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Are you interested in starting an AliExpress dropshipping business. Compared to more traditional retail models, dropshipping has an easier startup process, requires less capital, has lower overhead costs, and offers a lot more flexibility. The first question you have to ask yourself is …

How to find a niche for dropshipping?

Money or passion in dropshipping?

Some people choose a niche based on an interest they have. Some choose a niche because they want to profit from a product that is trending right now. Although, plenty of people have started successful stores by following their passion and plenty have found success by following the money, the ideal situation is to find something profitable that you also have an interest in. On the one hand, it is easier to sell something you have a passion for because you know more about it and can more easily connect with your target audience. It is also easier for you to stay motivated when you are interested in what you are selling. On the other hand, if the demand for the products isn’t there, no amount of passion will help.Luckily, striking a good balance is not that difficult. All you have to do is find a niche that fits into your interests that is profitable and make sure you price the products competitively. Browsing other dropshipping stores and researching other people’s success stories will provide you with a good idea as to what consumers are buying. You can think about what you search for on Pinterest, the brands you follow on Instagram, the blogs you read, etc. This will tell you a lot about what your passions are and how popular those passions are.

You might also worry about how easy the products are to find and sell. No matter how passionate you are about a product, you can’t sell what you don’t have. An AliExpress dropshipping plugin like Ali2Woo will help with this.  Ali2Woo is an extension for WordPress that will allow you to import product straight from the AliExpress website.

Evergreen vs Trending Niches

Another thing to consider when finding your dropshipping niche is the difference between trending niches and evergreen niches. Some products are popular for a short period of time and then die off. Other products have more staying power. You generally want to avoid fads and, instead, find a niche that can draw consistent customers to your  store. Some niches offer both. Fashion is a good example of an evergreen niche that also has trends. While few people still buy chokers, other styles of necklaces are still profitable. Trends are only useful if you start selling the trendy item at the early stages of its popularity. Having a product-line that will always be in demand will give you a significant advantage. With some research, you can find a good list of product categories and see what kinds of products you can sell that have a good balance between the two kinds of niches. Google Trends, Wikipedia, and Trend Hunter are three free resources that everyone has at their disposal. Essentially, you want to find a product category that people consistently shop for, yet still have trends that you can profit from (clothes, toys, jewelry, beauty products, etc).

You might also consider capitalizing on multiple trends at once. One of the best parts of dropshipping is that it lets you sell a wide variety of products. The Ali2Woo plugin makes keeping track of large number of different suppliers easier. With the plugin, you can import any product you want from any supplier in the world, and there is no limit on how many suppliers you can use.

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