Dropshipping with WooCommerce: Your Guide for 2021

Dropshipping with woocommerce min

You see this word whenever googling “What is dropshipping?”. And you definitely wonder if WooCommerce is any different from eCommerce, along with other questions considering the term. It’s all quite simple — WooCommerce is a type of eCommerce/Internet sales model that:

  • Involves an online store built strictly on the WordPress content management system (CMS);
  • Can be customized thanks to the open-source code of that CMS;
  • Requires a type of a WordPress dropshipping plugin;
  • Can be easily scaled as your business grows.

WooCommerce is the #1 choice for dropshippers across the globe. It’s easy enough for beginners and advanced enough for a successful and experienced vendor. When paying for WordPress hosting, you can choose from the list of their WooCommerce partners and get a reasonable monthly rate. WordPress also supports 55+ thousand different plugins. One of them, the official WooCommerce plugin, is made specifically for ecommerce business. There’s a catch though. After purchasing that plugin, dropshipping newcomers soon realize it requires add-ons to keep their business running. 

Dropshipping with WooCommerce plugin only is not enough. The default settings will give you a great choice of website designs but it lacks the functionality that is necessary for Dropshipping store. All the important features for your dropshipping business can be found through Ali2Woo software.

Ali2Woo is a multi-functional WooCommerce plugin made for easy dropshipping on AliExpress. Our developers have tailored it specifically for automated processes. This means that your involvement in your online store’s life will be minimal. 

With Ali2Woo Plugin you can: 

  • Import products from AliExpress. Choose the supplier, choose the items, and put them in your store in a few clicks.
  • Customize the prices. Just tweak the settings once: the system will take the suppliers’ prices, add your markups, and display the final rate next to every product.
  • Synchronize with the suppliers. Every time there’s a change in their stock, the system will update your database. Your customers will be shopping using only the relevant information and prices.
  • Get the orders automatically filled and tracked. Shipment info from the buyer will be sent to the supplier right after they make the payment. You will be able to track the whole process from there.
  • Only sell the products with the fastest delivery time. Ali2Woo Plugin uses ePacket Filter for this. This feature only imports the items that won’t make your customer wait for weeks.
  • Work with multiple currencies. The pricing info will be transparent for customers all over the world.
  • Load products in different languages. Another way to reach out to a broader variety of customers.
  • Customize your products. Present them in a unique and comprehensible way, changing titles and descriptions, adding photos, graphics, videos, and more.
  • Use authentic AliExpress reviews. The plugin imports them directly from the site for your customers to see.

Ali2Woo Plugin for WooCommerce dropshipping is capable of all this and so much more — and it’s affordable too.

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