer. Apparently, everyone values their health and craves to have a good posture. If you offer a solution that will improve their health, then they can’t help but buy.

Health care 1
Kids Orthopedic Insoles
Health care 2
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Health care 3
Magnetic Therapy Tourmaline

Marketing tip: You can create educational blog posts about health conditions related to the products you sell. Also, you can bundle your offers and sell at discounted prices.

28. Outdoor Kitchen

For those looking for one of the best dropshipping niches in 2020, this could be all you need. Outdoor kitchen as a niche encompasses a wide range of products that are sure to put some cool profit in your pocket.


Virtually every home needs one or more devices to make their outdoor kitchen stand out and function well. Market Research forecasts an annual 6.2% increase in US demand for outdoor kitchen equipment. Probably, it would hit $735 million in 2022. Dropshipping these devices and appliances will offer them solutions to their needs. Conduct proper product research, test them, and sell winning products.

Outdoor kitchen 1
Foldable Windproof Burner
Outdoor kitchen 2
Camping Mug
Outdoor kitchen 3
Gas Burner

Marketing tip: Sharing amazing outdoor kitchen recipe ideas is a good way to entice your audience and good for SEO, since google loves content having structured data blocks.

29. Indoor Grow Rooms

The cannabis industry is fast growing, and legal cultivators, consumers, and even producers keep springing up. According to Garden Research, indoor gardening is becoming trendy with 30% of every household buying at least one houseplant. You can tap from this fast-growing industry by dropshipping products in this niche. Lighting and indoor grow rooms are a way to go.


If you crave to make your brand stand out even while selling the same products with others in the same niche, you can shoot and upload “how-to” videos. These videos will not just attract prospects but also give them insight into how to use the products you’re selling. Doing brand deals with industry events would mean even more revenue.

Indoor grow rooms 1
Pendant Lamp
Indoor grow rooms 2
lamp yellow phytolamp
Indoor grow rooms 3
Indoor Grow Tent Grow Box

Marketing tip: While this is a growing industry, not everyone might be interested in it. You should focus on your target audience.

30. Bathroom Accessories

Now, let’s look at a niche that offers products designed to make any home more modern and even practical. It’s all about bathroom accessories – things you need to make a bathroom experience worthwhile.

According to Statista, the market revenue realized from bathroom accessories (North America) was $4.2 billion in 2019, and will possibly hit $5.63 billion by 2025. The global market of bathroom accessories was valued at 23 650 billion dollars in the beginning on 2022 and is expected to steadily grow with a CAGR of 4.4% in the nearest future.


It has quite a low level of competition compared to other niches but makes it to the list of most profitable niches. In recent years, products in this niche have been gaining traction.

Bathroom accessories niche google trends 1024x541 2022

A quick look at Google Trend shows a high global search volume, and this shows you’ll most likely succeed in selling bathroom accessories.

Bathroom accessories 1
Bathroom Accessories Set
Bathroom accessories 2
Bathroom Toothpaste Dispenser Suction Cup
Bathroom accessories 3
shaving apron

Marketing tip: For bathroom accessories that require installations, you can make video guides to help your buyers. Also, have it in mind that your prospects will most likely want stylish accessories, therefore look for better versions of the products than everyone can find in local stores.

31. Office Products

This big industry has a wide range of audience that are sure to buy from you when you make the right offer. Whether you’re looking to sell sticky notes, calculators or notebooks, or even bigger office products, a good number of people are ready to buy. Ranging from working professionals to busy moms, entrepreneurs and even students, you can make a good revenue selling products in this niche.

Check out some of these products below:

Mechanical pencils dropshipping product idea
Blue glasses dropshipping product idea

Mechanical Pencils

They have been in existence for a pretty while and were often used by professionals for construction and landscaping projects. Lately, more stylish designs are available and they are becoming more popular that they are being used in classrooms.

Blue Light Glasses

It’s obvious that staring at screens emitting blue light can cause strain and fatigue. Over time, it might cause harm to the eyes. Blue light glasses are specially designed to cut down the number of rays entering the human eyes directly. You can sell this to the right audience and make good revenue.

Marketing tip: Your ad campaigns should also target desktop users as they would likely need most of the products in this niche.

Dropshipping Niche FAQ

Which niche is best for dropshipping?

Top 5 dropshipping niches in 2022: Dog Accessories, Power Tools, Tech Supplies, Energy-saving Devices, Wireless Devices. Also, check our full list of the best dropshipping niches above.

How do I choose a dropshipping niche?

You can use 5 niche research strategies: focus on customer pain points, personal passion, tap from your professional experience, capitalize on trends, leverage on other people’s passion. Earlier in this post we gave detailed description for each method.

What’s The Next Move?

Whether you’re new to dropshipping or an experienced dropshipper looking for the best dropshipping niches in 2022, you can check out the niches discussed above. The best part? We’ve also compiled a long list of Best Dropshipping Products that guarantee daily sales in various niches.
We’re here to make your dropshipping journey easier, and our info-packed blog posts are sure to get you on the right track.

No matter the niche you choose, these ideas for dropshipping every season can help you stay in business despite the season of the year.

Every marketer knows their audience gets enticed more with what they see and read, and this calls for engaging and informative product descriptions. See how to craft product descriptions that sell easily.

Do well to ask your questions or share your ideas in the comment section. We’ll be waiting to assist you.

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