5+ Best Tools That Will Help You Develop Your Dropshipping Website

10 promo tools dropshpping website

Hooray! You’ve launched your store. Promo time! You need buyers, subscribers, reviews, ratings, in a loop.

Aliexpress offers promo tools for dropshipping sites. Most of them are available for all stores; some are for pros only. Tools will help you to find the first customers, get the first ratings and reviews, and improve the store’s position at the top.

What do I begin with?

Before the promo, optimize your goods. In your account, you can find the most popular queries that buyers use to search for your product and add them to the product names.  Add the attributes: these are the parameters by which buyers search for products.

The best promo tools for dropshipping sites:

  1. “Almost for free” means offering goods at least $5 worth for $1 and free delivery. The buyer is obliged to write a detailed review of the product. It attracts new buyers.
  2. A store issues a discount coupon for the whole order or some of the products in it. A buyer sees this coupon on Aliexpress, clicks on it, and receives a discount on the order. You can set the discount amount and the minimum order amount. It boosts up the sales.
  3. Subscription coupons are received by a buyer for the subscription. It increases the number of subscribers, which lifts the store up in the rating.
  4. A store can create its promo code for a discount; it will only apply to products in the store. The conditions are set by the seller. Buyers see the promo code on the product card, on the store page, you can share it anywhere.
  5. Marketing scenarios is a tool available for stores older than 3 months.  Set up the mailing parameters in your account and run the script. The system then notifies your store’s subscribers about new products, discounts, promos — you don’t have to do it manually. You can track the result: how many customers have read the message, made an order, paid, how many of them are regulars, the total amount of orders.
  6. You can place ad links with tags on your website or social networks. Clicking on this link, buyers get to your store at AliExpress; the marketplace returns its commission for such purchases to you.
  7. Sales all year round. During the sale on November 11, stores offer discounted products, participate in promos. AliExpress advertising campaign leads external traffic, and sales grow dozens of times on that day. Newcomers can’t take part unless they meet certain criteria.
  8. Newsfeed is like an Instagram feed in the AliExpress mobile app; its content depends on the seller’s news and the buyer’s purchase history.
  9. Affiliate programs give the store’s products extra promo from affiliates: media platforms, bloggers, and website owners. They receive their commission for each sale.

And the 10th tool: Ali2Woo plugin for AliExpress! Doing all the routine work for you, keeping your assortment up-to-date, causes more good reviews and gives you time to use the above 9 tools. Learn and test which one works best! Good luck!

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