Why Dropshipping Reviews Do Not Always Reflect The Truth?

Why dropshipping reviews do not always reflect the truth

Many people, many opinions. In general, all dropshipping reviews can be divided into the opinions of people who call “half a glass of water” “half empty”, and those who call it “half full”. That is Winners, Practitioners, Theorists, Skeptics, and Trolls (note that only the applicable reviews are worth your time). The reviews of Theorists are also useless: “To try or not to try? This is the Question”.

There are two types of Skeptics: those who are reluctant to try dropshipping services because of fears, or lack of info, or haven’t tried yet; and those who had tried but made mistakes that they found harder to correct than to quit. Such feedback is useful. You learn what is incorrect.

The reviews of Practitioners and Winners are the most interesting and useful. They share examples that inspire; tips that work; and ready-made schemes that both save your money and bring you profits. You learn what is correct.

Here’s what dropshipping reviews are mostly about:

Impatience: “I’ve tried, but I didn’t have the patience to set it up, I didn’t even launch the store.” Or: “I’ve tried, but something went wrong, and I gave in.”

CMS Mistake: “I tried to open a store, but not on WordPress. I had to pay for that other CMS monthly, while the store was still being filled and not bringing any profit.” Some people try to launch dropshipping on social network pages that cannot be automated; as a result, orders are rare, and not regular.

Aliexpress plugin mistake: choosing Shopify with an inflated purchase price, monthly payment, and a fee for each transaction. “We seem to have done everything right. We paid for the domain, hosting, chose a store template on WordPress, and used the WooCommerce plugin. We didn’t know about Ali2Woo at that time. We bought the Shopify plan for $299 per month, and it had kept the store at a loss for 3 months till we quit using it and bought Ali2Woo. Till then, Shopify withheld its commission from each of our transactions. If we had known about Ali2Woo then, we would have used it. With the same functionality, it costs only $42 we’d paid once, and it works. No monthly fee. No transaction fee. We should have known about it earlier”.

Based on the reviews we are getting, we recommend a win-win bundle, to save your time and money: Aliexpress + WordPress + WooCommerce + Ali2Woo. It works best.

And don’t forget about Promotion: “We’ve tried, everything worked out, but we were upset when we realized that we had underestimated the importance of promoting the store. As soon as we SEO-optimized the store, everything got better; we dropship cell phones, laptops, TV sets, monitors “.

There are a lot of dropshipping reviews in 2021, which arouse increasing interest. Some stories share the bitter experience of those who have been mistaken somewhere. They let you know what not to do. Learn from the mistakes of others while you keep going towards your success. We wish you good luck and are here to help!

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