A Comprehensive Guide on Promoting Your Dropshipping Business via Pinterest

Have you ever wondered what it feels like marketing on Pinterest? If you haven’t used Pinterest to boost your dropshipping business, then you’re missing out on some positive opportunities. Pinterest is an efficient marketing channel your business should use to grow and promote its activities. In this article, you’ll learn about Pinterest and how to improve your dropshipping business on Pinterest.

What’s Pinterest?

You might have heard about Pinterest but not used it. Here’s it; just like Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest is a social media platform with a somewhat different form of activities. It allows users to share and pin visual contents, as well as a collection of images to their community, blogs, and even followers. It’s an ideal social media channel for entrepreneurs with stores that have good product images. In fact, if you run dropshipping business, and have a thing for photography and business growth, then Pinterest is for you.

Getting Started With Pinterest

You need an account with Pinterest to interact with the community and pin contents. Likewise, you most probably need to install “Pin It” from Goodies Page to allow you sort relevant contents once you start promoting your product images. With Pinterest, you can pin your posts, as well as repin other people’s posts.

To build your brand on Pinterest, you need to pin contents that will engage your audience constantly, and keep visiting your profile often. Get creative! You must not always pin contents or pictures that are strictly what you sell; you can build your brand by pinning contents that will interest your audience asides your products.

The new features on Pinterest let you create Pinterest Gifts and Rich Pins to help increase conversions by enhancing the Click Through Rate (CTR). Likewise, the Buyable Pins feature makes it easier for your audience to make purchases from you through Pinterest.

Why Your Dropshipping Business Needs Pinterest

  • Pinterest has over 200 million active users which is quite a large community of online enthusiast. While 40% of this community is men, women take up 60%, but Pinterest poses quite a great business opportunity to brands into women and men’s products.
  • Two-third of Pins stands for a brand, and there are over 50 billion Pins made on Pinterest so far.
  • About 80% of Pinterest users access this platform on their mobile devices via the mobile app, and 36% of these users are Millenials who mainly use the pinboard to interact with the brands they like.
  • Over 80% of Pinterest users are there to follow brands and not celebrities, so your business stands a better opportunity.
  • 87% of Pinterest users have purchased from the same platform, and 47% of these buyers are Millenials.
  • Pinterest generates 5 times more traffic, as well as in-store sales than other social platforms.
  • 71% of Millenials who visit Pinterest are there to make a purchase.
  • 67% of the users on Pinterest search for product ideas, reviews and prices when they shop offline.
  • It’s possible to make up to 7 times more sales with Pinterest Advertising, than the standard marketing methods.
  • When you include product prices on your Pins, you tend to get more likes.

Get these quick tips – Anonymous, generic and horizontal images are pinned often. So, you need to consider these while pinning images. Likewise, descriptions are vital. Though they range between 100-200 characters, do not undermine its effectiveness. Also, bear in mind that some days are known to come with more traffic. For instance, images related to the fashion niche get more traffic on Thursdays, and travel images get more on Saturdays.

use pinterest in dropshipping

Using Pinterest for Your Dropshipping Business

Set Up a Business Account

If you want to get the best of Pinterest for your dropshipping business, you need a business account. This will open you up to the complete features of Pinterest, including buyable pins, analytics and more. To choose an account name, you need to ensure that it is related to your business and be picky with your display picture. The display picture and account name should be relevant to your brand to help your followers find you without hassle.

Up next is your description. The description should be about 160 characters and you need to be creative with your description. Make your description to be all about your brand and very catchy to grab the interest of your followers.

Don’t miss your website’s link! People who have an interest in your offerings can locate you easily via your website’s URL.

Integrate Pinterest with Other Social Media Accounts

Setting up a Pinterest business account is one thing, and there are more left to do. Now, it’s time to integrate your account with other social media accounts for your business. With the Widget Builder from interest, you connect your store with a few clicks.

  1. Save Button – people click on this button to save the items they develop interest on your site
  2. Follow Button – People click on this to follow your business on Pinterest
  3. Board Widget – With this, you can showcase about 30 most recent pins from your board
  4. Pin Widget – Embed one of your pins on your blog to improve more traffic
  5. Profile Widget – With this, you can make up to 30 pins show up from your account.

Optimize Your Ecommerce Store

After the integrations, it’s time to optimize your dropshipping store. Add images and contents to your store to redirect your site visitors to your Pinterest business account and vice versa.

Embed the images on your Pinterest on the contents you upload on your website. With this idea, your site visitors can easily pin the photos they find interesting. However, it’s important to go for top-quality images to capture the attention of your audience and make them pin immediately.

Content Optimization

People often go to Pinterest for product ideas and to stay above the competition; your content has to be unique and speak volumes. In fact, your customers should be engaged to read more and take action.

Download the Pin It button to stuff your account with relevant images that interest your followers. Remember you need images that are not just for your products but catch the interest of your audience. If you run a clothing store, it’s good to add styling tips as well pin different styles. Quotes from stylists and celebrities are also good if you must strike a balance between promotion and engagement.

Be picky with where you get your images, to stay unique

With unique images, it’s easier to rank on search engine and improve traffic on your site. Create unique images from Pinterest Templates. Set up a Canva account and create unique and engaging images for your business.

Engage Your Audience With Pinterest Boards

Engaging your audience and promoting your products are what you can achieve with Pinterest Boards. Create many boards and let each board be for a topic. Emphasize on the board name and description. With this, each repin your pin gets will carry your description along.

Invite your followers to create boards and share them with you, or add to yours. Likewise, it’s good to sell a lifestyle and not just your brand with boards by creating things that catch their attention and not just make them buy. Go for giveaways and attract more followers for your brand.

Hashtags are powerful! Just like other social media platforms, Pinterest lets you make use of hashtags, and this makes people find your pins and brand easily.

Roll with Influencers on Pinterest

Pinterest influencers are available, and you can tap from their offerings to promote your products and store. People tend to take more action when they hear their favorite celebrity promote a product.

Make your research, find top influencers who will be willing to review your store and promote your products. You can use the Pinterest Gift tab to sell your products too.

Choosing your Products

Now you know how to use Pinterest to grow your business, it’s time to find those winning products and sell them. With Ali2Woo, you can simply import products to your store with a few clicks. Ali2Woo lets you enjoy the effectiveness of many tools that help you run your store like an expert.

With Ali2Woo, you can link up with your suppliers who will package and deliver your orders. In fact, it’s an automated system that lets you run a dropshipping business without hassle.

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