Tips on how to boost eBay sales

Tips on how to boost ebay sales

Dropshipping for eBay is very popular today. Whether you’re new to selling on eBay or already a fairly experienced seller, the following tips will help you increase interest in your items and boost sales accordingly in 2022.

1. Accept payment in as many ways as possible

The more ways you accept payment for your items, the better your chances of finding a buyer. It’s not a question of what’s convenient for you, it’s a question of what’s convenient for your buyer. There are many honest buyers who want to pay in ways that are not very convenient: commercial checks, money orders, etc. Think of a scheme to accept them.

2. Use high-quality photos

Customers want to see what they buy. And from all angles. Try to make sure your photos are of high quality, made close-up, and fully represent the product. Use natural or artificial light and a neutral background.

3. Your description should be full and concise

Try to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the product in a comprehensive and detailed manner. When writing the description, imagine the questions that your customers may have and try to answer them.

4. Work on your reputation

Your reviews are your reputation. There are practically no buyers who would make a purchase without reading the seller’s reviews. A high positive rating will not only attract a large number of buyers but also make them more comfortable buying from you. So, try to make each buyer be satisfied with you and leave you positive feedback.

5. Provide good information support

Just because you can’t meet with the buyer or talk to him or her personally on the phone doesn’t mean that he or she should feel a lack of information. Answering questions quickly and accurately will provide an almost 100% guarantee of selling the lot. And if you delay in answering questions, buyers may simply lose interest in your item.

6. Use the “Buy it Now” option

Many buyers don’t like to haggle and wait for the auction to end. They need to be given the opportunity to buy the product immediately without haggling. The “Buy it Now” option will help you do this. Maybe it will not bring you super-profits but will raise your turnover, since you will receive payment earlier, and the buyers of the goods faster.

7. Place products in more than one category

Placing your item in multiple categories at once (if it fits into them) will undoubtedly increase its popularity. Other additional options offered by eBay when listing an item can also add popularity.

8. Try shortening the length of the auction

Some people mistakenly assume that the longer an item is listed, the better the chances of getting a good price for it. This is often not the case. Especially with items that are in high and stable demand. Reducing the length of the auction for such items can greatly increase the demand for them. Experiment with this.

9. Add new items every day 

Active stores that always offer new products are rewarded for doing so. The algorithm highlights sellers who list new items frequently, so keeping items updated will help you improve your eBay rankings. In addition, new items appear at the top of the list when you search for “New Items” on eBay.

10. Use keywords to attract views 

Typically, consumers search on eBay for some specific thing. Ask yourself – what words are people most likely to type into a search engine looking for what you’re selling? Also, be sure to research what the most common search terms are for your products.

Conclusion: provide warranties

A product warranty and return guarantee are sure to add to your respectability. These features also increase buyers’ confidence and the product’s popularity. Put your warranties in a prominent place when you design the lot.

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