$300K+ Dropshipping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend? (2020)

The busiest shopping weekend is coming up, and to make the most of this, we will show you how you can make $300,000+ dropshipping in a single weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2020!

What’s the catch? None, but there are specific steps for you to follow.

So, let’s get to it:

1. Rapid Product Testing & Getting Ready to Scale at Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend

The first thing to discuss is a testing strategy and how you should prepare for a dropshipping weekend for success. It’s essential to understand you need rapid product testing. You don’t need to test one product over two months and hope it works. You need to be fast.

So, we recommend you work on 2-3 products per week. You can do more if time and money allow but be focused. And you don’t have to test too much, so you don’t have to invest vast amounts into each product. No need to be spending $200 or $300 on each product!

Your testing strategy:

  • Test 2-3 products a week
  • Run 4-6 audiences at $10 a day
  • Run testing for about two days

You’ll spend $200-$300 a week or even less if the product, in the beginning, doesn’t do at all. If you see that the cost per click is high, meaning people are just not clicking on your ads, they’re not buying anything. Get rid of the product and test a new one!


2. Use “Dynamic Creative“ Best Practices to be Successful in Dropshipping

So, this is a term you may not have come across before but is one that is essential to effective advertising and targeting of products.

“Dynamic Creative” is a new system to get better results on Facebook during dropshipping at Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend. You make your ads from many different elements and components, including images, descriptions, videos, titles, and CTAs, and Dynamic Creative takes these multiple ad components and then optimizes them to deliver efficient results for each impression served. In other words, great value for money!

These help you create personalized creative variations for each person viewing your ad, with a performance that scales. You couldn’t match better in such a short space of time.

“Dynamic Creative” is a great optimization tool when you’re unsure what your audience is looking for in their creative.

It is possible to run two videos, two headlines, two ad copies, and if they’re profitable over three days, you’ve cracked it!

And, let’s not forget. This is about efficiency. If it’s not profitable over three days, move on to a new product. If it, great, you can keep focused on it.

Make it as best as possible, and if you want to analyze the reviews of your Dynamic Creative, go ahead! Breakdown reviews and using Dynamic Creative to check everything – images, videos, headlines, texts. Ensure all elements are doing well.

Then you can separate these from Dynamic Creative to create the best possible ad!


3. Collecting enough data for a Facebook lookalike audience

Collecting relevant data is vital to success! Getting enough data for the “Facebook Lookalike Audience” is crucial in scaling different ad angles and offers.
Special Cyber Monday and Black Friday weekend offers are the very best for dropshipping.

Offers, on these occasions, outperform all others, even including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day. They outperform all other ad’s because it applies to that audience during that moment in time.

So, what you need to do is gather as much data as possible, whether it be views of your video, traffic to your website, add to carts, or purchases. Once you find a product that’s giving you potential, you need to scale it up with cold audiences as quickly as possible.

If you already have a product, you have data for and know it will sell, that’s perfect!

Keep it going!

However, what if you don’t yet have a good seller? If you don’t have a potential or successful product, you can test 2-3 other products as fast as possible. Find one that has more potential, gets more sales, and that’s been more profitable.

Try to get as many purchases for that product.

Even if you lose a little money and your profit isn’t huge, and you gather data using the Facebook lookalike, on Black Friday weekend, that product will be massive!

So, let’s try to get as many adds to carts, as many purchases as possible, to scale that product up.


4. Knowing how to scale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday using specific ads?

Don’t forget, the key to product testing is speed. You only have a limited number of weeks, and time is ticking.

Test as many products as possible to get a product that you can scale during Black Friday weekend.

And one way, you’re going to scale is by doing specific ads, and use the ones that you know will work. The BOGOF-ads for Black Friday works fantastically. We always do “buy one get one free” (BOGOF), and it never lets us down.

…And what we do is we jack up the price of the original product! This is what they call a Win-Win. The buyer’s happy, and so are we!

As an example, if you have a product at $30 and want to do “Buy one get one free” (BOGOF), stack up the price from $30 to let’s say $55-$60 and then you’d do “Buy one get one free.”

Remember smart Dropshippers do this well-known and tested method for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other potential big earners, now you can do it for Black Friday because it works every single time!


5. Dropshipping Store Backend optimization for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Don’t forget your dropshipping store backend (also out team can create the dropshipping store for you)! We also recommend that as people hit your website for those Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals, you have backend optimization.

Make sure you prepare, for example:

  • Set up your abandoned cart. Perhaps you know that the Abandoned shopping cart is like email re-targeting. It is a follow-up email sent to someone who has added items to their cart and reached the checkout and left the site without purchasing. Follow this up!
  • Make your Facebook re-targeting ready to fire! Retarget and hit your existing traffic, people who have visited your page already or have interacted with your business are potential customers. Hit them with that special Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend!

6. How does Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) help Dropshippers on Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is a new Facebook feature that optimizes the distribution of your campaign’s budget across the ad sets within that campaign. Based on your aims, Facebook will automatically and continuously find the best active opportunities for results across your ad sets. These will be distributed in-line with your budget, in real-time, to get the best results. When using CBO, Facebook allocates more budget to the ad set that’s getting the most conversions to produce even better results. After all, why waste time chasing a product that is not selling.

The end result!! A higher number of conversions at a lower cost per conversion. This increases your return on ad spend (ROAS).

In the beginning, we told you to test 2-3 products and 4-6 audiences. You can do that on an ad set budget.
With scaling and scaling lookalikes (lookalikes from video views and add to cart purchases), they perform better on CBOs set at high budgets. So what you can do is have 1-2 products that you want to scale up this during the weekend.

With those special offers, you can put them in a CBO for $100-$200 a day with your identified top audiences, whether they are cold or lookalike audiences.

You can put them all in one CBO for $100 or $200 a day and crush it.


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