The Complete Guide to Christmas Dropshipping 2020 + Product Ideas

In this post, we will give you the complete Christmas Dropshipping guide and a list of the best product ideas. Use this to succeed at Christmas and the Fourth quarter of 2020.

So, let’s get started:

Also, as we’re talking about Q4 now, you may think about winter season too. That’s why we would recommend you to check out another post, if you’re looking for winter dropshipping products exactly.

1. What are the top-selling categories and products for Christmas?

Our categories list includes the top-selling products from last year’s sales and last year’s revenue.

Also, there are new products that will do really well for you this year.

So let’s take a look at these product categories:

By the way, if you prefer a video format of this Christmas post, it’s available here:

The top must be Toys

Kid’s stuff like toys and clothes, always make great Christmas gifts, and there’s always lots to choose from.


Pets category

This has become popular and includes pet toys, pet clothes, and treats.

Again, this is an amazing category for Christmas dropshipping.


Personalized gifts are a top seller

For example, jewelry with engraved names and messages: “For my loved one”, “For my girlfriend”, “For my boyfriend”, etc.

This category usually makes most of the money in Quarter 4 and Christmas.


Christmas merchandise is an obvious choice

This includes Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas sticks, Christmas lights for your tree or house and any other similar do well too.


Kitchen appliances and cooking tools

We mean products such as blenders, cooking boxes, you name it, anything in the cooking category.
People buy a lot of gifts that are cooking related at this time of year.
So, remember this category is excellent over this period.


The travel category is always a traditional gift favorite

Travel bags and passport cover’s in different colors, textures and patterns are a great choice.

Choose products that look a little prettier, that stand out more than items from Walmart for a classy, extra special present, that will sell well.


The Alcohol Industry is most lucrative over the festive period

A massive seller at this time of the year!

Please note, you will not be selling alcohol.

We’re talking about top-selling items like wine glass sets, bottle openers, etc.

They usually do great sales as people like to drink when it’s Christmas or over a festive, celebratory time, so bear that in mind too.


These products give good chances of getting your first sale if you run your store recently.

The beauty industry is always a top seller

The more unusual beauty products, such as face suckers (the pore vacuum that removes unsightly blackheads was massive at Christmas last year), make-up products (body enhancements, waist trainers and bum lifters).

These products always sell well because people want to look their best at Christmas time.


Electronics are another strong category

People turn these products to year-on-year, and something new is always available.

Wireless chargers and speakers, phone cases and watches.

They all continually sell well every year, and never fail to please.


Christmas is for gadgets

They make great presents and stocking fillers.

The gadgets category, so things like phones and tablets.

For example, you can buy phones and tablets on AliExpress that have no trademark (not patented) and you can sell them.

You may worry as it’s not a branded name but remember, gadgets are a big seller for Christmas.

Therefore, we would add this category to the list.


Clothing remains a popular gift

It’s bought in the run-up for the colder weather.

Mittens, scarves, hats and other festive clothing do well.

Please note; when you buy on AliExpress, you need to get the correct size charts for the US, UK, and European markets, or else you may have high return rates.

Beware as the sizes from China can be incorrect and confusing.

So, make sure you contact the suppliers and tell them you need the US, UK, and European size charts.


Stationery items are great

They make excellent stocking fillers and presents.

Christmas is the biggest seller for notebooks and calendars for the next year.

So, 2021 calendars do well now.

Find calendars that are really cool and have a different approach than Walmart’s calendars.


2. How and where to find the best Christmas dropshipping products?

Now you know the top-selling categories for Christmas and Quarter 4.

The next step is finding winning products within these categories, and this can be done by using just a few key websites.

So, reduce your time, and make your search easier!

We recommend that you use the following proven, exciting websites to help you on your way:

Now let’s examine each of these websites and see exactly how you can use them to the max to find winning products.

Best dropshipping products report from our team

Perhaps you have already noticed that on homepage we show part of our best dropshipping products base:


We update these products monthly, you just need to signup to get full access to the best dropshipping products directory.

Click on any product on that homepage section and signup-popup will appear.

Ecom Hunt

Please note, do not use the Ecom paid plan, the free plan should be enough for your needs.
Just enter the search for your “Christmas” keywords.
As a result, you will see the previous Christmas dropshipping winners.
Also, you can use all the keywords like Xmas, merry, merry Christmas, Happy, Noel, etc.



Please note, this is a paid method. But they offer 3 days trial, so you can test this tool before purchase.

It is one of the best tools where you can use to find winning products.


The Viral Sniper has products that are predicting to go viral, have the potential to go viral or are currently going viral.

For example, there’s a “Christmas Ornament Decoration Kit.”


This product is predicted to be a winner for Christmas 2020.

Basically, using this kit, you can decorate the ball for the tree.

This will add a family atmosphere to your holiday.

Amazing! It will keep the kids amused for ages!

Another available tool in this category is Shop Sniper.


It finds best-selling products on Amazon and AliExpress.

It has a variety of Christmas dropshipping products too.

So, use both tools: E-Sniper and Shop Sniper to find products for Christmas and Quarter 4.

AliExpress – Hot DS Items (Dropshipping Center)

Just go to My Account > Drop Shipping Center

There are Hot Deals products on AliExpress currently.

Some of these products have insanely huge numbers of orders.


Please note, you can also filter these products by categories like electronics, makeup and others which are above in our Best-Selling Categories.

Now scroll down this page to the navigation menu.

You need to go to page 50 and work on it until page 150.

We wouldn’t recommend using the products on 1-50 pages because they are supersaturated.

Some of them have a hundred thousand orders and that is too saturated, in our opinion.

Facebook Keyword Search Tool

First, you need to log in to your Facebook account.

And then using the Facebook search, type keywords: “Christmas Free Shipping” or “Christmas 50% off”.

You can also use any keywords with a dropshipping word at the end.

Also, try to search for things like free shipping, Get Yours or Christmas get yours, etc.

The search results pull many different items, new and old, from 2018.

So, what you can do is get the ones from last year and use them again this year.

Basically, re-trending and re-selling popular items is always a great place to start.


Amazon Best Sellers

This method is very popular among entrepreneurs who build dropshipping business with Amazon. However we recommend to use it anyway.

Just Google “Amazon Christmas best sellers” and then it will take you to a page like this:

amazon-best sellers-christmas

These are the bestsellers at Christmas on Amazon.

A lot of them will not be on AliExpress.

You will want to filter them so you can see what it looks like on AliExpress and then search for the product, then add it to your store.

This method is a bit a hit-and-miss but can be very effective, and that is the last method in today’s list used to find Christmas winners.

3. What marketing channels to use for promoting the Christmas products?

To make the most of the Christmas period, make sure your social media accounts are up and running.

You can use a lot of free traffic sources to get buyers in your Christmas dropshipping store.

But also you can run ads on different marketing platforms:

Let’s dive into each channel:

Facebook Ads

As for the Facebook ads, it is very important to test not one, but multiple products.

As they say, “Don’t put all your eggs, into one basket!”.

Because when it comes to Quarterly 4 and Christmas, you need to test three or four products at once to find the winner as fast as you can.

Timing is important, and you want to get your products out quickly.

This will help you scale it, as big as you like, in a short period of time.

Remember, you’ve only got three months to make the most of the sales.

Three months might seem like a long time, but it’s not!

Especially, if you are one of the retailers that rely on the Christmas dropshipping market.

Google Ads and Instagram Ads

Also, you’ll need Google Ads and Instagram.

Nowadays using multiple marketing platforms is essential, don’t just use Facebook Ads.

Remember Facebook is very busy, millions are using it and it will be a very expensive and competitive platform.

For your normal kind of products with keywords, it’s all based on search volume.

Dropshipping products do not have a large search volume.

However, many Christmas products do have high search volume, so Google Ads is a very good way of marketing for Christmas.

You need to run the shopping ads and display them with a minimum budget of 20$ / day.

It’s very important that you follow these guidelines to ensure success, and to get the most of your campaign.

YouTube Ads

Also, you need to use YouTube ads as it’s a great way to get sales with a minimum budget.

Facebook and Google are already going to be very busy.

Google isn’t going to be as competitive as Facebook but YouTube is going to be undersaturated and it’s going to be relatively quiet.

Many people are going to be watching it so it’s going to be a lot cheaper compared to Google or Facebook.

So please use YouTube ads, and you can be creative with YouTube.

4. What ads do you need to create for the Dropshipping marketing campaign?

When you start your ads for the Christmas dropshipping store, and Christmas period, you need to make sure that your ads are creative and are special for Christmas.

For example, add Christmas emojis and the ad copies use festive music, carols, anthems, etc.

Music really gets people feeling Christmassy!

Use music that’s merry in your ad videos to get people in the mood.

If you’re advertising to people in October, you’re still 2 months away and people might not be in the mood, so let’s make them!

We recommend adding a Christmas coupon code like “Merry Christmas 10% Discount” because is proven to attract buyers.

5. What targeting options to use for ad campaigns at Christmas?

Now we’ll look at how to use some targeting words for marketing your ads at Christmas dropshipping period.

Here, you make the most of a ‘search’ feature that asks users to identify their interests.

Your campaign will use these key “interest words” and target your customers.

For the Christmas season, you need to use Christmas interests, such as:

Christmas, Eve, Christmas and Holiday Season, Christmas Market, Santa Claus, Christmas Music, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Christmas Gift, Gift, Gift Shop, Christmas Card and Kiss, Christmas Carol, Carol.

You don’t have to use these interests alone to attract customers and hit your target audience.

If you promote products such as a makeup brush, you have options.

You could just put “makeup brush” as an interest, or “makeup” as an interest or even something to do with makeup.

However, if you really want to narrow this interest down for Christmas, this is possible.

It’s possible to search makeup brush and narrow it down by Christmas Eve or Christmas gift.

Normally you don’t have to use these kinds of interests, you can if you want, but usually it’s not necessary.

However, make the most of the Christmas interest words and the time of year to boost your sales.

By the way, if you wanted to launch a dropshipping store and have been waiting for the right moment, then Christmas may be just the time when you have to try it out.

Earnings during the holidays will give you a good incentive to continue to develop and expand your dropshipping business.

Your customers will get to know you, and you can join in the Christmas fun!

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