The Art of Dropshipping Lifestyle

The art of dropshipping lifestyle min

Behind the dropshipping meaning hides not just a viable business model but an entire lifestyle. Learn how to get the most of it.

Dropshipping Companies in USA: Should You Bother?

Lots of famous “dropshipping gurus” are based in the US. Which, of course, makes them somewhat of the faces of this lifestyle on a global scale. And if you, as a dropshipper, chase the American Dream, chances are you are doing it in at least two ways. That is, either by seeing the US as a target market or by looking to dropship the US-produced products. There’s a good couple of dropshipping suppliers in the States: BryBelly, Sunrise Wholesale, ParkFlyers, Beauty Joint to name a few. But are they really that better than the good old AliExpress? 

A couple of things to consider:

  • The US market is highly competitive. Dropshipping web stores can hardly provide the same levels of customer service like Amazon, Walmart, and other retail titans. 
  • America-produced goods are not cheap, even with wholesale suppliers. Keep in mind that they won’t necessarily be better than the ones produced by reputable Chinese manufacturers (long gone are the times when Made in China equaled low quality.) Yet you still will have to set up higher prices to try and make a profit — which, considering the competitiveness of the dropshipping world, is not the best idea. 
  • Advertising is expensive as well. The average Facebook CPM for the US is 2.29. Trying to increase your dropshipping conversion rates can lead to hefty spendings if you want to work strictly with America.
  • Also, the USA isn’t even in the Top 3 countries by conversion rate in many dropshipping stores, including the successful ones.
  • If you still want to dropship for the US instead of targeting other markets, that’s fine. But consider the risks. 

What Dropshipping Apps Are Popular These Days?

A portrait of an average round-the-clock dropshipper won’t be complete with an arsenal of digital tools. The absolute majority of dropshipping jobs are done online. Therefore, the most popular apps are actually plugins for running WooCommerce or Shopify stores, add-ons, and such. Some are doing okay, others have seen better times. The rundown at the moment looks something like that: 

  • Dropshipping University’s siteshows a 404 error where their software is supposed to be.
  • The ShopMaster plugin has shut down.
  • WooCommerce plugin continues to be not the most user-friendly one. 
  • … And so on.

Here at Ali2Woo, however, we have prepared a fresh alternative made with the dropshipping lifestyle mind. Our plugin is made specifically for international WooCommerce dropshipping on AliExpress. It has everything a self-respecting entrepreneur desires: synchronization, automatization, knowledgeable experts, and support. If you are new to dropshipping, it is perfect. If you aren’t, it is no less perfect: just migrate your store in several easy steps.

Please, contact us to learn more — and Happy Dropshipping!

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