Why Online Stores Keep On Switching To Dropshipping In 2021?

Why your online stores keep on switching to dropshipping in 2021

In 2021, dropshipping is experiencing an unprecedented rise. People are switching to buying online: trading has never been so simple, convenient, affordable, and safe.

Naturally, when it comes to such a scale and profit, with incomparably low costs and ease of business organization, more and more online stores are starting to use dropshipping. When the whole world went into self-isolation and trade almost stopped during the pandemic, dropshipping experienced an upsurge. Many online stores were forced to close their offices, warehouses, transfer employees to remote work, and to stop suffering losses, they had to completely transform into dropshipping stores. Stable and long-running online stores have been using dropshipping in parallel with their usual way of trading, that is: keeping a brand, an office, a warehouse, sellers, managers, movers, cleaners, a store, or a pick-up point. At the same time, such a store already has a website and employees who are engaged in its filling and promotion. These employees are assigned to connect to Aliexpress and use dropshipping in parallel with the usual work scheme.

What are the pros and cons of using dropshipping for online stores?

With the full transition to dropshipping, your store is no longer tied to employees, equipment, rent, warehouse, or stale goods that need to be sold at any price. More time for promoting, knowing the audience, choosing products and suppliers, and expanding the assortment. Suppliers take care of all logistics-related issues. Using dropshipping in addition to the usual online store model lets you quickly expand the assortment at almost no costs and test new products.

So, the main advantages of dropshipping for online stores are:

  1. Saving a lot;
  2. The rapid escalation of the product line with minimal financial risks;
  3. You can change product positions and suppliers easily, anytime, for free.

There are also shortcomings, such as the dependence of the store’s brand reputation on the suppliers’ decency. It is more difficult to promote the brand: suppliers are reluctant to customize your products for customers; failures in the supplier’s logistics, low-quality poorly packaged items harm the brand’s reputation. Competition for suppliers who have proven themselves well, with attractive products and positive reviews, is high in popular niches. Yet online stores are either switching to dropshipping completely or using it as an addition.

The technical question is, how to switch your store to dropshipping, or add dropshipping as an option? In our article “Dropshipping Stores For Sale and Profit: How to Achieve More?”, we recommend the best solution, suitable for everyone: import the unlimited number of products automatically from Aliexpress using the Ali2Woo plugin, and enjoy the benefits of dropshipping, regardless of whether you decide to completely switch to this scheme or add it to your existing store. Good luck!

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