Drive More Sales To Your Retail Ecommerce Store With Live Chat Without Spending The Whole Day on Your Desk

If you’re into the retail and ecommerce industry, then you should know the importance of conversion, especially turning your leads into repeat customers. In the world of brick and mortar business, this can be achieved when you add an unusual touch to make your visitors feel valued. You may want to offer them VIP greetings at the door, suggest solutions and add more value to what you offer. In retail ecommerce, you need online help desk software to offer live chat, that way you add more value to what you give your customers.

51% of customers prefer to buy from a site that has a live chat feature, and half of these people say they will return to buy more from such a website – MarTech

So many ecommerce marketing manager responsibilities exist, and one of the challenges for a small business is incorporating and running a live chat channel for several hours every week. The truth is you may not need to have your chat channel available continuously; you could burn your fingers. A few hours every week is fine, as a beginner in the retail ecommerce industry. Check out these four ways through which, you can channel your efforts.

1. Bank On Your Retail Ecommerce Peak Traffic Windows

A brick and mortar business would often bring in more sales. Likewise, your online help desk software or live chat should be available more when your retail ecommerce store is busiest. Take your time to check your traffic patterns, perhaps by using Google Analytics to observe peak and valleys.

Once you’re set to attend to chats, choose about an hour or two shift during one of your peak traffic times. Do well to keep an eye on the number of chats you get and how good you tried to convert those chats. Experiment this for about two months to find out the prime times to chat with your customers and potential customers.

With this achieved, it’s easier to incorporate it with other ecommerce marketing jobs. For instance, when you send swipes that are sure to make your subscribers take action, make plans to jump on chat soon to reply. Apparently, subscribers that click your mail will probably buy, and replying their chats is a good thing.

2. Tap Into the Ecommerce Industry Growth Through Chatbox Control

You needn’t chat every time; the live chat software should allow you to control when to chat and when the chat feature should be available on your site. Ensure you can hide and show the chat feature, as well send tailored greetings when a customer chats up. Having functional IT support desk software to control your chat is important, and you can’t ignore it.

Firstly, hide the chat option, set your rules and custom settings:

  • You may want to show the chat option at certain stages of the purchasing process, maybe when visitors view their shopping cart – this will let them ask questions if needed.
  • Chat option should be available on bestseller pages and pages that contain new products.
  • When a visitor visits your retail ecommerce store, they should get a brief greeting about 30 seconds of loading your site.
  • Show your chat option to visitors that understand your site language
  • Show the chat option to visitors that get to your store through referrals from emails and ads.

3. Quality Over Quantity Remains A Key To Converting Chats in Ecommerce Industry

You wouldn’t gain much toggling between hundreds of chats at the same time. Creating a tailored and amazing experience for each customer is important, and this makes for better conversion. You wouldn’t want to offer a one-word response to tens of customers on your chat, and not convert any.

How do you achieve this? Set your chatbox to appear hidden whenever you reach a number of simultaneous conversations. Five persons at a time are good, and anything above that will most probably distract your attention. Sometimes, your chat settings might malfunction and show the chat icon to visitors even when you’ve hit your chat limit. Do well to hide it manually.

A chat survey can help you prioritize quality conversations that have higher potentials of converting to sales. Often it helps new stores to get first sales as well. Let your visitors fill out some details before initiating a chat; this will help to filter unserious visitors.

4. Study Feedback to Improve Your Store

You don’t need the whole time in the world recreate the way your visitors think about your store and offerings, through chats. When you cater to their needs, you’ll experience an increase in purchases, and cut down the basic inquiries visitors often make.

  • Update your website copy’s terminologies if you notice a disconnect between what you term some things, and what your visitors call them.
  • Your site’s layouts and navigation might be poor if visitors who chat with you often feel lost on your site. When they are not sure how to navigate to your homepage or explore your product pages, they might often ask for these during conversations. It’s good to work on these and make your site layout better.
  • When multiple visitors often ask similar questions about your products, consider adding more information that describes such products. It could be about safety, compatibility or even fit. This would be of great effects on your sales.
  • When using online help desk software to assist your visitors, keep an eye on their suggestions and common requests. Over time, you’ll learn more about their demands and how they want to be served. It could be reviewing your shipping terms, or selling certain colors of your products.

As an ecommerce manager, who owns a store online, looking to maximize conversions, and build a long list of loyal customers who often come back to buy, then having online help desk software is paramount. Get on it today and close more sales with new and existing customers.

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