Dropshipping Hair Products – Best Ideas 2022

Dropshipping hair products in 2022

Hair products belong to the niches, which allow getting a sustainable profit really quickly. They are bought all year round, both among men and women, and there are multiple subcategories, so you can concentrate on a particular sub-category or build a wider inventory. But to achieve the desired profit, you need the knowledge, which products help to successfully launch the shop, and what are the best dropshipping hair vendors. 

As the market stats show, this category is rising. Its total value increased by more than 3% in 2020, and according to forecasts, it will exceed $ 100 billion in 2024. People of various ages find their hairstyle of great importance. Moreover, related trends often become popular on modern social media, which makes dropshipping hair products even more promising. The assortment varies from basic care products, like shampoos or hair sprays, to those for creating a specific look, for example, changing hair length or texture. Shopping for such products online becomes more popular, as it offers much more options than most brick-and-mortar stores. Multiple reviews are found online, making the choice easier. Consequently, dropshipping wigsextensions, styling tools, and other goods in this category are very promising for beginner dropshippers and experienced store owners alike. 

What Are The Best Hair Products

Their whole diversity is divided into several groups, depending on how they are used. Consequently, you can focus on a certain area, such as care or extension. The audience varies accordingly. Target younger people who experiment with their style, older people who want to keep younger-looking hair, or hair stylists. Often, it is effective to start small, concentrating on a narrower niche, so your store finds its audience, and then gradually expend it. Below we offer some ideas of products, which are good options to launch your business. They were mentioned among the leaders in 2021 and keep their positions this year:

  • Hair extensions and wigs are more popular than you probably think. Often people want to radically change their style without affecting their natural hair. Some people do not use dyes, because they are damaging to the hair structure in large quantities. Wigs and extensions are safer alternatives if you want to experiment with your style. This makes dropshipping hair extensions definitely profitable. 
  • Hairdryer brushes are bought by those, who do not always have time to visit a salon, so they want to buy a multifunctional device for at-home styling. A good hairdryer brush does not damage hair and suits several hair types. Use the opportunity to up-sell additional products, such as gels and conditioners, to the buyers in this category. 
  • Professional hair scissors and cutters are another necessity for those who pay attention to how their hair looks. Professional tools are convenient to use, and they make it easier to achieve a good result even for a beginner. You can also develop your store in a slightly different direction with this, targeting salon owners or hair stylists, who are often in need to improve their tools. 
  • Detangling combs stay among the most sought-after products as well. They are a special type of combs, used on wet or dry hair to detangle them without causing damage. Everyone who wants a neat and smooth of their hair will consider buying such a brush for a reasonable price. 
  • Hairline shadow powder is used to make one’s hairline look better. These are not only older people, by whom a more prominent hairline is one of the manifestations of aging, but also those with a naturally high hairline, as well as younger buyers who just want their hairstyle to look better. 

Finding The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

One of the pillars of your success as a drop shipper is analyzing dropshipping hair suppliers and choosing the most reliable one. A good starting option is private label extensions dropshipping. Private Label is a US-based company, which offers various products in this niche. They also have some services intended for dropshippers, such as sending orders with the dropshipper’s brand, which helps you to establish trust with your customers. Moreover, this supplier has several other advantages: 

  • You can order any amount of goods, with no minimum amount restrictions. So you start dropshipping wigs without worrying about storing some goods and risking spending money on something that will not be sold. Consequently, the initial investment remains low. 
  • The supplier is handling the shipping process. In other cases, it can demand additional costs, time, or effort. With dropshipping hair extensions, you do not need to worry about it, because the supplier takes responsibility for all stages of the delivery. The shipping is accompanied by photos of the actual goods, which lowers the probability of customers’ complaints. 
  • Private Label works with multiple sub-categories, so you can start with dropshipping weave, wigs, or multiple types of extensions. Give the visitors of your online store enough choice, so there will be more chance they want to buy something from you. 

In addition to the supplier mentioned above, there are several other vendors, who deserve to be mentioned as the best dropshipping hair companies. Although there are many platforms, which offer hair products as one of many categories, it is better to work with more specialized suppliers, as they will provide a better choice of quality products:

  • AiryHair is located in the US, which is convenient if your audience is from the same country. They sell hair extensions of various styles and textures. They also have special conditions, which include custom branding and packaging. 
  • ISO Beauty also has special opportunities for dropshippers, which include some free production samples. They sell mostly hair care products and tools.
  • Pretty Hair Dropship is one more example of a company from the US, that you should pay attention to. Their specialization is wigs. Moreover, dropshipping is their main focus, so if you partner with them, you will get all the convenient options, such as custom packaging. 
  • HairDiva Pro store offers various styling tools, that allow one to change the hairstyle at home, such as straighten or curl one’s hair. They work mostly in the US but can ship to several other countries. 
  • Virgin City Hair has a very attractive dropshipping option as well if you want to enter the hair products niche. Recently the store was even mentioned in several fashion magazines. If you are in search of dropship virgin hair vendors, this is probably your optimal choice.

You can find other suppliers, who work with this category. Do not forget to read reviews first, because, when you dropship lace wigs or other similar products, quality is very important. Pay special attention to what other buyers say about the adequacy of the description and how it matches the real product. The wrong shade or texture of the wig becomes the reason for complaints, so try to prevent such problems. You can also try dropship directly from Aliexpress to develop your online store. In this case, you will probably need to use a plugin to find desired products and add them to your website, but this is pretty easy to manage, and no special technical knowledge is required. 

Marketing Advice

When you are dropshipping hair extensions, it is important to plan the promotion of your website considering the niche and audience. While dropshipping relieves you from worries about storing and delivering, marketing remains the area where you should concentrate your efforts. Here is some advice that will help you to find success: 

  • Use high-quality illustrations. When you are selling beauty products, creating a strong visual impression is very important. Use the best visual representation you can find, and pay attention to colors and shades, so your customers will know, what to expect. Showing “before and after” pictures is often a good idea too. 
  • Pay attention to the design of your website, including color and typography. Make it convenient for customers to filter and sort all products, so they can find, what they want to buy. Do not forget about the interface, because the inconveniences during the buying and checkout process can easily deter clients. By the way, you can circumvent this part of work by buying a pre-made store, which is already designed for optimal performance, so you just add the products of your choice. 
  • If you plan to use Facebook advertising to promote your store for dropshipping human hair, study your audience thoroughly before setting up your campaign. Pay attention to their location, gender, and age, to target your ads accordingly. For example, if you offer goods to hide or prevent hair loss, the most significant audience for you are people of 35 years and older. Women are still the majority of the audience interested in this category. But lately, the proportion shifted significantly, as more men are buying in this category as well, so they are willing to buy too. 
  • Use Instagram influencers for promotion. Many people, who are interested in beauty in fashion, are active Instagram users. Leverage it to attract your target audience. If you find a cost-effective option of promotion with some influencer, this can be a deciding step for your store. 

The information given above illustrates that dropshipping hair products offer multiple options for establishing your online business. Using the advice given above, you will build a working online store with a minimum initial investment and make it profitable within a short time.

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