Dropshipping from eBay: 8 Proven Tips that Guarantee Success [2021]


Dropshipping remains an online business model that has created wealth for many online entrepreneurs. While many people try to compare AliExpress dropshipping to eBay dropshipping, it’s vital to note that these are two different platforms and requires unique approaches. For many online sellers who see dropshipping on eBay as an ideal option, there is the need to learn and master how to dropship on eBay.

This never-seen eBay dropshipping guide will unveil most of the challenges many dropshippers encounter, how to overcome them, and make money dropshipping on eBay.Please note:

this guide is much valid as at the time of compilation in 2020. We’ll always try to update it as time goes on and things change. Your eBay dropshipping success is our priority. You can check these dropshipping stories to get an idea what we call “Success”.

Care to Learn How to Make Money Dropshipping on eBay? Follow These Tips:


1. Control Your Pricing


Many online shoppers have trained their minds that things are often cheaper on eBay. So, they tend to always buy from this platform. On the side of dropshippers, this can be a huge blow to their pocket. The reason is not far-fetched. Your supplier charges a fixed amount while the final sale price isn’t fixed.

Also, you have to pay a fee for listing your products a percentage of the final price. This can reduce your meager profit and make some dropshippers believe that dropshipping on eBay isn’t as lucrative as some other platforms.

Here’s a twist; there are ways to keep your profits reasonable. When dropshipping for eBay, you can set your offer to Buy It Now, this offers your products at a fixed price. Also, with this option, you get to enjoy fixed insertion fees even at a lower price.

Furthermore, you can let your buyers bid for your products by setting a reserve price (a minimum amount a seller is ready to accept for an item auctioned). This raises the potential of getting more profit.

With the reserve pricing feature, the final value and insertion fees will change, so you have to set your reserve price accordingly.

Now, here’s the best way to control your profits. Set a high starting bid that covers your fixed costs. These costs should include shipping, taxes, and eBay’s fees (final value and listing fees). You can use eBay’s Fee Calculator to check your potential fees for listing.

2. Cut Down on your Workload


When it comes to dropshipping on eBay, most sellers often make a few dollars per sale. This often makes them want to sell as many products as they can within a short while. But then, high volume entails more work from start to finish, especially during the listing.

To get the best of your time and work, look for products that can go under a multiple-item listing. With this, you just have to list once and hone your focus on fulfillment and, perhaps, returns. It would be helpful if you set an extended duration for these listings, so you don’t relist them shortly.

3. Availability Matters


Dropshipping in eBay takes away the hassle of keeping inventory. Most online entrepreneurs are building wealth from this business. However, some of them encounter setbacks because they fail to ensure the products they listed are still available. This can drive away interested buyers and potential repeat customers.

Here’s what to do; always check your suppliers’ inventories regularly to avoid getting trapped in the “out-of-stock issues” or selling discontinued items. Ask for daily reports from your suppliers to ensure you maintain a good reputation of reliable and quick fulfillment with your buyers.

You have to know that your business’ reputation will make it stand out, and if it’s a good one, you’ll have little or no unsatisfied customer. Remember that having dissatisfied customers can put your store up for shut down by eBay.

4. Strive to fulfill Orders


If you fail to fulfill your orders after every preparation to dropship for eBay, you’ll be at a loss. Now, you’ve listed items, keep your customers satisfied by fulfilling all orders swiftly. Reputation is key on eBay, so you have to maintain a perfect one.

But then, fulfillment is the work of your supplier. You could send them orders, but they might not fulfill as promised. If your supplier seems unreliable, you need to change them. A reliable supplier would want you to make money dropshipping on eBay. They make this happen by shipping items quickly, updating you with the status of orders and inform you about issues and potential issues so you can tell your customers.

5. Keep an Eye on Unreliable Suppliers


Apparently, once you’re ready to uncover how to make money dropshipping on eBay, you’ll get to know there are numerous suppliers online. It’s up to you to do your due diligence to evaluate and screen suppliers before choosing one. A wrong choice of supplier can backfire in the guise of poor-quality items, late deliveries, poor reporting, and many more.

Remember, the customer doesn’t really know about the supplier. They purchased from your store and looked forward to receiving the items they ordered within the agreed shipping time and in the best quality as expected.

However, it’s good to know that some suppliers don’t want eBay resellers. This is because some suppliers sell on eBay directly and wouldn’t want to have resellers who’ll become competitors. Others are too strict with their brand names and protect it.

You can follow online directories to find suppliers that have been proven to be reliable and offer quality products. Remember, you don’t have to put your brand’s reputation at stake because of some unreliable suppliers.

6. Ensure Trackability


It’s one thing to ship items to your customers; then it’s another to keep them updated with tracking numbers. Share your FedEx, UPS, and USPS tracking numbers with your buyers. It could be a bit difficult when you ship an Amazon order to a buyer, and the order is to be delivered with Amazon Logistics.

Amazon Logistics fulfills orders that don’t go through FedEx or UPS, among others. They often have a tracking number that begins with TBA and has 12 numbers following it. The issue here is that your customers can’t track their orders because you have to log in to your account to perform any tracking. Likewise, eBay doesn’t recognize TBA tracking numbers by Amazon. In the case of a dispute, you need more than just this tracking number to prove that an item was delivered successfully.

If you work with suppliers directly, you don’t have to ship from Amazon. However, if you really have to source products from Amazon, then you have to convert the TBA tracking number from Amazon to what eBay sees as valid.

7. Create Good Relationships


One of the keys to achieving high-profit margins in dropshipping on eBay is selling to customers even after they’ve bought their first product(s). Gaining repeat buyers is only possible when you maintain good relationships with your customers.

Creating a strong relationship with your buyers starts with the steps discussed earlier. If there is an issue, do well to reply to your customers. Be ready to meet buyers with short temper; strive to be cool even when they are lashing out.

8. Time Your Listings when Dropshipping on eBay


Timing is key when listing on eBay. Setting up the time and day of the week can skyrocket your sales. When you time your listing around peak traffic hours can increase your sales. With high traffic, you can have more visitors and possibly have additional sales.

However, this type of listing comes with more competition, and your prospects might not bid your listing because of lowered site speeds. Consider the best times to list your products and end the auctions.

It would be best if you target your demographic – people interested in your product and when they mostly come online to shop. Take a look at this, during Saturdays and Sundays, between 4 PM and 7 PM, the traffic on eBay spikes. But then, many tech-savvy buyers try to avoid those times to ensure a reasonable auction bid.

You might want to check out the history of certain eBay listings to learn more about the best timing. Identify the patterns of traffic and when they happen best.

A Quick Overview on How to Dropship on eBay


Find a Reliable Supplier – this will determine your success in the long-run. Basically, you need to know your supplier’s shipping options, duration, worldwide shipping, quality control, materials available, and many more. Your supplier should not cause dissatisfaction to your customers. Once you’ve ascertained this, you should contact them and declare your intentions to be a retailer of their products and familiarize yourself with their policies.

Choose Products to Dropship on eBay – You could do this even before choosing a supplier. If you have a niche in mind, you need to research to know what’s trending and hot. When you decide on what to sell, start by testing them immediately.

Set Up Your Seller Account on eBay –This takes a few minutes, but you have to pay attention to certain areas. You can follow eBay’s seller information center for proper guide; choose a catchy account name, input correct tax ID, set up your payment method, and a profile page that has your policies and shop details.Please note:

However, it has become easier to automate many things in your store with the eBay Plugin. If you value your time and crave to save effort while doing perfect jobs, then this is for you. With this, you’ll do away with a large chunk of manual tasks. eBay Dropship Plugin lets you import products with a few clicks from eBay, synchronize prices and stocks for imported products, and customize products. Without a doubt, dropshipping from eBay goes beyond setting up a seller account. There are routine tasks you have to perform often to keep your business running. eBay Dropship Plugin will help you automate these everyday tasks to hone your focus on marketing and other activities.Create Your Listings – When your supplier provides you information, create your eBay listings. Quick product research on eBay and other online retail platforms can give you good ideas.

Grow – Now that you’ve set up everything, it’s time to start selling. Fulfill your orders swiftly, build a good customer relationship, check in with your supplier often, remove listings for products that are out of stock, and above all, have an excellent customer support.

How to start dropshipping with eBay: FAQ


How do I create my policies?
You could employ a lawyer’s services, but then, it’s always vital to look at your suppliers’ shipping policies before creating yours.

Can I copy and paste my suppliers’ content?
eBay Dropship Plugin lets you import materials from your supplier. However, you can tweak yours and make them unique to stand out.

Can I dropship on eBay using Amazon Prime?
Amazon doesn’t allow shipping items to addresses that don’t match your registered Amazon address. This is for safety purposes. The best way to go is to build a stellar business relationship with your supplier. That’s why we don’t recommend to build dropshipping business on Amazon

How do I find suppliers?
You can check out some online directories of reliable suppliers. Do well to make your due diligence before working with any of them.

Where can I find more dropshipping tips?
We have a separate article with best dropshipping tips that we update regularly.Got some questions about eBay Dropshipping? We’re always available to assist you.

Kindly drop your questions on the comment section below and watch our experienced team assist you with the best practices and solutions to your questions.

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