Top products to sell on black friday 2022

Dropshippers, who know what Black Friday comes with, see it as a gold mine. If you’re wondering, Black Friday started in Philadelphia and is an unofficial name for the day that comes after Thanksgiving in the United States.

A report states, that in 2021 88 million Americans were shopping online on Black Friday. The related online sales hit 8,9 million dollars. The average adult spent $430 on Black Friday, while Millenials spent the most.

According to NRF, in 2021, about 155 million Americans shopped online on Black Friday, and that’s a huge figure.

While Black Friday draws nearer, do you have a product to offer on Black Friday? Does your audience love such product? Now, read on to find the best items to sell on your dropshipping store during this period. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 is about to happen again, check out the list of top products we have compiled that you can sell:

  1. Baseball Caps
  2. Wireless Speakers
  3. Chakra Bracelet
  4. Anti Snore Device
  5. Wine Tumblers
  6. Mini Projectors
  7. Garlic Grinder
  8. Pet Raincoats
  9. Video Games and Gaming Consoles
  10. Smart Watches
  11. Oil Diffusers

By the way, make sure you have your store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and follow all dropshipping tips we recommend.


Baseball Caps

baseball caps

First on the list is Baseball Caps. A nice product for your dropshipping store to market on Black Friday. Now the question on your mind is “Why would I sell this item?” Of course, they’ve been around for a long time, and people might not feel enticed. Guess what? That’s the more reason it made it to the top list. Now, check out the data from Google Trends as shown below:

Untitled 1

From the image, a slight increase in demand during the year can be observed, and this shows that they are one of those trendy products and can sell well during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Note: it may cost you more time and effort to convince your audience to buy new products during this period. You need trending products to make massive sales on Black Friday, but not necessarily new products. Little wonder the top-selling items during this time are what shoppers already want to own throughout the year. They already have an interest in these items but have been waiting for the sales so they can purchase.

So, do well to have baseball caps up on your store this Black Friday.If you just launched you dropshipping store, these products help you get your first sale.

Wireless Speakers

Untitled 11
On the list of killer items to sell on this coming Black Friday are Wireless Speakers. Of all the products, why recommend wireless speakers? Here’s the reason: many people like to listen to music but hate wires.

Have you ever experienced having your earphones tangled after putting them away? Feels stressful and frustrating at times!  That’s the more reason why your audience can’t resist it. Wireless speakers are not just portable but free of any wires that often come with the hassle of untangling.

For you as an entrepreneur, these wireless speakers are golden, easy to source, and somewhat cheap. This product has a defined audience willing to buy, so there’s a high probability that the demand will be on the high side during Black Friday.

Untitled 2 1
A quick look at the interest on wireless speakers over the past one year shows a very sharp increase during the last Black Friday, with an average interest during the year. This trend will most probably repeat itself during Black Friday, 2022.

Chakra Bracelet

Untitled 11 1
The truth is that people are becoming obsessed with spirituality and their overall well-being. That is why any entrepreneur running an ecommerce store should trying having Chakra Bracelets in their store’s list of available products against the coming Black Friday.

Chakra bracelets have seven various colored beads. These colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Green, Indigo, and Purple. It’s believed that chakra bracelets help people that wear them experience better and higher spiritual energy.

From the data below, it can be observed that shoppers can’t get enough of these bracelets during the holiday season. It’s wise to take advantage of these products to find success on your dropshipping business by selling chakra bracelets during Black Friday 2022.

Untitled 3 1

Anti Snore Device


It’s true that some people can’t go a night without snoring. While some are serial snorers, others live with people who can’t let them catch quality sleep because they snore. If you’re any of these parties, then you’ll appreciate the need for these products – Anti snore Devices.

On the list again is Anti Snore devices; there is a variety of them which you can find on Ali2Woo. While some are used by insertion, others are fixed in the jaw region. Whichever you choose to go with, it’s an excellent idea for Black Friday sales.

These devices are easy to ship, giving dropshippers the advantage of opting for ePacket shipping. Likewise, they allow for nice price markups, making them apt products for Black Friday sales for dropshippers.

Untitled 4 1

Why not try these products on your store this Black Friday? People show a steady interest in this product during the year, so they will be happy to get it at a discounted price during Black Friday.

Wine Tumblers


When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or even other holiday shopping periods, products related to wine and wine consumption are on demand. For people into dropshipping, these are great product ideas.

Now, check the Google Trends information as shown on the image below, you’ll observe an increased demand for wine tumblers during the last Christmas season, as well as the months before it.

Untitled 5 2

This shows that buyers demand this often, and even want them more during Christmas season. Why not sell to them during Black Friday sales and let them use it during the festive season in a few weeks?

Wine tumblers come in different sizes and styles, giving you the opportunity to test different tumblers in a bid to have the best up for sale during Black Friday, as well know which one your audience prefers most.

Mini Projectors


Mini projectors are the next on the list of products to sell during Black Friday as a dropshipper.

Your Netflix-addicted audience can’t get enough of this product. They just have to connect their smartphone or laptop to this mini projector. Boom! This product beams the visual content on a larger surface, perhaps a wall.  An ideal product for getting a cinema experience somewhat.

A look at the Google Trends chart on the image below shows that mini projectors are mostly demanded on Black Friday. You can have them on your dropshipping store in preparation for Black Friday 2022.

Untitled 6 1

Don’t forget that “mini” projectors are compact and light and qualify for ePacket shipping standards. For tech store owners and enthusiasts, this is just the right product to sell.

Garlic Grinder


Of course, the holiday season brings people together; family, friends, and well-wishers. When there is such gathering, there must be cooking activities, and that brings up the need for the next product on our list – Garlic Grinder.

This product takes away the hassle of chopping garlic gloves; just pop a clove into the grinder’s slot and then pump out diced garlic portions with hand.

Similarly, a look at Google Trends data shows an increased interest in this product during November 2021, and then during the holiday season. It is highly possible that it will sell well this November, during Black Friday sales.

Untitled 7 1

It’s also worthy to note that likely kitchenware products are ideal for video advertisements, so you might want to incorporate that into your marketing campaigns for Black Friday.

Pet Raincoats


On to the next is Pet Raincoats. No one would cheerfully want to see their pooch soaked perhaps after a long walk under the rain. Yes, our pets don’t need to look wet anytime the step out during winter – they need raincoats.

Looking for more product ideas for the Winter season? Check this: dropshipping product ideas for Winter

These pet raincoats serve the same purpose to pets, what human raincoats serve to humans. Put it on them and guard them against the harsh weather. Let these products be ready on your store, then do some killer ads to sell like you never expected this coming Black Friday.

Untitled 8 1

According to Google Trends, people showed increasing interest in pet raincoats towards the end of November through December each year. During the year, the demand changes rapidly, but it can be expected to sell well during coming fall season.

Video Games and Gaming Consoles

The last couple of years have been somewhat rough and most people crave to have things that will help them unwind whenever they want. Consoles and video games are becoming more popular with new releases and updates coming in 2022. Ranging from XboX to PS5 and all that falls in between, you can choose to sell these on Black Friday and make good sales.


According to Google Trends, the interest to video games and consoles remains stable throughout the year. However, you can see an increase in October and November, so you definitely should include these products in your Black Friday Sale.


Smart Watches


Moving on with the list is a snazzy tech product – Smart Watch.

During Black Friday, these watches have their demand curves running up with their peak just before Christmas. Little wonder they made it to our list of products to dropship for Black Friday.

Shoppers are obsessed with such products, though expensive. That’s the more reason smart watches should be available on your store during Black Friday and Cyber Monday at reduced costs. Obviously, you stand the chance of making more sales when you sell products your audience has been wanting, at discounted prices. This even works more when you’re selling at that period of the year when most persons are eager to make purchases online.

Untitled 10 2

Google Trends show a significant peak during fall season, so adding this category to your Black Friday Sale looks very promising and profitable. If you choose smart watches to be among the products you’ll sell on your dropshipping store for Black Friday, you should show the original price as well as the discounted price in the accompanying marketing materials. This will open the eyes of your audience into the discount they are enjoying.

Oil Diffusers


The last but not the least product on our list of products to sell on your dropshipping store for Black Friday 2022 is Oil Diffusers.

Lately, these products have grown trendy, and this a promising factor if you want to sell it this Black Friday. According to Google Trends, oil diffusers peaked during December 2021, and they generally rise in demand when holidays advance. Historically, interests on these products gets to their height in November, and peaks during Christmas. Oil diffusers have great potential and can be your best product ever sold this Black Friday.

Untitled 12 1


Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a time to make killer sales, but you must have the right products. With the wrong products on your store, you might record poor sales even during Black Friday. Ali2Woo has amazing tools to help you select these “sure-to-sell’ products in preparation for Black Friday. Wait no more and take your dropshipping business to the next level this season.

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