The Smartest Dropshipping: Woocommerce and Ali2Woo

Smartest dropshipping wocommerce ali2woo

What are your associations with the word “to woo”? Dropshipping Woocommerce plugin for WordPress and Ali2Woo plugin for Aliexpress seem to be made for each other.

There are examples and interpretations on the web that may sound funny but explain the idea:

  1. “to try to persuade someone to support you or to use your business”;
  2. “If a man woos a woman, he gives her a lot of attention in an attempt to persuade her to marry him”;
  3. “He wooed her for months with flowers and expensive presents”;
  4. “a dropshipping Woocommerce plugin”.

The idea is obvious, isn’t it?

Serious, careful, supporting, involving soft persuasion, the desire to stand out from the crowd and show their best sides, as well as many other advantages.

So, we are waiting for a story of double seduction, or when the best plugin for the best CMS WordPress meets the best plugin for Aliexpress. A Google search looks like “the best WooCommerce settings for your online store”. First of all, you need to install WordPress; go to the official WordPress website and download the latest version. Then you need to install it on a local or remote hosting and go through an easy installation process. It is better to do it together with the hosting provider’s customer support.

When we are through with installing WordPress, we install the necessary plugin for Woocommerce dropshipping. Go to the Plugins section and click — Add a new one. In the search, enter WooCommerce and install it.

Immediately after activation, WooCommerce will offer you to go through the quick setup process. We recommend that you immediately install the StoreFront template and demo data for the test to facilitate the further configuration process. You can do this in the Appearance -> Themes section. After completing all the settings, these demo data can be deleted.

How to configure the plugin? Look on the Internet, but it is important to remember that the plugin, with all its vitality for our business, is quite buggy. It has a lot of jambs that are understandable to webmasters only. If you are not a webmaster, just accept and believe that it is better to set up Woocommerce using the a2hosting technical support service, where you will order a WordPress hosting for online stores and get a domain in the .com zone as a gift for a year; after you do it, come to us at Ali2Woo and get the best solution for today for working with dropshipping via WordPress. These two wooers, WooCommerce and Ali2Woo, are made for each other.

How does Ali2Woo seduce Woocommerce?  Solves the problems efficiently and with style, as a real wooer should. See how cool these solutions are on our official Ali2Woo website where we share this info, and you will be surprised.

So, no matter whether it’s a cold calculation, or love and magic, at first sight, plugins for dropshipping Woocommerce and Ali2Woo were meant to complete each other like a perfect couple, bringing comfort and success to your dropshipping store together. Enjoy!

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