How to Dropship Sunglasses in 2022

How to dropship sunglasses

Sunglasses belong to the category of products, which can provide a significant profit during the summer season. They are bought by the various segments of customers, so it will be beneficial to add sunglasses dropshipping to the inventory of your store no matter what your target audience is. To make your offer more appealing, include various kinds and styles of sunglasses: vintage and modern, casual, and designed for outdoor sports. You can try private label sunglasses dropshipping, find blank sunglasses wholesale suppliers or offer replicas of the famous brands. Variety is the key to success, and the recommendations below will help you to find the right products and suppliers to overcome your competitors and attract new clients. 

The market for sunglasses dropshipping

First, let’s look at some statistics that provide evidence of why it is profitable to dropship sunglasses USA. According to Statista, the revenue of the sunglasses market amounts to $ 24.42 billion in 2022. It has steadily grown during the last ten years, excluding the pandemic-related drop in 2022. The biggest share of the revenue is generated within the US. In 2023 the market will continue to grow, and in 2025 it may reach a total revenue of $ 27.25 billion. 

This data demonstrates that the popularity of the dropshipping sunglasses store is growing, and there is no sign of the sector slowing down or decreasing. This means you are able to capitalize and attract new clients. You can create a specialized dropshipping store, where sunglasses are one of the few items you focus on, or add them as a seasonal offer (for example, if you sell other accessories or clothing). In any case, with the right marketing sunglasses, dropshipping is profitable not only during the summer season but all over the year. Sunglasses not only belong to the best selling summer items, but keep popularity during the other seasons, for example, among people who plan to spend winter holidays in the mountains. 

The best sunglasses to sell in 2022

The market of sunglasses comprises a great variety, and it is no wonder. The sunglasses are known since the 12th century when the Chinese invented them to cover their eyes from the excessively bright sunlight. At that time, they were mostly the attribute of rich ones, because only a few could afford them. They were also used by officials to prevent other people from seeing their emotions. Since the 15th century, vision correction and protective sunglasses became known in Italy, and multiple masters started to develop various designs. The sunglasses as we know them today appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and were initially worn by movie stars. But they rapidly gained popularity and became an accessory that almost everyone in the US wanted to buy. 

As you see, sunglasses are a product with a long tradition behind them. In the course of their history, many designs were created, and some of them remain popular to this day. Moreover, every year fashion designers offer new options, so we advise you to follow the trends and look for the best sunglasses aliexpress to offer your clients new and trendy sunglasses along with evergreen designs. 

Here are the best dropshipping products summer 2022 in the category of sunglasses. Concentrate on one of them or pick several types. This approach allows you to adjust to the current state of the market and find a less saturated niche, where it is easier to find clients and convince them to make a purchase. 

Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses

Initially, the design was developed to protect the pilots from the bright sun rays, especially when they are flying among the clouds. The profession of an aviator always had an aura of a romantic appeal related to it, so it is no wonder, that the aviator sunglasses gained popularity among the general audience. Now they combine their fashionable looks with convenience and utility. The first company to offer aviator sunglasses to their audience was Ray Ban, Now you can use to buy Ray Ban ebay or other similar platforms. You can also choose among many other suppliers, who offer replicas or items inspired by the original aviator glasses.

Search for ray ban wayfarer aliexpress to see another example of truly fashionable glasses. Wayfarer style was created by Ray Ban with the use of a new shape. The company designers wanted to create a distinct look, different from other sunglasses models that were sold at that time. The result was an easily recognizable square frame with rounded edges. Since then, many companies adopted the idea and started to create sunglasses of similar style, so you can easily find such models when browsing through aliexpress designer sunglasses. 

Geometric sunglasses

Geometric forms may seem unusual or even strange, but it is admired by those who like to be the center of attention. People who prefer to stand out from the rest will gladly buy fendi sunglasses ebay, as they offer a variety of geometric shapes. Do not forget to include them in your store inventory, along with other famous brands, such as ebay tom ford sunglasses. 

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses are one of the most basic and popular options, so you can find them in the catalog of almost any manufacturer. Their popularity remains evergreen no matter how the trends change, so do not miss a chance to add them to your store. Check dior sunglasses aliexpress or tom ford aliexpress to find good examples. Round sunglasses match various face shape types, so many women will be happy to buy them. 

Oversized sunglasses

This type of sunglasses gained popularity in the 70s but remains loved even now. They are most popular among women: a movie star who wants to hide her face from observers or just a fashionable girl who would like to avoid other people’s looks – oversized sunglasses are made for them. They are produced by several famous brands, for example, you can find them among dior sunglasses ebay. Their frames are usually made of plastic and are pretty wide. They can have different shapes but are mostly rectangular or squared. Moreover, oversized dior sunglasses aliexpress will be of interest for those, who want the best protection from the sunlight, as they cover a large area of the face.  

Sporty sunglasses

Sporty sunglasses are for those, who prefer to spend time outdoors and wants to stay comfortable even on the hottest days. Such products can be found, for example, among ebay oakley sunglasses, as well as some other brands. They have a more streamlined design developed with an attention to functionality and offer better UV protection. You can also dropship specialized sunglasses for people interested in particular sports disciplines, such as sunglasses for sailing, trekking, or mountain walks. Look through aliexpress oakleys or fendi sunglasses aliexpress to pick out the right products and then offer them to the clients of your dropshipping sunglasses store. Or aim for a narrow audience by offering aliexpress or ebay cycling glasses. 

Butterfly sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses is another example of glasses with an unusual shape. Initially, they were designed by Prada, and now you can see lots of models with similar designs. The distinctive feature of the butterfly glasses is the changing width: they are wider on the sides and narrower towards the notes. Although you probably will find the best examples among prada sunglasses aliexpress or ebay prada sunglasses, some other manufacturers have incorporated this idea as well. 

Cat eye sunglasses

Similar to the previous option, these sunglasses have got their name due to their funky form resembling the eye of a cat. They are narrow on the sides and have a slightly curved upper frame. The most distinctive examples can be found among gucci sunglasses aliexpress or, if you prefer working with another shipping platform, among ebay gucci sunglasses.  

Statement sunglasses

One more category that is necessary to mention is statement sunglasses. These are the glasses that do not fit the categories listed above. There are produced by many luxury brands, as an example, you can find them within the pit viper aliexpress category. Statement sunglasses can have various distinctive features, such as vintage frames, retro designs, or neon colors. If your target audience is those who truly want to stand out, offer them statement pit viper sunglasses ebay or other similar brands. In this category you can also offer custom sunglasses dropshipping, to give customers even more choice.

Finding sunglasses suppliers and building a strategy

Last but not least, you need to find the right dropshipping sunglasses supplier to successfully develop your dropshipping store. Even if you offer the most popular and trendy options in your catalog, you win customers’ loyalty, only if you provide the convenient service, ship without delays, and provide your customers with regular updates about the status of their order. This is possible, only if you choose your dropshipping suppliers sunglasses carefully and thoroughly read the reviews of other buyers. 

First, determine your niche, and then choose your suppliers accordingly. Usually, it is better not to try to encompass the whole segment, especially in the early stages of your business. Concentrate on a certain narrower niche, for example, sporty sunglasses, retro sunglasses for women, or modern sunglasses for men. Check Google Trends regularly to find out, what people are searching for, so you can add these items to your store and choose the right direction of its development. 

To manage your store and sell sunglasses online without wasting time on mundane tasks, we advise using a dropshipping plugin. It will help you in all stages, from finding out and adding items from AliExpress or eBay to fulfilling orders and synching order information. This means you will be able to focus your efforts on more important tasks, such as creating a marketing strategy or conducting the necessary research to determine the possible future trends. 

The advice given above will be useful for beginners who are just starting a sunglasses business as well as for experienced dropshippers. The description of various aspects of the sunglasses market helps to define, what niche you want to work with, what goods can be the most profitable, and how to use current trends to your advantage.

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