Routine Mistakes Common with Some Dropshipping Business Store Owners

In dropshipping business, you need some time and the right information before you can get things right. It’s not completely bad to make mistakes, but if you can, avoid them! This article will point at the common mistakes most drop shop owners make, and these mistakes often tamper with their ecommerce success.

Most dropshipping business that fall apart after doing well initially don’t do that cheerfully, one or more things caused it, and they often arise from unaddressed mistakes. Dropshipping can be profitable when done right, below are some mistakes you need to avoid.

Choosing a Supplier Wrongly

The heart of dropshipping lies on choosing a supplier who can help your business grow. Picking the right niche is important, but choosing a supplier is paramount. In fact, your supplier has a major impact on your dropshipping business, from your product quality to delivery processes and time, your supplier selection criteria holds a major key to your business growth.

There’s the need to check out the testimonials of people who have used the services of your potential suppliers. Read their reviews and possibly place a test order to ascertain their reliability and service process. Some people venture into dropshipping business without make due diligence about their suppliers, and this often haunts their business.

Unannounced Shipping Fee

Some ecommerce managers and people into dropshipping business tend to make their shoppers abandon their cart with surprise shipping fees. Even though a few buyers might not proceed when they bump on the shipping price at first, it is advisable to make them know what they are going for. Making your shipping costs appear before checkout is important, this doesn’t keep your customers happy but puts them in the clear picture of potential costs.

You might want to use a shipping calculator or go for a steady flat rate for all orders. However, don’t undermine the effectiveness of free shipping. Looking at the future of ecommerce, it’s clear that buyers prefer shipping and you can make better sales when you offer this, as long as it doesn’t hurt your margins. In fact, a survey shows that 90% of shoppers opt for free shipping as the first incentive when asked to say what would make them buy from an online store. Think about it!

Sticking to One Supplier

When it comes to supplier selection, it’s good to have more than one option. What if your supplier runs out of stock suddenly? Do you have to cancel your orders or shut down your store? No! This is the mistake some drop shop owners make, and it’s not healthy for any business.

Have one or more backup suppliers who are ready to take your orders and fulfil them so you maximize the results of your marketing efforts. While you work with your primary vendor, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

No Tracking after Purchase

Don’t end the communication once your buyers order. They are humans and always want to stay updated with the delivery progress after making purchases. Proper communication is necessary to build and maintain your brand reputation, so they don’t think you scammed them.

Ensure all you do is geared towards the growth of your business, and providing customers with an easy-to-use tracking system makes them track their orders during the delivery process. Don’t fret! Your vendor can help you with that.

Do well to update your customers with order confirmations and shipping emails. In rare cases where delay in shipping occurs, or your suppliers run out of stock, updating your buyers consistently will make them feel relaxed while you fix things with your suppliers. Your customer satisfaction lies greatly on your communication, tracking and messaging abilities.

Lackluster Returns

In as much as you try to satisfy your customers in your dropshipping business, you need to protect your interest somewhat. If your return policy is not clear and streamlined, you’ll often face issues with some angry buyers.

One of the supplier selection criteria is to choose a vendor who can handle returns and refunds. When you choose a supplier, make sure they offer timely responses to return cases and follow instructions closely. This will improve your reputation among your customers and make them believe you while you sort out their refund issues.

Being Optimistic with Shipping Times

The Truth is, you can’t be too optimistic about shipping times. You just can’t tell when the deliverables will arrive at your customer’s place, especially when you don’t use a tracking system. Your suppliers can’t even say in most cases, and that’s why they give a range of time. Never tell your customers the exact date they should expect their products because your wholesale companies might fail.

You may want to order test products at the beginning to see how long it takes to deliver. However, the best is to give your buyers a wide range of time, perhaps within 10-15 days. With such stated, they can expect it on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, or even the 14th day. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to your supplier when an order is taking too long to be delivered, so you meet your agreement with your buyers.

Running one Store

Before I proceed with this, it’s assumed that you already have an ecommerce store that is doing fine. The truth is, it’s better to build one before going for the second. If you have successfully built a dropshipping business that puts reasonable money in your pocket, then you need to run two or three stores.

Look for a dropshipping niche and start a new store. It could be your previous niche or an entirely new niche. Diversify and invest. Don’t leave your eggs in one basket.

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