Amazing Dropshipping Success Stories – $0 to $1M in 12 Months

Dropshipping success stories are not mere tales, but true stories that can help you scale up. During my years of success in dropshipping, I met many people who were committed to making money and living their dream lifestyle. They wanted a business that would give them huge revenues as well let them travel around the world while working right on their laptops. Guess what? Some of them made it a reality. These self-starters are always on the search for better sources of income, and most of them sell products from AliExpress. Wouldn’t it be great if you could become a millionaire from ecommerce? It’s not a herculean task! I’ll introduce you to some individuals who stood out with their games and now are the embodiment of true success in dropshipping.

Top Dropshipper (Spot #1): Edward Grant


What was Edward’s Drive to Start Dropshipping?

Edward is a very close friend who keeps cashing out monthly as a dropshipper. Initially, he had no clue on how to start dropshipping, and was living on a 9-5 job. At a time, he found reasons to try it, as there is more to gain. Edward literally started with these three basic steps:

  • He got to know more about ecommerce on Google
  • Signed up on Ali2Woo
  • Began using an Ali2Woo store to import and sell products.

What was Edward’s Business before He Found Dropshipping and How Did He Make his First Ever Sale?

Edward was a civil servant before he found success with dropshipping. He was working with a marketing firm where he spent most of his time. He was competent but had to resign when he started making sales on ecommerce.

His first ever sale was quite an impressive one though he spent most of his profit on advertisements. A customer who saw his Facebook ads purchased two items at a go, and that kickstarted his sales. Edward swears that he owes most of his sales to Facebook advertisements, and he has mastered how to balance his spending on ads with his profit margins.

Over to Figures! What’s Edward’s Daily Revenue Like?

Edward’s best daily revenue as at the time of compiling this is $10,000 per day. However, he’s working better to increase the figures. He hinted on going for a niche product, and at some point, finding another product (learn how to find a new niche) in the same niche because you must have tapped a lot from your target audience. He proposed that moving into a different niche is also a nice option, but one needs to master the previous before switching.

What Does Edward has to Tell Aspiring Dropshippers?

Tip 1# – Before you jump to large quantities, test waters by selling a few numbers first.

Tip #2 – Get ready to hit success. When you find a product that sells, ensure you have a working method to deal with the increasing demand.

Top Dropshipper (Spot #2): Sandra


$31,000+ In Revenue from Dropshipping Monthly

Sandra doesn’t make very huge figures, but her strategic approach and dropshipping success strike, and are sure to help upcoming dropshippers.

Get To Know Sandra More

Sandra was a one-time worker with AliExpress; she was focused on testing promotion strategies. Before her contract with AliExpress, she knew nothing about dropshipping as she was just a manager at a supermarket in New Orleans.


What Type of Ecommerce Store Did Sandra Venture into?

Sandra believes in a philosophy that advocates drop shippers can make more revenue by getting different items from various dropshippers and creating a dedicated shopping base. She further advises that for anyone setting up a store on Ali2Woo or getting a custom store made for them, it’s good to have their store themed.


How Do You Find Successful Products to Sell On Your Store?

  • Go for a wide variety – Sandra advises that even a hundred products couldn’t meet the demands of her buyers, so she opted for a larger quantity.
  • Duplicate and Filter – The fact is that some products will perform better than others at some points. Always keep a watch on your sales and products, and get rid of the unpopular ones while filling your store with successful products.
  • New Products – it’s paramount to add new products, says Sandra. Don’t focus on AliExpress Best Sellers only, check out the new arrivals and you can pick a winning product.

How Do You Find Your Target Audience?

Google Analytics – According to Sandra, one of the tools she used in finding her customer base is Google Analytics, and it gives her information like gender, age, and country of her target audience. Since she knows the majority of her customers are millennials from developing countries, she tries to reduce her prices to make them buy more.


Facebook Campaigns – Sandra also attributed her advertising success to Facebook campaigns. She went further to say that Facebook and Google complement each other


Can You Say more on Your Promotion Strategies on the Internet?

When asked this question, Sandra didn’t hesitate to tell her secrets. She talked a lot about this and here’s a summary of all.

Instagram –Sandra store’s Instagram account has over 8,000 posts and over 1,971,700 impressions and over 7,000 posts, and the fan base keeps growing. She used a special but simple method to make this happen; check it out.

Facebook – Sandra’s dropshipping store has a great Facebook presence. With over 30,000 active followers, she controls quite a huge audience. The key is providing top quality content and attract buyers via ads.

Content Marketing – This is another key factor to Sandra’s success in dropshipping. Create fresh and original contents related to your products and publish on your store and Facebook. Make the contents engaging to catch the interest of your audience.

Google Shopping – Here comes another factor to Sandra’s success. Google Shopping is automated somewhat and brings in over 350 sales on the monthly average. When a person makes a search on Google, similar pictures and products related to the search pops up.

What Can You Say About Your Dropshipping Success?

Sandra says the numbers speak for themselves. As at November 2018, Sandra’s store had over 800 orders and $27,000.

Top Dropshipper (Spot #3): Barry White


Made $40,000 in a day, after 10 months of delving into dropshipping

How Did Barry Start, and What Was He Doing Before?

Before he became a successful dropshipper, Barry was a professional footballer playing for a local team. He had a friend into dropshipping, who introduced him into the game. Boom! The rest became a story. In 2017, Barry sold Jewelry but didn’t break even, until he decided to go for a new Ali2Woo store and start from scratch.

Though without a specified niche, he is cashing out greatly. He sells whatever that seems to be high on demand. He often goes for new products on AliExpress, and sells on his store.

How Did You Do Your Promotion?

Speaking confidently, Barry says Facebook ads remains his best marketing tool. Not only is it user-friendly, but tutorials also abound on how to use Facebook ads.

Barry also pointed out that sitting and analyzing ideas with likeminds have helped his business. He hinted that engaging in discussions with ecommerce entrepreneurs is necessary, and sharing ideas crown it all (check out some of these dropshipping ideas).

What Do You Love When It Comes To Running A Succesful Dropshipping Business?

Barry loves the freedom and money that comes with it most! Of course, those are the envious things about dropshipping. Independence is paramount, Barry said and having a huge source of income crowns it all. For those into the common workforce, making this happen appears to be a hard one.

As A Successful Entrepreneur, What’s Your Best Sales Record, and What Can You Say to New Entrepreneurs?

Barry’s best sales record so far was in December, where he recorded 5 figures in a day. According to him, he hopes to hit six figures soon.

To the new entrepreneurs, do well to include new pictures (find what to sell and their pictures). This doesn’t just keep you going but makes your brand look fresh while bringing in new customers. Add new pictures today, and they’ll pay off soon.

Are you an online seller, or aspiring to be one? This is for you! It’s vital to understand that you must be on your toes often and make adjustments to grow. If your business is not growing, it’s dying, and opting for new products is key to business sustenance.

Remember Thoma Edison’s famous quote, “ I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” These are dropshipping success stories of people who started from nothing but worked their way to the top. Now, you have some insights; it’s time to get started. Are you already getting good results in your dropshipping business? You can also drop your comments and experiences below.

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