Ask for Reviews to Increase Your Sales

Reviews are actual and powerful instrument for ecommerce. Today we would like to report why consumers’ feedback is important for an AliExpress dropshipping store and how to use it for higher conversion rate. The main idea is that product review on page can increase sales 2–4 times. And Ali2Woo has useful tools for it.

How Do Buyers Regard Online Reviews?


Online buyers are not able to physically touch a product before they purchase it, but would like to see it through the eyes of someone like them. 2018 survey by BightLocal company says 86% of consumers read online reviews, almost as many of them write ones.

91% of 18–34 year old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. They are interested in the opinion of someone who has been through the same decision. Stores usually provide a suggestive product description and a list of advantages while reviews describe an object goods and bads in simple phrases. Together they help users to get a full view of a product and make their choice. The main advantage of reviews is that they really raise sales. “The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews” Spiegel Research Centre observed. It is the average value, for lower-priced goods the conversion rate increased 190%. For higher-priced product the conversion rate increased 380%.

So, whatever niche you choose, the difference is great. And AliExpress dropshipping business should not lose such a good opportunity to get profit.

Set Your Store Review Section with Ali2Woo

Ali2Woo as AliExpress affiliate plugin has the Import reviews option to add AliExpress buyers’ feedback and your own consumers’ reviews directly to the product pages of your store. The actual researches give evidence what settings of the plugin to use for an AliExpress dropshipping store.

85% of consumers value reviews older than 3 months as irrelevant (BrightLocal). So Ali2Woo can check AliExpress automatically for new reviews to keep them actual, just you tick the Review Sync checkbox.

The Spiegel Research Centre exploration shows that the marginal benefit of additional reviews diminishes after the first five reviews. On the other hand, the BrightLocal survey concludes people read an average 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a retailer. So, the conclusion is — entrepreneurs can care less about having a lot of reviews, but every product should have some. Use this information to set Reviews per product at Ali2Woo — the number of reviews per product you want to show.

People are extremely interested in real-life use cases. Google’s Head of Ads Research and Insights Sara Kleinberg gives an example of a consumer. He was interested in “How is this drone going to work when flying in wind?” as well as tips and tricks for how to use it. So the best a store can do is to provide goods with reviews, including not polished images, real-life photo. They build customers confidence and manage the expectations. There is Ali2Woo Load Review photos setting you’d better use.

Bymard Institute registers users rely on the ratings summary on a product even more than the actual review content. When an online store visitor sees mostly positive reviews he or she is more likely to conclude that the reviews are fake. 5.0 rating seems “too good to be true” though it is still not too bad for sales. Of course, mostly negative reviews are deal breakers. The most effective range is considered to be about 4.0–4.7. As a store owner you can affect this impression. There are two parameters of Ali2Woo.

  • The first one, Reviews Rating at Review Setting, gives opportunity to set the star rating of reviews you want to import.
  • The second one, Reviews section on the Edit product page, allows you to manage your reviews manually after the automatic import, add and remove them.

How to Invite Your Customers to Write Reviews


Reviews are also named “user generated content” and writing them is not the task you should complete yourself. If you have just launched your store and your first clients are your friends and fellows, you can persuade them to add first reviews on your website. To get a feedback after every sale you make, ask your consumers for it. Actively show on your website and social media that reviews are very welcomed.

If you see your customer’s review at social media or a special review website, contact the person and ask to share their experience on your product page. Sometimes users have no interest in doing it themselves, but may allow you to copy their text and photo.

As soon as the order is delivered, send your clients emails with a kind request for a review. Help to pick the words providing leading questions:

  • Are you happy with your purchase?
  • Did the product meet your expectations?
  • Do you like how it looks?
  • How did you feel using it for the first time?
  • Would you recommend other people to buy this product?

You can also provide your message with a short online quiz form at your store page or in the email itself. 

Offer for reviews coupons and discounts. And reply. 89% of consumers read responses to reviews, says the BrightLocal annual survey. So, thank for a positive review or write a report of adjustments, if your store made mistakes. This is a cheap but effective way to build relationship with your audience.

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