Dropshipping Bestsellers: What to Dropship in 2021?

Dropshipping bestsellers what to dropship in 2021 min

As you already know, using the simplest and most profitable dropshipping model (WordPress, WooCommerce, and Ali2Woo plugin for AliExpress), you can sell any of the millions of products from AliExpress. But what exactly should you sell? There are several dozens of niches, and millions of goods, no wonder that you may get confused in the beginning. You may wonder what is more important: the right niche or a trending product. They are equally important and should be in balance. So, the most popular niches are:

  1. Power tools. Inexpensive and high-quality power tools are needed by everyone – in every house and garage, in every production, in construction and repair.
  2. Technical products. Innovative gadgets that are not inferior in functionality and appearance to analogs produced by the most popular and expensive brands, but at a price several times lower.
  3. Lifestyle. In this niche, dropshippers earn 6-digit numbers! Properly configured targeted advertising on Facebook can bring you millions of dollars.
  4. Beauty and health. People want to look and feel younger, live a long and active life, and be healthy and attractive! Cosmetics, dietary supplements, vitamins, pills are in great demand.
  5. Drones and accessories are gaining more and more popularity around the world! Everyone needs drones: video bloggers, hunters, security guards, detectives, children and adults for entertainment and social networks, businesses for advertising shoots, etc.

How do I find out which products are the most trending?

Use Google Trends, and also Spocket – Best Dropshipping (FB Group), Shopify Dropshipping (FB Group), Product Research Lab (FB Group), Product Mafia, Angage, Thieve, Pexda, Repick. There are analytical spy platforms, such as Intelligence. These websites provide all the details that you need for promoting, such as CPA, profit margin, percentage and demographic data, and even countries. These websites also have their forums or Facebook communities where dropshipping stores for sale discuss the results of their product campaigns. In 2021, the following products are the best-selling:

  • N95 mask ($2-5);
  • Hand sanitizer ($1-5);
  • RC car ($28-150);
  • Ear plug ($0,01-0,10);
  • Melatonin ($1,5-10);
  • Slime ($3-15);
  • Neck holder ($15-25);
  • Magnetic Charging Cable ($8-15);
  • Pocket Translator ($40-60);
  • Posture corrector ($10-20);
  • Waterproof phone case ($40-60);
  • Moon lamp ($ 10-25);
  • Mirror clock ($8);
  • Portable Mini Air Conditioner ($12-30);
  • Shoe Protectors ($2-5);
  • Magnetic Face Mask ($5-20);
  • Pet Gloves ($1-5);
  • Punching Bag ($13-20);
  • Wireless Charger ($10-15);
  • Car phone holder ($1-5)

…and many more, including drones and power tools.

The successful dropshipping model includes trending products, a properly targeted audience, attention-grabbing Facebook ads, smart pricing, and instant purchase. Are your Facebook ads properly targeted and attractive to your audience? Are your prices winning on Amazon? Сheck it in your store!

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