10 Most Dramatic Mistakes the Dropshipping Newbies Make

10 most dramatic mistakes dropshipping newbies make

In our previous posts, we talked about dropshipping for beginners, the ABC of dropshipping, its basic terms. It is said that smart people learn from other’s mistakes. Here are the 10 most dramatic mistakes of newbies and the solutions:

  1. Not starting at all because of fears
    Dropshipping is one of the most risk-free and promising business models in 2021. Fears kill the future. Someone else’s negative experience is the result of someone else’s mistakes. Take them into account and do it properly.
  2. It doesn’t matter where to start, we’ll figure it out then.
    Dropshipping has a correct, proven, and working sequence of steps: AliExpress, a niche, products, suppliers, hosting, a domain name, WordPress, Woocommerce, Ali2Woo, promotion. Breaking it is like trying to eat a spoonful of soup first and opening one’s mouth then.
  3. Launching without knowing the basics. How to negotiate with suppliers then?
  4. Perfectionism. Another extreme is to keep putting off the launch, drowning in an ocean of contradictory information, until the clipboard overflows in your head. To start, it is enough to perform p. 2 correctly, breaking each of the tasks into small steps.
  5. A wrong niche. Money is between what you like and what millions of people want to buy. Why are you creating your store: for fun or for profit?
  6. Wrong suppliers. Noobies may choose a product with an unrealistically low price and a supplier with a low rating and no reviews.
    The supplier must have 92% positive reviews at least; he must answer your questions promptly, he must have a warehouse. The price of his goods should be favorable for you, but realistic, within reasonable limits. He should provide appealing photos of goods, accurate measurements, NON-AliExpress delivery, and the tracking number of each order. Discuss all this in advance.
  7. Launching without thinking through the promotion of the store. It is extremely insulting to do everything specified in p. 2 in the correct order and sit waiting for orders until they realize that advertising is the engine of the trade.
  8. Devoting little or no time to your store after the launch. Your business is your child. It will feed you later just as well as you feed it during the first years of its life.
  9. Technical errors. Pricey Shopify with a monthly fee. Pricey CMS. Excessive monthly spending on this, while the business is not even going to zero yet. The solution is to pay once a year for Bluehost (the domain is a gift then), Woocommerce, and Ali2Woo that you only buy once.
  10. Giving up and losing faith.
    Learn the necessary information. Do everything in order. Never give up.

Do not whine, win.

Dropshipping for beginners makes you deal with the mistakes you make.  Do you prefer to see a mistake as a catastrophe, or a lesson on your way to success?

To avoid mistakes with the basic dropshipping terms and definitions, read our previous post, and do the right things. Believe in yourself. Everything will be fine. 

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  1. Monica says:

    Is it possible to sell several types of niches ?
    How to compete with amazon ? because the problem is how long it takes to ship products to customers.
    I hope you can answer my questions which I know would be very helpful to everyone here.
    thank you

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for an interesting question. You don’t need to compete with Amazon. People already choose your website when they visit it. You need to use marketing tricks and increase the conversion in your store. This is your real goal, do not concentrate on competing with Amazon 🙂

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