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Dropshipping online stores can operate in multiple niches and areas of the market, and no matter, what direction you choose to go, there are methods to make your store profitable. The approach depends on the particular niche, its target audience, the characteristics of goods, and other factors. Below you will find recommendations that will help you to get stable profits from auto parts dropshipping. 

Why are car parts a promising market?

Cars have taken a big role in our daily life. Many people use them for everyday commutes or long travels, using them as the fastest and most convenient way to reach their destination. If some car part is out of service, it can be a huge problem, as one will need to quickly find a replacement and get their car repaired. The prices at local stores can be unpleasant, and this is why more people start ordering car parts and accessories online. The eCommerce stores, which sell auto parts online, often offer cheaper prices on original and equivalent car parts. Moreover, the choice is much wider, because dropshippers are not limited by the capacity of their warehouse or the geographical location of their store. 

Over the course of the last years, dropshipping car parts remains a profitable niche among other dropshipping trends. If you look at Google Trends for car parts and related requests, you will see a stable demand with slight seasonal varieties. Some auto parts remain in demand during all seasons, and some have more prominent seasonal fluctuations, for example, if you plan to open a tire store, consider, that most people will want to change tires when the cold season begins and later when it ends. The exact dates depend on the region, but the idea remains the same.

Auto parts dropshipping

Another factor, that supports the profitability of selling car parts, is the level of motorization in world. For example, in the EU the statistics point at more than 600 cars per every thousand people, which means, that you will never have trouble finding new clients. In the US, there are many households, which own more than one car, as for the big family it is often a necessity. Consequently, no matter what region you prefer, you find a wide target audience. This allows you to concentrate on a particular type of auto parts or accessories for a particular model, or work with a wider inventory. 

What parts to sell? 

To successfully dropship car accessories and parts you have to take the following recommendations into account. Get at least a basic understanding of the car parts you plan to sell, their functions, and technical characteristics. You do not need to be an experienced mechanic who has deep practical knowledge, but it is useful to get into the basics, and read about popular car models and their typical problems. Familiarize with the list of major manufacturers. As with other product categories, read reviews and learn, what is currently in demand. 

Then you need to define the niche for dropshipping auto parts. As a beginner, you don’t want to include all types and kinds of auto parts in your inventory. Focus your marketing on some narrower niche and start expanding it after your business gets some traction. 

Here are some ideas of the types of automotive parts to choose from: 

  • Various elements of the engine
  • Gearbox parts
  • Brake disks and pads
  • Tools for car diagnostics

Moreover, you can offer a variety of interior and exterior accessories, such as audio systems, styling, and car cleaning products, and interior elements, such as children’s seats, wheels, and tires. Within the groups, there are certain products that provide especially promising options to start your eCommerce business with, because they remain popular in the long term and mostly do not require special knowledge to pick and sell: 

  • Decorative covers for steering wheel 
  • Phone holders and chargers
  • GPS systems 
  • LED lights
  • Cleaning and paint repair products 
  • Car covers 
  • Back seat organizers 

Still not sure, what parts to start with, to become one of the high performance auto parts dropshippers? Try out the following ideas: 

Start with small products, which are cheap and easy to ship. This way, you will motivate your clients for impulse purchases to improve their car interior, simplify car cleaning or give additional protection to some elements. You will not any problems with the delivery, and if some clients get unhappy, it won’t cost you much money. 

Focus on parts and accessories for entry-level cars. With automotive vehicles getting more expensive, many people have to resort to cheaper options, both in the choice of cars and accessories for them. There is often a situation, when someone purchases a car in a basic configuration, but wants to enhance and improve it after a while. Because of this, additional options for cheaper cars are often popular among buyers. Offer reliable LED headlights, cruise control systems, and other additions, that allow car owners to modify their vehicles. 

Finding the right supplier 

Another important part of successfully developing your business is to find reliable auto parts suppliers. Many automotive parts dropshippers and distributors use Aliexpress as their main source of products that they offer to their end customers. Naturally, there are many sellers, who offer parts and tools for car repair and styling on this platform. But do not forget to read reviews thoroughly, to avoid displeasing your clients with low-quality parts or delivery delays. Do not limit yourself to this option though. Depending on what country your store and your customers are situated, you can find other car parts dropshipping suppliers who provide new or used parts and equipment. 

All variety of auto parts suppliers can be divided into several groups, depending on what types of products they offer. Here are the main types: 

  • Parts for vintage cars and old models
  • Original branded car parts for particular car models
  • Performance-enhancing parts
  • Products for car care, such as cleaning or engine protection 
  • After-sale parts 

Here are some examples of companies to seek partnership with. Some of them may have special offers for dropshippers, which makes your business operation even easier. 

  • If you work mainly with a US audience, All American Auto Wreckers may be your choice. It has more than 90 years in business behind its back and provides a wide choice of used car parts. 
  • In the southern part of the US similar services are provided for several companies, and among them – is Al’s Auto Parts. It offers both new and recycled auto parts for affordable prices, so you will have something to choose from. 
  • In case you plan to develop your dropshipping business in European countries, you may find interesting offers from the European Automotive Group. Similar to the American companies mentioned above, it sells new and recycled automotive parts, while offering a convenient way to browse its catalog and quickly find what you need. 

To pick the right parts wholesale distributor dropship supplier, check in advance if they offer enough variety of the products belonging to your niche. Read the reviews and terms of service carefully, to avoid delays or other struggles when it gets to ordering and shipping car parts to your clients. To make fulfilling orders easier for you, add to the order form on your website a prompt asking your visitors to insert a VIN number when possible. It is an individual identification number of the vehicle, so it makes finding suitable parts easier. 

How to pick the right parts?

To compete successfully with other automotive parts dropshippers and distributors, you need an effective tool to quickly find and order parts for your clients. When you are just starting your store, you may want to focus on parts and accessories of universal compatibility. But sometimes you need to find just that rare part, that your customer has ordered for their particular car make or model. In this case, part picking services will be of huge help. For example, you can use UNeedAPart, which allows you to locate and buy used auto parts, filtering them by year, cart type, or other parameters. 

Another useful resource for car parts dropshippers is called Parts Multiverse. For a small fee, they offer convenient integration for your dropshipping store. They can ship to the USA, Canada, as well as to Europe and Israel, which allows you to work with customers from various regions. Moreover, they offer the customized branding option, so the clients will get the package with your invoice and not the supplier’s one. 

Should I start car parts dropshipping?

In conclusion, the niche of car parts dropshipping is surely profitable. The market for car parts and accessories is currently on the rise and is expected to keep a growth rate of 3% from 2022 to 2030. It has great potential in the US and in other parts of the world. Note, that in the nearest future you may need to enhance your inventory with car parts for electric vehicles. Currently, their market share is not yet significant, but it rises, and with the growing attention to environmentally friendly solutions they will attract more attention. So you can expect the number of visitors who want to buy parts and accessories for them to grow. While now it may not be effective to run a dropshipping store targeted solely at electric car owners, it may become a profitable niche in the future. 

Although the demand for particular parts can vary with time, dropshipping is a flexible business model, so you can always adjust the inventory of your store according to market changes. Within each niche and the field as a whole, there is a great variety of products to choose from, so your store will remain profitable no matter how the market develops. 

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