What’s new in Ali2Woo 1.11.x ?


Today we are going to tell you about the new features of Ali2Woo 1.11.

Please note:

If you want to get the update or purchase the new plugin, you can do that on the dropshipping plugin page.

We don’t want to waste your time with a long introduction, so let’s look at the new features right away:

New features

1. Fully automated product synchronization process.

In fact, Ali2Woo updates all products in your store within 24 hrs.

So the product stock and prices always keep updated and actual.

Even if you have loaded 100 000+ products, our tool synchronizes all for a day.

Another benefit – you can forget about the chrome extension!

We know other dropshipping tools require to use their chrome extension for the synchronization process.

In Ali2Woo we broke this constraint and synchronization is a fully automated process.


2. Support ALL currencies and languages

We have extended a list of supported items.

The new plugin release allows you to use any currency and language available on AliExpress.

Just open Ali2Woo settings and set the appropriate options before import.


3. Updated product reviews and shipping methods

We did complete refactoring of Ali2Woo scripts that responsible for getting reviews and shipping infromation.

Now it’s more accurate and it’s available in all languages that you can see it on the AlIExpress portal.

4. The improved order fulfillment process

Ali2Woo can place your orders automatically using the chrome extension.

Since AliExpress recently changed its website interface, our team updated the chrome extension script to rely on new AliExpress functions.

Now you can experience a faster order fulfillment process.

5. Updated pricing rules settings

We received a lot of questions and queries about Ali2Woo pricing rules settings.

You asked us about the pricing setup process and gave interesting ideas.

That’s why the additional pricing modes have been included in the new Ali2Woo.

These modes will help you to set your pricing margins for your products easier.

Using different modes lets you determine which pricing behavior works better for you.


6. Masking of real (AliExpress) product SKU

If you tried to analyze the conversions in your dropshipping store, you might see the visitors who check your product page and then go away.
Perhaps you even realized people just try to copy your product SKU and then find the same product on AliExpress and purchase it there.
Now, Ali2Woo prevents such behavior by using a feature that masks the real SKU.
Our tool replaces it with a randomly generated code.


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