Why are some no-name platforms better than mainstream ones?

Why are some no name platforms better than mainstream ones min

Today it is quite difficult to find a person who at least once in his or her life has not ordered things from the Chinese website Aliexpress. The most famous online trading platform in the world after Amazon is certainly considered AliExpress, but other Chinese stores make sense to pay attention to. Since 2004 the selling website Banggood has been successfully operating, which has several advantages in comparison with similar mainstream marketplace AliExpress. And if you are disappointed in the AliExpress dropshipping, then an excellent option for replacement will be the cheap Chinese online store Banggood which supplies high-quality goods and is not inferior to the mainstream platform Aliexpress in the assortment.

Banggood is often referred to as Aliexpress in miniature, which in itself suggests a high degree of similarity. However, there are differences. The assortment is less extensive, which can be considered a disadvantage, but in fact, this feature turns out to have some advantages. Having the intention to buy a particular product, you as a dropshipper are less confused and make your choice faster. Banggood advantages:

  • Extremely wide assortment, in most cases sufficient to meet the most demanding needs of dropshippers.
  • Competitive prices, sometimes the lowest in the world.
  • Friendly and very user-friendly interface.
  • Several available methods of payment for products.
  • Shorter shipping time compared to other similar marketplaces. And the sooner an order from China will go, the faster it will get you. 
  • Products are delivered to buyers in intact condition thanks to a particularly careful and thoughtful packaging, which at Banggood attached great importance.
  • Availability of warehouses in the U.S. and the EU, which in some cases saves customers from a long wait. For example, if a Polish wants to order a product that is available in the European department, he or she will get it much faster.
  • Easy to contact support in case of any problems and resolve disputes quickly. Banggood`s efforts to improve the quality of service produce results in a lot of positive feedback.

Banggood’s website is much more focused on technical means, devices, and other popular electronic goods. The registration procedure on both resources takes about equal time. The undoubted advantage of Banggood is the calculation of “points”, that is, rewarding points for each purchase, which at Aliexpress no. But it has a variety of options for affiliate cooperation with a high percentage of compensation. Banggood ships goods faster than Aliexpress at the moment.

Bng2Woo – a unique Banggood solution for WooCommerce websites

We have a useful Banggood plugin for WordPress dropshipping stores – Bng2Woo. It is similar to Ali2Woo although there are some unique features such as Chrome Extension that lets you import products while browsing AliExpress without hassle. Bng2Woo also provides 1 unique feature that Ali2Woo and eBay2Woo don’t have – you can use external images paths instead of importing images to your hosting disk.

The Banggood online store, founded 18 years ago, is hugely popular and loved by thousands of dropshippers around the world. Its vast assortment, high-quality products, and intuitive interface keep them coming back. And especially appealing are the globally popular products from Chinese manufacturers, which are sold on Banggood at affordable prices. Our Bng2Woo plugin can help you to import products you liked to your website. You can combine keywords and phrases related to the products you don’t want to have in your store.

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