How Can I Generate Traffic To My Dropshipping Store

Without traffic, it’s practically impossible to increase sales. There are several ways to generate traffic on any dropshipping store. Once you have chosen a niche, develop your store to standards and get ready to generate traffic. There are many ways to achieve this and improve your conversion.

Recently we added a new article with 29 traffic sources you can use to boost the traffic in your dropshipping store in 2021.

If you target audiences in Canada and USA, then you may want to use Kijiji and Craiglist to post free ads daily. While you enjoy the free opportunities, you can take your game up a notch by going for Kijiji’s paid ads. Usually, it goes as low as $0.01 per click and has proven to be a great traffic source for product sellers.

Facebook Ads

If you want to know how to bring more customers to your business, then Facebook ads is the way to go. In fact, it’s one of the most used traffic generation sources and is highly result-driven. Although it costs money to have your ads up and running, it can be quite hard to learn. Ask any successful dropshipper what their traffic generator is, they often point at Facebook ads. Run engagement and conversion ads, perhaps with budgets as low as $5 per day. Run many ads, go for a split test, check out the best performing ads and kill those that are not performing well – this way, you optimize every penny spent on advertising via Facebook.

Social Media Pages

If you own a dropshipping store, one of the best ways to generate traffic is through social media pages. Any dropshipping store without active social media accounts will hardly grow. The fact is that most organic traffic comes from social media pages. If you don’t have one, you need to start now. Start early, build your pages and enjoy later. It might take some time to have your pages get very active to pull in traffic, but you should be persistent and active. If you truly want to increase your website visitor stat, then you need to get on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest among others, to set up a page or an account for your business. Post value-oriented contents daily, and perhaps up to 3 Facebook posts daily. Don’t just promote your products every time. Sometimes, you just have to share informative contents related to your niche, product usage ideas and many other forms of contents that can add value. If you’re able to build your reputation on social media, it’ll be easier to generate organic traffic.

Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re smart enough, anyone who visits your site must buy someday. Capture the emails of your website visitors, and send them swipes over time. Email marketing is a great marketing strategy that generates traffic to your site and turns your visitors into buyers. When you gather their email addresses, send them emails that promote your products, brand and adds value to them, most of them will click through to your site and purchases in some cases.


Blogging is also a good way to generate traffic to your dropshipping store. Go for a daily blog post, and ensure you upload at least a blog post per day, updating your audience and sharing values with them. Your blog posts should be a mixture of product information, viral news in your niche, and build value for your entire audience. When you do things right over time, your blog will generate traffic. Do well to use hashtags, keywords with low competition and high monthly searches. If you’re not familiar with keyword research, you can hire a keyword expert to do the job for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One thing is having great contents, and having these contents ranked on search results crowns it all. SEO from keyword optimization, using proper tags, titles, meta titles, and descriptions will improve your ranking on search results. When you have great contents and SEO approach, you stand out on search results, making your prospects see your store and visiting boosts your organic traffic, giving you the chances to make more sales. Go for SEO if you need organic visits on your sites.

Community Groups

Joining online communities who share the same philosophy and needs your services is one of the ways to generate traffic to your dropshipping store. You should join communities in the same category and become very active. Before you build a reputation to recommend and sell your products to members of any community, you must be an active member, contributing value and ideas, and build your reputation. Try these methods to generate traffic to your site.

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