What changes to expect for the dropshipping market in 2022

What changes to expect for the dropshipping market in 2022 min

Today we will discuss a very hot topic. We will talk about new trends in dropshipping 2022. If you apply the trends below as soon as possible, then you can get a great profit in 6 months to a year, being one of the first to implement these trends. First of all, we will talk about a technology that will be massively used in dropshipping and e-commerce – Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented reality (AR) – a new trend in dropshipping 2022

Augmented reality (AR) will allow your customers to “try on” your goods in their interior or on themselves. That is, the application built into the website will allow people to bring your products virtually to their apartment and see how they look and whether they fit the dimensions.

Augmented reality (AR) is a very convenient technology. Now, this technology is very actively applied only by a few dropshipping stores. Therefore, the sooner you implement this technology, the more profit you will make. In general, online shopping with augmented reality (AR) is great. It’s convenient and even cool and informative, so it’s a big advantage for those who strive for high conversions and engagement.

Your buyer will not need anything but the phone. The process of using augmented reality is fascinating and simple so that your buyer will remember you for a long time. And when he or she will need something, he or she will return to you repeatedly.

You can implement augmented reality (AR) almost in any niche. For example, those who are engaged in dropshipping furniture or elements of decor can get a great benefit (most likely your website will be shared by people with each other).

New payment methods – a new trend in dropshipping 2022

Having different payment options is one of the main contributing factors to shopping on websites. Without convenient payment options, people won’t buy from your dropshipping store. To stay competitive, you simply have to pay attention to introducing new forms of payment.

Digital wallets such as Google Pay, Paypal, Apple, or Samsung Pay are now widely used in e-commerce. These services allow people to make purchases through electronic transactions, making the ordering process more convenient. Another payment method that revolutionized some time ago is cryptocurrency. Nowadays, we can see cryptocurrencies being used by some companies to make large business transactions.

Personalization – a new trend in dropshipping 2022

Personalization in e-commerce has been a booming trend among companies around the world over the past few years, but in 2022 and beyond, personalization will become an unwavering standard. ⅓ of customers terminated their relationships with companies where they note a lack of personalization.

In addition, personalization is already an entire marketing strategy. Long gone are the days when it was limited to addressing the customer by name. Now, personalization in e-commerce is based on a comprehensive analysis of a customer’s personal information, demographics, online behavior, purchase history, and other data relevant to online shopping.

There are many ways to incorporate personalization into your dropshipping store. For example, you can recommend certain products in your dropshipping store based on what they’ve already added to their cart.


If you already have a dropshipping store that makes a profit, then you should definitely think about augmented reality (AR) technology and apply it. But if you haven’t yet found a product that gives you a good or average profit, then it’s better to find it first and only then implement this technology. You can find products for dropshipping with the help of Ali2Woo – dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce. You can even sell products using AliExpress Affiliate Key with us.

We hope Facebook will add AR function as a “preview” to the advertising cabinet so that potential buyers can immediately “try on” your unique product or a brand-new sofa in the living room in an ad (before the transition to the website). The augmented reality approach will blow up sales. There is no need to be afraid of new technology, you need to adapt to it quickly and implement it promptly.

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