How To Start A Profitable Free Plus Shipping Business

Entrepreneurs all over the world are reaping the benefits of an innovative model of commerce called “free plus shipping”. The best part of starting a free plus shipping store is that you have an opportunity to earn a big profit by selling quality products to customers at a discounted rate. Most people imagine starting a business is really difficult, but it is actually easy than many think. Here are some tips to make starting a successful free plus shipping business easier.

What is Free Plus Shipping?


As the name suggests, a free plus shipping business is an e-commerce store that sells good for just the price of shipping. Most people people don’t mind spending money on shipping so business owners are able to make a profit by inflating the price of shipping.

The Dropshipping Model


First, you need to decide on a platform with a business model. One easy way to start a successful free plus shipping business is to use the dropshipping model, which is great way to maximize your profit margins. You can use AliExpress to set up a dropshipping business.

With dropshipping, you can use a plugin, such as the Ali2Woo plugin to set margin rules for shipping methods. Essentially, this will ensure that you can always keep the the price of the product at $0.00. Get the Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin for your free plus shipping business here.

Why dropshipping? It is the quickest and least expensive type of e-commerce business. One of the trickiest parts of having a store is managing inventory. You might stock too much of a product or too a little of a product. Inventory needs can be unpredictable. With dropshipping you don’t have to stock products. Instead, you buy products from a third party and ship them directly to customers.

What is the next step to use Free Plus Shipping?


The Al2Woo dropshipping plugin lets you import products from AliExpress directly into WordPress. This makes it easy to keep track of products so you can focus on marketing. Once you have your free plus shipping business set up, much of your effort needs to go into marketing.

You won’t get a lot of traffic to your business at first, so you need to spread the word and raise your visibility. Luckily, e-commerce is so popular right now, there are a lot of platforms out there that make marketing easier for e-commerce startups. Facebook advertising and Google Adwords are two of the best platforms you can use and they offer a ton of tracking and analytic tools that will help you measure the progress of your marketing campaign.

Although dropshipping is by far the easiest way to start a successful free plus shipping business, it still helps to stay organized. Set short and long-term goals, such as the type of profits you want to see. Being able to identify goals and measure them will make your goals much more attainable and you will be able to have the successful e-commerce store that you’ve been dreaming of.

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