10 Key Points When Launching Your Dropshipping Store

10 key points when launching your dropshipping store min

As a business, dropshipping has its peculiarities, including when you are just about to start a dropshipping store. Today we will share a success story.

Six months after its launch the store began to bring its founder more than $ 150,000 per month. Having made many mistakes, the founder structured and honed the launch stages, saving us time.

Launching a Dropshipping Store: 10 steps and the Millionaire’s Mindset

Dropshipping stores for sale are getting so popular nowadays that the competition is high. Yet, it is still possible to make millions, when you do things properly. So, what do you need?

  1. You. The most important person in your business.
  2. Budget: $1000, you’ll need it before you start to earn.
  3. A niche: You need to like it. Google Trend if it is in constant demand. Google the main search queries, find out which major companies sell the products, what their traffic is. Estimate the yearly amount of revenue online, and the profitability.
  4. Audience:  See competitors ‘ stores, the reviews left by customers, who are targeted by the competitors. Usually: USA, Europe, 21-65
  5. Product selection: The product must be of high quality, with good photos, with normal descriptions, so that not everyone around sells it; is delivery fast and with tracking? Suppliers should be able to deliver within the USA. Customized products? Sufficient margin? Import the goods. See what products are trending in Amazon, find suppliers who bring them to the US at different prices. 25-50 hot products. The right product, audience, and marketing. Build effective 2-way communication with suppliers.
  6. The store must look reliable and load quickly. Optimize it for mobile devices. WordPress, WooCommerce, Ali2Woo plugin work! The home page needs a beautiful free stock photo (Unsplash) and a CTA button. A little gift. Colors must match the audience and the name of the business. Canva and Pexels help with the logo. Product descriptions are to be selling and competent, specifications look better with “bullets”. HQ Photos of products.
  7. Payment acceptance: Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe. Offer Money-back guarantees and let the buyers see it before paying.
  8. Ads: Facebook ads (product photos, gender, and interests), Instagram, email marketing, before launch! Try several ads in turn. Conversions. US, Canada. Set up targeting. Short posts with double emoticons. Advertising: $3 per day for an ad Lowest Cost Bid. Email Marketing-2-3 emails per week.
  9. Abandoned carts: SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger. Usually, the price is too high, or it is too difficult to buy, or it takes too long. Correct it.
  10. Strategies: there are lots, mostly psychological, like “few in stock” marketing. Winning your customers’ hearts with prices, quality, and attitude.

That is it, in brief. It’s easy, and it’s up to you. Any money that comes or does not come to you is the result of your self-management. Take the chance and enjoy your dreams come true! Good luck!

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