5 Things About Dropshipping Services That You Did Not Know

5 things about dropshipping services that you did not know

Dropshipping is considered worldwide as one of the most profitable and convenient types of business. However, there are challenges in any kind of business, and dropshipping also has them. So, if you plan to be engaged in dropshipping services and communicate both with buyers and sellers daily, here is what you need to know.

5 challenges of dropshipping services and how to deal with them:

  1. Photo quality. It is important to add high-quality and beautiful photos to your store. Some sellers will send you a link to a Google Drive with detailed photos of the product in several angles, taken with good lighting. But some suppliers may disappoint you.

    Solution: make sure you choose sellers with good photos and use the Ali2Woo Aliexpress plugin to import their galleries automatically. It will save you hours daily.

  2. Packaging. Do not count on a beautiful feed only. Few sellers send goods in special packaging by default.

    Solution: if you order craft packaging and stickers like “Thank you”, the price of packaging for one product is only $0.2-$0.3, but the impression it makes will change significantly.

  3. Delivery. It is important for the buyer that the goods are sent ASAP after the order. If the supplier has many orders, it takes 2-5 days to wait for delivery. Some dropshippers send the goods once in 3 days, never give a tracking number, and very rarely answer all sorts of questions regarding the size grid and measurements of the goods. Buyers demand quick and reliable answers.

    Solution: discuss these details with the sellers in advance.

  4. Waiting. When you buy clothes on the Internet, it is important to know not only the size but also measurements in cm, since the size grid of manufacturers often varies. For example, Turkish things are small, and China has its measurement system at all, which may differ radically depending on the manufacturer. Dropshippers seldom give measurements in cm. Most of them provide measurements on demand (if there is a buyer). But the problem is that sometimes you have to wait for these measurements for half a day (sometimes for 3 days). During this time the buyer may find another seller who will respond faster.

    Solution: always politely but firmly request measurements in cm in advance.

  5. Quality. You can never be sure of the quality of the product. Some buyers ask: “Tell me honestly, will I be disappointed with the quality?”

    Solution: make sure that the seller is ready to replace your order in case the customer complains that the quality is bad. If the quality is good and the customer still wants a refund, you have to pay him and sell the item he returns at a higher price that will cover your expenses.

High-quality dropshipping services are provided by those who deal with this successfully. Try it. Find your niche, choose the right product for sale, and negotiate with the suppliers properly; and you will succeed!

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