5 Popular Apps That Dropshipping Companies Use in the USA

5 popular apps that dropshipping companies use in usa min

Which apps work best for AliExpress when you launch a dropshipping store in the USA? Let’s find out! In this review, we will not mention the apps like Shopify and its add-ons that may be popular but too expensive and not worth their money; they don’t offer anything you can’t find elsewhere at a better price. So, we asked more than 300 owners of existing online stores in the US which dropshipping apps they had been using in 2020 and 2021 to escalate their WooCommerce stores. Here are the most popular choices, sorted by the ratio of functionality, price, quality, and convenience:

  1. Ali2Woo
  2. Spocket
  3. Printful
  4. Gooten
  5. Knawat

Why are they considered the best and how to choose the best one for you?

The list is based on the real reviews of our customers who use dropshipping apps. They say that there are 5 key features that a dropshipping application should have:

  1. A Chrome extension (to make it convenient to add products to the store directly from the AliExpress website);
  2. Price & Inventory auto-updates (data from suppliers must be up-to-date at any time when you receive a payment from a customer or answer his question);
  3. Easy switching (if you have found a more reliable supplier of your product, with better delivery, packaging, or a more favorable price for it);
  4. Multiple orders auto-fulfillment: auto-fill multiple orders with one click;
  5. Auto order tracking: It is very important to track multiple orders to promptly inform customers when the goods arrive.

Ali2Woo solves the automation of dropshipping companies in the USA best of all. Facebook and Instagram are good for promoting products, as well as targeted paid low-cost advertising. To find a niche, people search for popular search queries in Google Trends, analyze Amazon and other popular websites to understand what has been selling well over the past couple of years. Google lets you find competitors using popular search queries, find out their assortment and prices and understand how you can stand out. Also, Google helps to choose the products with the best reviews. Note that it is not necessary to sell millions of products in your store. You need to pick 20-50, but they must be of the best quality, with fast delivery, decently packaged, customizable, and with 95% or more positive reviews. Ali2Woo will help here, too. The best website engine is WordPress. Logo and photo processing can be done with Canva. Be sure to have competent, brief, SEO-optimized descriptions. As to payment systems, it is OK to start with PayPal and 2Checkout; to be able to accept payments from credit cards worldwide, including the US, you can later register a business in one of the 46 countries that work with Stripe.

Yet, the 5-star combo for your launch: A2 Hosting – WordPress – WooCommerce – AliExpress – Ali2Woo. Are you ready to bring the winners together and make them work for you? Do it! Good luck!

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