Is dropshipping profitable in 2020? – A Proper Analysis

One of the biggest questions some yet-to-be dropshippers ask remains “is dropshipping profitable in 2020?” They are not alone! Some new dropshippers, maybe, after a failed product testing, start to wonder if dropshipping is really profitable. Thus far, 2020 raised many dropshippers from barely anything to millionaires across the world.

Wrongly, it is a widespread belief that dropshipping, as a business model getting saturated, will get to a point where it will become less profitable. Many are worried about the increase in the number of droppshippers; others are worried about some other reasons. But it all boils down to asking – is dropshipping profitable?

Here are some reasons and thoughts about why some people doubt the profitability of ecommerce. Maybe, you’ve also thought about one or more of these lately:

  • Products get delivered after several weeks
  • Chinese products are often seen as low quality
  • Refunds take long to be processed
  • Little or no customer support
  • Sellers are unprofessional
  • The high cost of products

Looking at these points and ideas, it’s common for some people to think that a business with these highlights has no future. Perhaps, it’s not a shining star model of business anyone can start.

But here’s the truth! Dropshipping is not dead. It’s still very profitable in 2020 and will remain productive if you learn the rudiments and dropshipping tips. Read on; you’ll see how to scale through and become profitable, even in a year like 2020 and beyond.

Is Dropshipping Profitable? Yes, It Just Got More Competitive


In the past few years, dropshipping as a business model has gained broad acceptance. With the constant awareness being created, there is no doubt people are joining and banking big. Is it going to get saturated soon? Yes, if only people stop buying. As long as the world exists, people can’t stop buying.

Here’s the best part. People order for what they want, not just anything they feel they need. This validates the proposition that dropshipping is not dead. Apparently, your choice of dropshipping niche will be one of the factors that will determine your success in dropshipping.

When you find a niche that is sure to meet your audience’s wants, you must learn how to satisfy them. In fact, the first thing to top your list of to-dos should be customer satisfaction, then your profit. Dropshippers who focus on profits more and neglect customer satisfaction tend to lose out in the long run. They have no customer retention. Such dropshippers just sell to customers once and leave them with a bad experience.

Here’s what to do – treat your customers with respect, sell what works, and above all, have a good store that gives outstanding user experience. There are many dropshipping stores built with Ali2Woo Plugin that sell quality items at high margins and are still booming.

It Will Work: Just Get Ready To Work Hard and Smart


Over the years, dropshipping has gained wide acceptance, and this has made it not very easy to crack. In as much as it doesn’t require you to break the bank to get started, you need to work hard and smart. When you compare the necessary capital required to kickstart a dropshipping and the returns it brings, then you just have to believe and get started. Pick a niche and find some dropshipping products to sell. Strive to make your store stand out from the pack.

Picking a niche is necessary for optimum focus. You’ll need to find your market and deliver your message to them. With proper marketing, you’ll get more sales than an average store that tries to sell almost anything in any niche.

Just like we highlighted in the preamble, you should be ready to work hard and smart. To beat the issue of delayed shipping from your supplier to your customers, you might want to find a small lot where you can keep a few of your products that seem to be selling very well and sell them as “immediate shipping.” This will entice some of your prospects and make them buy since they will have it delivered earlier. Make them pay a premium price to get their orders delivered fast.

Some people believe that dropshipping has no future because it appears there is a widespread notion that sellers are unprofessional. You can be different; offer premium customer support, be very professional in your dealings with buyers.

For the costs of products, every seller should have what works for them. In as much as there are no clear standards, if you can make X3 of the cost of the product you sell, you should be profitable. Work on your marketing, so you don’t incur much cost and earn little profit.

Is Dropshipping Profitable in 2020 with Less Quality Products?


Less quality of products is one of the biggest reasons that make most dropshippers, and newbies wonder – “why is dropshipping profitable in 2019, but no in 2020?” In fact, some buyers feel dissatisfied sometimes when they get their products because they receive things that are different from what the merchant advertised. This is not so cool, but can’t justify that dropshipping is dead. You can be different.

Here’s the good news; build a good relationship with your suppliers, and work with only those who offer reliable and premium quality products. There are many suppliers, but you just need the most reliable ones to give your customers the best products.

Dropshipping with eBay and Amazon


Sometimes, dropshippers get confused about dropshipping when it comes to Amazon and eBay. Dropshipping, as a business model, isn’t tied to any brand. So, you’re still dropshipping if you supply from eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, or any online platform.

You can dropship from any of these as long as you meet their requirements. For instance, eBay, as an online platform, requires that its users reside in the USA and don’t allow items from China. Likewise, Amazon hints that deliveries shouldn’t be more than one week. If you meet up with these requirements, you can dropship from eBay using the eBay2Woo plugin.

Once you understand both systems, you can dropship from them and make good bucks.

Bottom Line


Is dropshipping profitable in 2020? Yes, without a doubt, it’s still very much profitable. But if you’re looking to buy a domain, host it, list items on your poor theme, and dust your account to receive the Cha-Ching alert, then dropshipping isn’t for you. The internet is growing larger by day, and you need to adjust your dropshipping processes to remain relevant.

Tip: if you read this post in 2021, we recommend to check our new guide about Woodmart dropshipping theme.

No matter the year, dropshipping remains relevant. Get started, give it a shot, follow the process (check out our previous guides), and succeed. We’ll be waiting for your success story.

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