10+ Key Dropshipping Terms Explained In Simple Words

Dropshipping terms explained

Launching an online store in 2021 requires having the key terms of dropshipping explained in clear, simple words. This business is not old enough to be taught at school. But it is easy, safe, profitable, and available for anyone willing and patient enough to run it. Yet, to make it even more available, we need to clarify its basic terms, so that anyone of the age between 7 and 77 would understand. 

What do most people know about dropshipping? 80% and more? Almost nothing. If you doubt it, check. Ask someone you know – not a dropshipping store owner or manager, not a webmaster – to define “bulk order placement”, “importing”, “inventory”, “margin”, “markup”, “migrating”, “niche”, “overriding”, “pricing”, “stock”. What do you think you will hear?

Why do we need dropshipping explained?

We have to explain dropshipping as a scheme because it’s complicated, and we have to explain its terms because they sound unfamiliar to the majority of people. Not everyone will understand all the subtleties. Not everyone has enough time and patience to read textbooks, go to webinars, get bumps, learning from their own experience. At the same time, the advantages of dropshipping as a business model in 2021 are obvious, as well as the availability of this business and its low risks compared to the other business models. And we are ready to explain again and again, so that in the era when it is not safe to shop offline, at least one more person could start living a better life, helping thousands of people to buy thousands of beautiful, high-quality goods at affordable prices, safely, online. After all, for every person, starting a business is a unique puzzle, in which just a single element may be missing, but it is purely because they can not understand the term that the person may abandon the idea which could improve the lives of thousands of people, and possibly save them.

Not only should we explain it to the ones who are eager to launch a dropshipping store. First of all, we need to share the information with those who are switching from buying offline to buying online. With the elderly ones. With the ladies of all ages, who are traditionally and biologically less techy than gentlemen. They are used to buying offline that puts them and their beloved ones at risk, and we have dropshipping explained to avoid it.

Dropshipping is the way out for humanity in 2021. It lets people worldwide shop at the lowest prices in world history, from the comfort of their homes. It gives 80% of people an outstanding business opportunity, that 20% of them will use. The model is entering our present and future, and regardless of whether we are going to buy or sell, it’s best for all of us to learn the main terms of dropshipping explained in the article. You may need them anytime. Dropshipping has to be popularized. The more understandable it gets, the more buyers you may gain worldwide.

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