10 Top Nitro Boosts For Your Dropshipping Store That Will Make You Win

10 top nitro boost for dropshipping store

What does it mean to win when you launch a dropshipping store?

Here are the components of success that create your monthly profit:

  1. A bright, memorable, short, unique domain name;
  2. An appealing website with fast loading, easy navigation on any device, good SEO and positions in Google for popular search queries corresponding to your products, and an up-to-date assortment (our Ali2Woo Plugin for Aliexpress is your key nitro boost here!);
  3. Polite, truthful and quick responses to customers;
  4. Popular products, at competitive prices, of good quality and appearance, with quick and cheap delivery, and a money-back guarantee.

A Dropshipping Store: what does it take “to win”?

In dropshipping, there are some challenges:

  1. Win over yourself. Face your fear of failure, unwillingness to learn, laziness, and habit of putting off (tomorrow never comes). Ali2Woo makes dropshipping so easy that a kid can launch a store, with some pocket money, a tablet and a free Wi-Fi to choose a WordPress theme, buy a domain, hosting, WooCommerce and Ali2Woo, so that products from several suppliers are automatically synchronized with his store. Choose your niche, your goods, your suppliers, your domain name, and your promo tools, and start. You may change any of these anytime, after all.
  2. Win over losers skeptics. “There is no money in dropshipping in 2021“?.. The money of the whole world is there for those who do the right things. In 2021, sad reviews reduce the competition and increase their authors’ sales! Win: read inspiring stories and tips from pros.
  3. Win over your employees. Sooner or later, you will have to hire people and motivate them. The reputation of your store and your profits depend on how good you are at it. For now, the best idea is hiring Ali2Woo. You only pay once and it keeps on working.
  4. Win over your suppliers. The Chinese are tough negotiators. Their psychology and business etiquette differ radically from ours. Their views on beauty, speed and quality are a challenge, too. To win over them, read on how to negotiate with the Chinese, use it and make them respect you.
  5. Win over the competitors. Smart kids or online stores with hundreds of positions that switch to dropshipping? Everyone! What helps you to win? 4 previous wins. Demand. Quality. Pricing. Promotion. Promptness. Reviews. Loop it again and again.
  6. Win the customers’ hearts. 5 previous wins = 5 star reviews, regulars who recommend you and share the link to your store. Be professional, reply to their reviews, get better with each review.

Depending on the niche and the product, they are different groups of people. But, all customers are like ladies and kids. What works for every dropshipping store? Quality, pricing, reputation, reliability, promptness, politeness, accurate sizes, pleasant little things like adding a small gift to the order, etc. Show them that you care, and they will smile in return. You Win!

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