Best Free Methods To Find Dropshipping Products For Ali2Woo 2019

In this guide, you’ll learn some free and best dropshipping product research methods you should know if you must find amazing products from AliExpress in 2019. Finding the right products to sell has been one of the biggest problems of new ecommerce store owners. They get confused like when they were asking what is dropshipping?  Sit back and read through! Now let’s get started.

Reasons Newbies Hardly Choose And sell Winning Dropshipping Products

One of the biggest mistakes many dropshippers fall for, especially the new ones in the industry, is that they’ve learned that going for best-selling dropshipping wholesale products is the key. In fact, they now believe that a product that has been sold severally will still sell. Definitely, they just have to test it.

However, a dropshipping business may not be as it was years back, come 2019. You need to brace up. The ‘best selling’ dropshipping products you want to start marketing have their audience seen and probably bought those products in the past. Suffice it to be that your audience will most probably not buy because they have been exposed to what you’re about to show them.

What’s the catch? There are many wholesale distributors for dropshipping products, and you it’s not advisable to start with best selling products because they are not likely to convert. Follow these free product research methods to find dropshipping products that can grant you high sales.

Best Free Methods To Unveil Winning Product To Sell On Ali2Woo

The truth is that some product research methods that worked in the past will not work well, come 2019. If you must win in this game, you should be more creative and in-depth with your product research process.

Find Products on AliExpress and Ascertain on Facebook

One of the methods of finding dropshipping products that sell is searching on AliExpress and verifying on Facebook.  When you find a product on AliExpress, head over to Facebook to check how long the product has been advertised. If you find videos and posts about the product that are 2 years old or more, this might not be the product you want. Other advertisers and sellers must have saturated the audience, and only a few are willing to buy now.

Dropshipping the right wholesale products entails that the videos and posts on Facebook should be recent and best if under a year old. Such products have the have the potential to scale over time, and you’ll be among those to tap from its benefits.

Just so you know, you should go for manufacturers that dropship products that don’t sell out or still go for the other good products they offer. Products like software or digital music may have their copies sold out before they can be availed to your customers when they place an order. Going for kitchen and dining products are good, but it all depends on your niche. You might check out those products you would gladly recommend to people.

When you’re on AliExpress searching for dropshipping products, use filters to look out for products that have somewhat lesser orders so you’re sure that what you’ll be selling will hardly go out of stock. Products with fewer orders are good for your reputation and successful dropshipping.

Check for Reviews

You need a very high level of certainty for the products you want to sell if you want to run your dropshipping business smoothly. Go to AliExpress and check out for positive reviews. Products with a high number of good reviews are most probably good items, and you may want to try them out. Those with poor reviews mean that customers who bought previously were not satisfied with the product, and manufacturers that dropship such products might experience dearth in sales over time.

Check out Related Products

When you scroll down a bit, you can still find related products, giving you an insight into possible products you could go with. These products are often from the same seller, and you just have to check them out to find the similarities. Take a look at the picture above to see some related products to the initial products we checked out.

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