The Best Dropshipping Courses in 2022

The best dropshipping courses in 2022

If you want your eCommerce business to stay on top, you have to study without stopping. After familiarizing with the basics, and have already successfully launched your dropshipping project, there are tons of various nuances to know. The market is evolving, new trends emerge every month, search engines change their algorithms and marketplaces update their rules and terms of service. To ensure that your store remains competitively viable, you should stay in the know about all these developments and use them to your advantage when possible. The easiest way to do it is to find a dropshipping course. 

Instead of learning all this by trial and error, rely on the experience of the experts who know the market and give valuable advice. There are multiple dropshipping classes that are useful both for beginners and experienced dropshippers. We advise you to do such a course, even if you plan to purchase a pre-made store. It helps to use the resources at hand in the most effective way and avoid typical rookie mistakes. Later you may also require a dropshipping course for some of the specific aspects, for example, high-ticket dropshipping.

Here is the list of the best dropshipping course 2022. Use the following descriptions to choose the one that suits your needs. 

Dropshipping Titans

If you want to know, how to build your business from scratch, Dropshipping Titans is the right option . It describes one of the popular versions of dropshipping model: the dropshipper opens an eBay store and uses it to sell items bought from other online retailers, such as Amazon or Walmart. The author of the course is a dropshipper, YouTuber, and business coach. In his lessons, he shares the ideas and advice he learned from his own experiences. The course is rightfully considered one of the top dropshipping courses method that is suitable even for people who do not have much time during the day. 

The curriculum of the eBay Dropshipping Titans course is divided into ten modules, dedicated to various aspects of dropshipping. The course program comprises the following topics: 

  • creating an eBay store and choosing the right settings for it;
  • finding out the most profitable products and suppliers;
  • creating an optimized eBay listing, that will attract maximum sales;
  • dealing with eBay restrictions and choosing the right course of action at the initial stages of launching a store; 
  • fulfilling the orders to satisfy the customers; 
  • dealing with customer complaints, returns, and order cancellations; 
  • cutting costs and using various hacks to maximize profits;
  • bookkeeping and further developing your store. 

As you see, this eBay dropshipping course offers a thorough guide for anyone, who wants to start a dropshipping store of this type. 

Oberlo 101

Naturally, the eBay dropshipping as was described above is not the only dropshipping method. Another profitable option is dropshipping with Oberlo, which is described in a corresponding Oberlo 101 course. The program of the course is divided into 12 chapters that include a wide array of topics. Although the Oberlo course is beginner-oriented, it is not limited to introductory topics. You will learn about the right approach to choosing your niche, finding out the best products and a suitable platform for it, as well as finding the right suppliers. Moreover, you will learn about the development of your store, including marketing and branding. A special chapter is dedicated to the legal side of running a business and the rules that are necessary to follow. 

This Oberlo dropshipping course will be suitable for anyone, who wants to start dropshipping by using this service. 

Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course

The fundamentals of starting a store can look pretty similar, but the most valuable part of each course is specifics because they comprise the knowledge that can be actually practically applied in certain situations. An example of such an approach is the Biaheza course, which describes, how to build a successful Shopify store when promoting it via TikTok. As you may see, dropshipping rapidly reacts to new marketing trends: after Facebook’s ads became ineffective, many dropshippers started to use TikTok. This course is of vital importance in 2022, as TikTok continues to gain popularity. 

Biahenza dropshipping course was created by Biaheza – a successful dropshipper and YouTuber, who continues to improve and update it. According to the course’s website, the last update was made in the middle of March 2022, so you will be getting fresh recipes and advice. 

The course program is divided into seven parts, which discuss the basic glossary, necessary theory, and the specific of setting up your store and using TikTok to promote it. Although many would like to get the Biaheza course free, better buy it from its official website, so you will be sure you are getting the latest version. 

Udemy Dropshipping Course

Udemy is a platform with courses on a multitude of topics, and dropshipping is no exception. If you search for udemy dropshipping, you will get multiple results. Currently, there are tens of courses dedicated to these topics. Most of them are dedicated to specific aspects of dropshipping and its marketing, for example, using a certain store platform or a certain marketing method. There are also several courses on udemy amazon dropshipping, as Amazon is one of the most popular platforms for online stores. 

With such diversity, it can be complicated to find the right amazon dropshiping course. Here are some ideas, that will help you to make the right choice: 

  • Notice, who is the speaker? Do they have experience with dropshipping or some validated success in the area? 
  • How long is the course and how does it correspond to its costs? 
  • How useful do you find the program? 
  • What aspects of dropshipping are you interested in? 

Naturally, it is also a good idea to read reviews online, especially if the course exists for several years. Check, how up-to-date the information in it is.

Advanced Dropshipping Academy

If you already have some experience, but just running a store is not enough for you, as you want to further increase your profits, you may be interested in this course called Advanced Dropshipping Academy. The main subject of it is data-driven dropshipping. You may familiarize yourself with the concept from the dropshipping course free via the author’s YouTube channel, but to use it by yourself you will need to follow the whole course. The author claims, that the store built on the base of this approach can run automatically, with minimal manual management.

The course contains over 10 hours of videos split into 8 chapters. They describe, how to work out the right strategy, market, and scale your store. If you have some doubts regarding data-driven dropshipping, we advise you to study Advanced dropshipping academy reviews to know the opinions of other participants.

Shopify Dropshipping Courses

Shopify is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms, so it is no surprise that finding the best Shopify training course is not easy. One of the most valuable products here is The complete Shopify Aliexpress dropship course, which exist on Udemy or some other online learning platforms. True to its name, this course offers the whole picture of dropshipping, its benefits, and practical solutions. The course was updated in 2022, so it gives real advice, that corresponds to actual Shopify features and options. 

This Shopify dropshipping course includes over 8 hours of video, as well as downloadable resources. It is accessible for people with no prior technical knowledge or business experience, so it is concentrated on surefire solutions that help to learn dropshipping free and build a profitable eCommerce project from scratch. 

Dropship Lifestyle

We have already mentioned several online courses created by successful dropshippers, and here is one more. You can form an opinion about it from reading Drop ship lifestyle reviews, which are generally good. Moreover, the course was named the best eCommerce trading program according to Shopify, which is one of the major dropshipping platforms. The founder of the course Anton Kraly is an entrepreneur and dropshipper, who claims to have founded dozens of successful stores and streamlined the process making it available for anyone.

Besides the paid materials, for which you will need to pay the dropship lifestyle price, which is not low, the website of the course allows useful free content, including a niche selection guide for 2022, a profit calculator, and advice on supplier choice. 

Verum Ecom

If you want not only to master an online course but get practical support and guidance during the whole process of creating and running our store, maybe the Verum Ecom course is for you. The program includes thorough YouTube tutorials for various aspects of using Shopify, a special Shopify App for tracking marketing and sales metric, and also a good load of articles covering different niches and dropshipping issues. The dropshipping training in this course itself includes 7 modules covering all the basics, from setting up the store and choosing its design to building advertising strategy and working with influencers.

Hayden Bowles Course

One more course that can be useful for those who want to master all aspects of dropshipping is the Hayden Bowles course. Like several other courses mentioned here, it was created by the dropshipper with a practical experience and success stories behind his back. Hayden also created a YouTube channel where he posts videos related to various dropshipping issues, such as marketing or choosing a niche. You can use the channel to form your opinion about his approach before purchasing the course.

As you see, there are various courses, representing various methods and approaches, from more traditional and time-proven to innovative ones. Note, that it can be difficult to find a free dropshipping course, as most platforms offer paid options. So, you need to study reviews and explore free content first, to choose, what is most suitable for you. It is hard to name one course, that can be called the best online dropshipping course, but the descriptions above will surely help you to find the course, that will help you to establish a profitable eCommerce business. 

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