How to Apply for API to Banggood Dropshipping Center?

This post is a text version of the video we post on our youtube channel. And here we would like to talk about registering as a dropshipper on the Banggood marketplace. And also about getting a Banggood dropshipping API key and adding it to the settings of our plugin for the platform.

But before we go into the description of this process, it is important to note that this API Key is necessary to obtain all the data about the products from the Banggood website. This means that without this Key you won’t be able to use the plugin.

Register on Banggood and apply for their dropshipping program

So, to register as a dropshipper, you first have to go through their registration form and create a regular Banggood account: They will email you to confirm your new account.

Now you need to go to the section and log into your account using your email and password. After you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see the message: “You haven’t applied for the Dropship Program. You could use the API after your application is approved.”.

Click the “Apply” button and fill in all the fields on the page. Please note that in the “Shop Url” field you need to fill in with the URL of the store where you installed the Banggood dropshipping plugin.

Once you have completed and submitted this form, Banggood will notify you that “Submission successful! Your requests are reviewed within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).”.

When your application is approved, Banggood will send an email stating that you can now go to the Banggood Open Platform again to access the API.

Let’s do this and see your personal account.

Verify your store domain and add your server IP

As we can see, first you need to confirm the domain of the store where the Banggood plugin is installed. To do this, we will download the verification file and put it in the root directory of our website, then click the “Verify” button.

If the verification was successful, at this stage, we will see the Appid and AppSecret keys. But before adding them to the plugin settings, we need to specify the IP address of the server or the hosting where the site is deployed. You can find this data in hosting support or directly in the plugin, in the System Info tab.

After the server IP is added, the approval process starts, which usually takes a few hours. Once the IP address is approved, you can use the Keys on our website. You can upload products, synchronize prices and stock balances, and use other plugin features.

Now, one more important thing. If after your site is approved, you are still unable to upload products or see some error in the plugin, please contact Banggood support by email they provide. Include your AppId in the email and describe the issue. It often happens that an incorrect server IP has been entered and Banggood support will just check it for you and help resolve the issue.

What more platforms are suitable for dropshipping?

By the way, in addition to the Banggood dropshipping, you can also do dropshipping on AliExpress and eBay. Also, if you would like our team to build your professional dropshipping store and select winning products for it, you can order our dropshipping store.

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