20 Proven Dropshipping Tips That Guarantees Success in 2021

20 proven dropshipping tips that min

Not everyone will show you tips that guarantee success in dropshipping. This is a straight-to-the-point post that shows you 20 dropshipping tips that help entrepreneurs and beginners to take their business results up a notch. Each of the tips discussed in this post comes with a specific example to apply and level up your sales/income.

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Dropshipping tip 1 – Master the Nitty-gritty of Marketing

Master the nitty gritty of marketing min

This is not just one of the best dropshipping tips. If you fail to master marketing rudiments, you’ll burn your fingers; spend so much on campaigns with little or no results. You could have winning products sampled in your store, but no one sees your offer or buys it with poor marketing campaigns. Dropshipping, as a business model, has so many automated aspects, which gives you the time to focus on selling more (marketing). In as much as having a catchy logo, responsive website, and graphics can significantly pull up your results, tactical marketing is the real deal. Result-focused marketing ideas could help you generate more traffic that converts.

To build more trust, you can take a snapshot of feedbacks on your supplier’s website and upload it to your store. However, it would help if you got your own product testimonials. Some dropshippers place a feature, “Write a Review” on their site. This encourages shoppers to drop a review about your services and product. It’s possible to boost your conversion rate with this tip.

Dropshipping Tip 2 – Optimize Responsive Design for Conversions

Optimize responsive design for conversions min

Don’t get it twisted with the dropshipping tips you see. Having an optimized and responsive website will improve your organic ranking and the time visitors spend on your site. The latter leads to better conversions if your offers are engaging.

What does your store look like? How do you hold your visitors glued until they punch in their card details to buy? You need to build your brand trust with reviews, make your site easy to navigate, and use some urgency and scarcity triggers to make them. Forget about all you feel; is your website customer-friendly? If it’s not presentable to your prospects, then you need to get a custom store that features all that will hold your prospects glued. This is absolutely one of the best dropshipping tips in 2021 that you have to implement.

Please note:

Some websites have non-responsive and bad designs that make it hard to access from any mobile device. According to Quicksprout, Tria’s look shows how they optimized their site for various devices even though it entailed taking away some features. This often translates to better conversions.

Dropshipping Tip 3 – Prioritize Niche Store

Prioritize niche store min

Without a doubt, many dropshipping tips for beginners have discussed why choosing a niche store is better, and vice versa. Unless you have the resources and time to test countless niches before settling for one, your best bet is to choose a niche and make a living.

Think of Amazon, they started as an online book store, but look at where and how far they’ve gone. Going for a niche store will help you focus on your target shoppers and even build your brand around that niche. This makes your site trust up a notch.

If you dropship on Amazon, other platforms, or follow some AliExpress dropshipping tips, you should know your choice of niche must not be in line with your passion. Check industry trends and what people want, analyze your market, and hone your campaigns to target your potential shoppers. You might want to consider a niche that revolves around the passion or hobbies of your audience. One would gladly buy items for their pet because owning a pet is their hubby, rather than buying a fancy dining chair. Don’t go chasing the whole niches and end up not making it big in any of them.

It would be best if you had a tool that helps you find the best dropshipping niches and the possible products you can sell in these niches. Ali2Woo has simplified the entire process. You don’t have to wait for regular reports on good dropshipping niches. With our new and advanced product search tool, you can find the best dropshipping niches. You get to enjoy a 7-day free trial to help you find the best products for your store. To unlock the full features, you’ll need to opt for the premium version.

Dropshipping Tip 4 – Light and Durable Products Outsells Fragile and Heavy Ones

Light and durable products outsells fragile and heavy ones min

Most beginners get it wrong here, even after reading several dropshipping tips and tricks. Apparently, some existing dropshippers don’t do it right, either. That’s understandable – wanting to sell any product that you feel will be the game-changer. But before you import those product pictures, do well to consider the risks involved.

Go to AliExpress; you’d see home theatres, big wall arts, and paintings that sell at ridiculously low prices. You could upload them to your store and have your audience order for it when you do the right marketing. But it would help if you considered logistics, the weight of the product, size, and how fragile it is. Simply put, go for durable and light. You may want to avoid products that require technicalities to set up. Also, check out some of the best dropshipping products you can sell.

Dropshipping Tip 5 – Create Bundle Offers and Not Just Simple Products

Create bundle offers and not just simple products min

Don’t just sell a product; create bundle offers. Craft a compelling offer by including bonuses, bundles, and incentives to make your potential buyers jump on your offer. With the right bundle offer, you trigger your prospects to buy in a bid not to miss out or be late.

With a creative and appealing bundle offer, you can always upsell and make your buyers buy even more. When next you want to put up products on your site, consider offering several products in just one bundle. This type of offer often brings more sales and increases dropshipper’s revenue.

Few examples:

A look at Running Buddy’s Super Save Bundles shows how they offer more than one product at a time. Customers will be more pleased to buy the bundle as they feature complementing products.

BirchBox is another brand that leverages on product bundling to boost their sales and returns. In accordance with shoppers’ preferences, they create amazing product bundles.

Dropshipping Tip 6 – Get a Sample of What You Sell

Get a sample of what you sell min 1

It won’t hurt if you get to know more about what you sell. When you build a relationship with your supplier, it’s easier to demand a sample of the product you intend to sell. Most suppliers will gladly offer a sample at a discounted price.

Still not sure why you need to try this tip? Check these out:

  • Product samples let you check the true quality of what you’re about to sell
  • You can take better quality pictures of the product for marketing purposes
  • You can get a glimpse of what your long-term experience with a supplier will look like.
  • With the product in your hand, you can spot better unique selling points that will make you create better product descriptions
  • Apart from taking better photos, you can create amazing video reviews of the product.
  • When you get a sample before selling, you can make better business decisions.
  • When you order for a sample through your store, you can get a first-hand experience of what it feels like making a purchase on your store, and how their delivery works.

Dropshipping Tip 7 – Pull Up Your Customer Service

Pull up your customer service min

Customers are the air your business breathe, and when you do them right, your business grows. I bet this is one of the best dropshipping tips in 2020 – don’t handle everything yourself. Imagine trying to reply 50+ emails daily, do your marketing, monitor your campaigns, and still live your life. You don’t have to do all yourself.

For example:

You can add a Skype ID to your store so your visitors and customers can reach out to you easily. Adding a Live Chat widget is a good idea if you have a personal assistant who can monitor requests and attend to customers. Do well to ensure your assistant knows how to process customer questions and meet their needs.

Take your customer service up a notch; get an assistant, or understand customer behavior to handle your customer issues. Make your customers feel like you value them most; of course, you do; this increases your loyal customer base. Let customer satisfaction be your priority!

Dropshipping Tip 8 – Amazing Dropshipping Tips Suggest Spying Your Competitors

Amazing dropshipping tips suggest spying your competitors min

Competitors mean you could be on the right track. Keeping an eye on some of their strategies and activities can help you shoot up your revenue. Ranging from product research to marketing ideas and all that falls in between, you can spy your successful competitors to get some amazing dropshipping tips you can implement. Get to know what works for them.

Here are things you can spy on:

  • Products – check what they are selling, their pricing, offers, and descriptions
  • Promotions – Check the promotional activities of your competitors often. You can learn a new and winning strategy.
  • Traffic Analysis – Spy on your competitors’ traffic sources to know which brings in more traffic.
  • Social Media – You can anonymously follow their brands on social media to see their content and followers. You’ll most probably get some inspiration.

Don’t spend your time and resources digging out untapped products; emulate already successful products. If your competitors are selling it well, it means you too can bank big. Find things that are proven to sell, rework it, and sell. Emulate their funnels and ads, and then tweak them as they are working for your competitors already. You can visit your competitor stores, go through their funnels, and place an order as a fake buyer. You’ll get to know how they work with their clients, and this will unveil their strategies and what works better in the niche.

Dropshipping Tip 9 – Automate

Automate min

Dropshipping, as a profitable business model, requires a high level of automation if you must bank big and still have your time. When you automate, you -;

  • Keep your promises and serve your customers even better
  • Do away with manual data entry
  • Embark on complex business processes with ease
  • Improve the information about your offerings
  • Fight the competition better

Ali2Woo isn’t just an ecommerce platform; it’s home to successful dropshippers and beginners. With Ali2Woo, you can do away with the entire hassle of setting up your store, filling up your store, and having it 100% fly. Users gain access to premium assistance right from scratch through to success.

Ali2Woo experts and successful dropshippers will help you set up your store to be exactly what entices your audience. With Ali2Woo Plugin, easily import products from AliExpress on one click, set your profit margin, utilize add-ons, and enjoy other automated solutions.

Dropshipping Tip 10 – Be Patience and Unemotional

Be patience and unemotional min

This should be one of the best dropshipping tips for beginners – Be completely unemotional and patience about product testing and growth in ecommerce. If you jump off the train too early, then you’ve missed out on the greatness ahead.

  • Your first product might fail, but the subsequent ones can give you the breakthrough you desire.
  • Your first choice of a supplier might mess things up, but the next will
  • No one ever got it right at the first shot
  • Failing is part of the process. Just get ready to fail before you win.

When testing any product or niche, be patient enough and unemotional. When you let your emotions cloud your decisions, you might end up with the wrong choices.

Dropshipping Tip 11 – Tap into Seasonal Sales

Tap into seasonal sales min

One of the best dropshipping tips you can implement into your business is to tap into seasonal sales. While it’s good to have a niche and sell throughout the year, there are seasons you shouldn’t miss. Seasonal products that are ideal for holidays (Christmas, Easter), summer/fall/winter/spring weather, back to school seasons, are worth selling. There is a significant opportunity for dropshippers who sell these seasonal products. Many retailers don’t stock these products since they become less sellable once their season is over. But if you can find a supplier ready with good seasonal stock, you can make good revenue selling them. Because you don’t carry inventory, you can back out anytime.

Dropshipping Tip 12 – Work on Your Shipping Rates

Work on your shipping rates min

Not every idea on how to be successful in dropshipping can influence your buyer’s decisions. But when it comes to shipping rates, you can hold your site visitors by the neck and make them buy. According to Amazon, 46% of customers are ready to abandon their cart if the seller doesn’t offer free shipping.

The word “free” has some psychological impact on the human brain and it works well when attributed to shipping.  Even though your supplier charges you for shipping, don’t push it down to your buyers. Take your time to build it into the price of the product and tell your prospects they will get free shipping when they order. You can even entice them more when you offer bundle offers with no shipping cost. Get the original product and add one or more other related or complementary products, modify the price and offer free shipping to all buyers. You’ll be surprised to see the number of prospects who’ll opt for that package.

Dropshipping Tip 13 – Own Up Mistakes

Own up mistakes min

One of the best tips on dropshipping you shouldn’t ignore is owning up your mistakes and those of your suppliers before your audience and buyers. Every supplier makes mistakes but great suppliers bring these mistakes to the barest minimum. When there’s a fulfillment error, perhaps your supplier missed the order or sent the wrong item, own up the mistake. Obviously, your customers will reach out to you with their complaints. Don’t try to inform them that your supplier caused the mistake. They only know and interact with you. In fact, they paid you and you’re obliged to deliver as agreed

Here’s what to do; make it up to the buyer. You can offer to send a new item, refund them, or offer to send an entirely new and correct item. While you assume responsibility for the mistake, your supplier should pay for their errors. However, they don’t have to cover the upgrades or freebies you offered your buyer.

If your supplier often botches your orders or makes mistakes, you might want to choose a new and reliable supplier. If you don’t do this, over time, your business will have its reputation dragged down.

Dropshipping Tip 14 – Use More than One Supplier

Use more than one supplier min

Working with multiple suppliers is a way to go if you want to improve your order fulfillment. When Supplier A doesn’t have a particular product in stock, Supplier B will most probably have it. If you decide to work with just one supplier, they might stop working with you at the point when you need them most. They can shoot up their prices, go out of stock or even go out of the business completely.

While it may not be very easy to find two suppliers who stock exactly the same products, you can find those who operate in the same dropshipping niche and stock top items in this niche – this is what you need.

Dropshipping Tip 15 – Chargebacks will Happen

Chargebacks will happen min

If you seek one of the best dropshipping tips in 2021, know that chargebacks will happen. But you need to understand it fully. When a customer calls or writes to their bank to call back a charge made by your store, the money will be deducted from your balance temporarily until you prove the agreed goods or services were delivered accordingly. If you fail to prove it, the money will be deducted permanently and you’ll incur the chargeback processing fee. No dropshipper would want this to happen.

You need to know this – the major cause of chargeback is a fraud. If you can be transparent in your transactions and deliver as promised, you’ll encounter fewer chargebacks. Although some buyers can chargeback because they didn’t like the product they received or simply because they couldn’t recognize your brand.

Whenever you receive a chargeback, you need to act fast and provide all the necessary details (tracking information).  There is a chance that you’ll recover the funds if you had a legitimate transaction

and kept to your promises.

Dropshipping Tip 16 – Show Up Daily

Show up daily min

One of the most common dropshipping tips is to show up daily. Without a doubt, setting up and running a successful business requires you to put in effort daily. While you might not spend 10 hours daily working on growing your dropshipping business, spending at least, an hour on your store will add a spike to your growth.  You need time to process orders, respond to inquiries from customers, do the marketing and check your results.

Dropshipping Tip 17 – Build a Reliable Brand

Build a reliable brand min

One of the best dropshipping tips in 2021 anyone can give you as a dropshipper is to build a trustworthy brand. You don’t just have to sell; build a brand that centers around your brand’s vision and present yourself in a way your audience can recognize you easily. Take your time to find what makes your business stand out and how it helps to strengthen your brand image.

If you can build a brand, you’ll have a competitive edge over others as your prospects will trust you while helping you create more awareness.  A reliable brand will remain memorable for your clients.

Dropshipping Tip 18 – Go for ePacket Shipping

Go for epacket shipping min

A handful of dropshippers still don’t use ePacket shipping even after reading so many dropshipping tips in 2020. If you can sort the products you sell by epacket shipping, you’ll enjoy better dropshipping processes and returns. Epacket shipping is the fastest shipping method and it’s quite affordable. Although a lot of sellers on AliExpress stopped offering epacket shipping during the pandemic, you can still find sellers who still offer it. Simply take your time to search more, and contact suppliers directly as some of them will be ready to offer epacket shipping for your orders.

With ePacket shipping, you’re sure your buyers will get their packages timely while incurring cheaper shipping costs.

Averagely, epacket shipping often costs less than $5 for most products and can reach the buyer within a week. It would be best if you considered this shipping method if you crave to grow your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Tip 19 – Optimize Your Product Descriptions

Optimize your product descriptions min

Optimizing your product descriptions for search engine rankings is one thing you need to do to get more organic reach. From your image titles to the core product description, you can improve your product listings and relevance on the search engine.

Do not just copy the manufacturer’s descriptions for the products you want to sell. Craft your own to be unique without losing the idea. While writing, ensure you use the keywords properly for better search result positions.

Dropshipping Tip 20 – Don’t Underprice Your Offers

Dont underprice your offers min

Remember, the core goal of starting a dropshipping business is to make a profit while you grow. Before you fix a selling price for your product, consider the actual cost of goods, business expenses, marketing, the possible cost of hiring and maintaining a team. Your business proceeds should be able to cater to these and you’ll be left with significant profits.

Don’t just cut down your prices because others are reducing their prices. If your prices are with market value and are fair enough, you simply have to focus more on bringing in more prospects to your site and making them buy.

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