Starting eCommerce Business With Dropshipping Solution

Starting ecommerce business with dropshipping solution min

ECommerce is undoubtedly full of opportunities. The question is: which one will be right for you? And if you landed on this page, this means you’re at least considering the dropshipping model. Stay for the rundown of what the dropshipping definition is and how the whole thing actually

Dropshipping is a method of retail fulfillment that doesn’t require the entrepreneur to stock products in advance. Instead, they launch a web store and synchronize the inventory with a third-party platform, usually that of the AliExpress manufacturer/supplier. The main difference between a B2C, or a D2C business model is that the said third party isn’t always aware that
their products are being dropshipped through that web store. It’s legal because the manufacturer/supplier is still getting their profit. The dropshipper’s profit, meanwhile, is the difference between the third party price and the price they set up for the same products on their web store.

Sounds easy? Well, it can be if you commit to learning more about dropshipping. You can do that by:

  • Buying a dropshipping course. Be careful of the scammers, though.
  • Doing more online research. Articles, videos, first-hand experiences are available for free — but, again, beware of the scammers.
  • Use the trial and error way. Possibly the riskiest one, and only recommended if you are already experienced in eCommerce as a whole.

Since this business model has nothing to do with the “get-rich-quick” schemes from certain parts of the Internet, knowledge is power. Once you gained it, you can join the league of successful dropshippers and become the part of the market that boasts the following numbers:

  • Market value of $162.44 billion;
  • Predicted market value of $591.77 billion by 2027;

Keep in mind that eCommerce, in general, is flourishing in the pandemic world, amounting to  $4.28 trillion wordlwide in 2020. While this all sounds promising enough to start offering dropshipping services as soon as possible, mind the common rookie mistakes and follow the necessary steps.

  • Find the best CMS to build your store on. We suggest WordPress since it’s cost-effective and has numerous dropshipping plugins.
  • Select the right niche.
  • Invest in resources. Most dropshipping reviews by failed entrepreneurs bemoan being cheap from the get-go. Yes, you don’t have to spend money on inventory. But you still need to pay for ads, promo, and dropshipping software that works.

The latter doesn’t even have to be costly if you know where to look. Here on Ali2Woo we offer a reliable dropshipping software: AliExpress plugin with a free Chrome extension, as well as eBay add-ons, and tools that will add the best products to your store. It’s packed with user-friendly features for the best — and almost fully automated — dropshipping experience. To learn more, check other posts in our blog, and contact our support for free consulting.

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